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What is the name given to the 60th birthday?

60th birthday as a diamond jubilee. Many people see it as a significant achievement. The diamond jubilee is observed and celebrated lavishly. This is due to the fact that at the age of 60, the individual begins a new life.

Why is the 60th birthday referred to as the diamond jubilee? Originally, diamond jubilees were honored on their 75th anniversary. However, it was modified in the United Kingdom to honor Queen Victoria's 60-year reign, which began on June 22, 1897. A diamond jubilee might be a celebration of a monarch's reign or a wedding anniversary.

What Colors Are Used to Celebrate a 60th Birthday?

It is essential to plan the festivities for a forthcoming 60th birthday. To accomplish so, choose a theme and color scheme that complements the occasion. Colors are important in making a celebration stand out and connect with the audience.

Traditional black and white/silver and gold

For a 60th birthday celebration, stick to traditional hues. Choose white and black, gold or silver for a beautiful, traditional design for the 60th birthday. You may choose one or a combination of two or more options. Color palettes of white and black are great for a nostalgic birthday celebration. You might adorn the birthday celebration with black and white images of the loved one when they were younger. Furthermore, for an attractive 60th birthday celebration, pair black with either silver or gold. Hang 60′′ metallic symbols from the walls or ceilings. The same black and white images may also be used by framing them in silver or gold frames.

Purple and blue are vibrant and elegant.

Colors like blue and purple are also good possibilities for a 60th birthday color theme. Banners for 60th birthdays are available in a variety of vibrant colors and designs. Furthermore, the majority of them are often purple and blue with black backgrounds.

Playing with these hues creates a fantastic color impact for a 60th birthday celebration. When choosing bright and festive colors, the key is to determine the person's preferred hue.

Unless the bulk of the participants is retirees, avoid using pastel hues for the 60th birthday celebration. Furthermore, while selecting colors for the 60th birthday, make sure the recipient is okay with being ridiculed for his age.

How Do You Throw a 60th Birthday Party?

Celebrating 60 years of life may be as simple as a virtual hangout with a few close friends and family or as extravagant as a ballroom banquet. Begin your search for 60th birthday party ideas by deciding how you want to commemorate the significant event.

Simple parties will have less preparation, but more complex celebrations may necessitate engaging with a professional party planner or locations. If you're organizing a large event, start preparing 3 to 4 months ahead of time to ensure everything is in order. You may start organizing a week to a month in advance for smaller, more laid-back parties.

While preparing a party needs some work, it is a simple undertaking if broken down into smaller phases. From selecting a theme to decorating the area, here's a fast rundown on how to arrange a 60th birthday party.

Choose a Theme

Themed parties are not only entertaining, but they also make organizing the big day simpler. Once you've decided on a theme, you can create a unified event by using coordinated birthday party décor, invites, and party goodies. Here are some 60th birthday party themes and ideas to commemorate this occasion.

Party in Black and White

Throw a black and white party to commemorate the occasion. This motif is beautiful and refined, and it also provides for a sleek and simple dress code! You may hold a modest virtual event where attendees are urged to dress in black and white for your Zoom call, or you can arrange a more upmarket in-person event in a ballroom.

Night at the Casino

A casino night is another excellent 60th birthday party idea. You and your loved ones may get dressed up and have a great time while playing a few games of roulette. You may modify this for a more socially distant celebration by playing casino games online, or you can organize a real-life casino birthday vacation to Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Decade Celebration

Feeling nostalgic and wish to commemorate a bygone era? Relive a memorable period from the past. Dress for a 70s dance night in flare jeans and a groovy floral top, or a dynamic 90s theme party in high-top shoes, splatter paint, and metallic gear. You can't go wrong with a Roaring Twenties or Great Gatsby-themed party.

The Diamond Jubilee

Make your party a royal event by honoring the royal family with a diamond jubilee. Originally used to commemorate the 60th anniversary, Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th birthday with a diamond jubilee. The theme of this 60th birthday celebration is glitter and glamour. Consider glistening jewels, metallic clothes, and dazzling champagne glasses.

Set the Stage

Once you've decided on a party theme, it's essential to consider the décor that will create the tone for a memorable event. Begin by taking a look at your event area, whether it's your living room for a Zoom call or a hired event facility. Consider what your visitors will see when they come, where they will eat if you are offering a meal, and where they will interact.

Use themed décor in these areas to celebrate your 60th birthday. Set up card tables around the room, decorate them with chips, and create low, gloomy lighting for a casino night.


A black and white party may benefit from neutral-hued ostrich feathers mixed in with the two-tone décor, whilst a diamond jubilee requires a sparkling entry draped with a birthday banner or birthday sign.

You may utilize glam décor that echoes the Art Deco atmosphere of the period and glittering rose gold for a sophisticated air to commemorate a Roaring 20s theme.

Don't scrimp on the 60th birthday decorations since they will liven up any gathering. Consider utilizing traditional party decorations like balloons, confetti, pom poms, and streamers. You may also make your party more elaborate by using centerpieces, picture booths, party games, and customized party goodies.


Hosting a 60th birthday party with magnificent décor might take as much time and effort as you wish. Make your own décor to save money, or purchase party stuff from your local party shop to save time. Online retailers like Etsy and Amazon provide downloadable templates, décor, and party supplies.


Have a Good Time With Party Activities

60th birthday party ideas: happy friends and relatives holding sparklers

Make sure you've organized some in-person or virtual party games and activities for your guests to participate in on the day of the event. You may couple these activities with your theme, such as showing off your finest 1920s dancing routines for a Great Gatsby party or playing card games for a casino party.

Another entertaining option is to ask trivia questions about the guest of honor's birth year or decade. You may pose questions or provide amusing information about the era's Many famous musicians or movies, and provide rewards to those who provide the right answers.

In addition to activities, you might plan a distinctive time to commemorate the honored visitor. You may see a picture slideshow of some of the finest moments throughout the years. You may also have the honoree or loved ones give a speech to commemorate the special event.


Enjoy Delectable Treats

Consider if you want to offer appetizers or a full dinner for your 60th birthday celebration. Remember that the more food you intend to provide, the more difficult the planning will be. Depending on the intricacy of the event and your tastes, you may prepare all of the food yourself, order from your favorite restaurant, or work with a professional caterer.

A birthday celebration would be incomplete without some delicious goodies. You may have something for everyone, whether it's an extravagant birthday cake, a dessert table display, or a tower of small cupcakes.

Consider amusing cake toppers with sayings like "over the hill" if the guest of honor has a sense of humor when it comes to the milestone celebration. You may also utilize cake toppers that match the party theme, such as cardboard cutouts.

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