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Why turning 20 really is a big deal?

20th Birthday is a big year. It doesn't make people as excited as a Sweet 16 would. It's not like being 18 years old when you become an adult and can vote, join the military, and serve alcohol in some places. And since we're talking about alcohol, the day you turn 21 is much more exciting than the day you turn 20.

People say that a 20th birthday is just an excuse to eat cake, but I would argue that it's a big deal for more than that. Here's what I've learned after thinking about my birthday:

 It's a good reason to eat cake. And the cake is wonderful. So, this is proof that your 20th birthday is a full 24 hours on the calendar.

It reminds you that you are one year older and one year wiser. Even if you don't feel smarter or more experienced than you did when you were 19, you can be sure that life has taught you some things.

 To go with what was said above: Even though you can legally be an adult at 18, I think 20 sounds more grown- because it doesn't end in "teen." When someone asks how old you are, and you say "20," they think you're a pretty responsible person. It's not clear whether or not you are really to blame. 

 You can blow out twenty candles! My roommates "unknowingly" bought trick candles for my birthday, so even though I only had 20 candles, it felt like I had 80.

 You're getting to know yourself better. Now, this might not have anything to do with turning 20, but I think it's a good way to describe your college years. You're learning where your loyalties lie and what you're really interested in. Twenty is a good year to make this list even better.

 If you don't already have an apartment, you will probably start thinking about renting one soon. This is a huge step toward becoming an adult, and most people don't think about it until they're in their twenties.

 Twenty is a "halfway through college" marker for many of us at MU. Bring on the last two years, MU, because we're ready to do our best in them.

You still have ten years until you turn 30 and twenty years until you turn 40. So you don't need to worry yet about being called "old."

Gifts become less important as you age. If you're like me, turning 20 is more about spending time with the people you love than getting gifts.

 You still have ample time to make mistakes. At this age, most of the mistakes you make won't be so bad that they will change your life or ruin it. Use what you've learned in the past 20 years to make smart decisions and take some calculated risks. Life is like that if you fail. Take note of it. Let your 20s be a time to try new things, explore, and have fun.

Each new year is a present. Every day is a gift, though. Don't miss out on a chance to enjoy life.

You're beginning your twenties. Changes that are exciting are happening in this decade. For instance, in just two short years, you will finally know what it's like to not be in school all the time. You should be able to start making money. You'll have enough cash to start putting money away for the future. Guys, this is a big deal.

As you can see, most of these have something in common, with the exception of #1, #5, and maybe some others. Twenty is an important age because it's a time of a lot of personal growth, intellectual growth, and learning without any limits. Twenty is important to my fellow 20-year-olds, especially those in the MU Class of 2017. Use what's left of this big year to its fullest.

How Should a 20th Birthday Be Celebrated?

Every young adult's 20th birthday is a big deal because it's the time when they leave their teenage years behind and start being adults. You can mark this important event in many different ways, depending on how big or small you want to make it. The most important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way to celebrate your 20th birthday. You can have a fancy night out on the town or one last chance to play like a child. The day is yours to do with what you want.


Choose a place. This setting will set the mood for your party, so it should be in line with how quiet or loud you want your birthday to be. Think about a place that is familiar to you and makes you happy, like your family home or favorite restaurant. You could also choose a place that you may not have been to before to mark this new stage of your life.


Choose what you want to do. Depending on where you are, like at a theme park, bowling alley, skating rink, or activities center, this may be an obvious choice. There are pool parties, zip lines, and even rock climbing in outdoor settings. Depending on how much of an adventurer you are, you might also decide to go bungee jumping, which is like jumping into the next part of your life.


Create your guest list. Choose the people who mean the most to you and who you enjoy spending time with the most. If you want to do something special for your birthday, make sure your list includes the people who would enjoy it the most. If you invite people who can't swim to a pool party, for example, make sure they have other things to do that they can also enjoy.


Details should fit with your theme. For a more traditional dance party, add your favorite music or even a DJ. For a more unique party, like a murder-mystery party, karaoke party, or costume party, plan the details. You could even choose to have a destination slumber party at a resort or hotel with just a few of your closest friends.


Plan your menu. This could be anything from a barbecue in your backyard to a catered party to your favorite dishes from a well-known restaurant. You can even have your own cooking party and maybe learn how to make sushi. As a more sophisticated "mocktail" party, serve drinks like virgin versions of popular cocktails to your friends who are not yet old enough to drink. Hire a bartender and choose or make a signature drink to serve at the party.


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