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Why Do We Commemorate a Child's 7th Birthday?

7th birthday is important? Is it because the number 7 is considered lucky? Is it because it's nearly time for another big party following the first birthday? Is there any particular reason why it has been customary to make a child's 7th birthday more spectacular than his/her 2nd through 6th birthday?

The History

I'm not sure when the practice of celebrating a child's 7th birthday in "grand style" began. What I am certain of is that around the time my children were approximately 7 years old, they received the greatest amount of invitations to birthday parties. These were all invites from their classmates, who were all turning seven at the same time. This led me to conclude that celebrating a child's 7th birthday had become a Filipino custom.

Many people commemorate their 7th birthday at prominent fast-food restaurants with various themes. Others, particularly young female celebrants, choose more elaborate ceremonies akin to a formal debut. The younger version will feature 7 flowers, 7 presents, and 7 wishes instead of the "18 somethings" of true debuts.

The Causes

Aside from what we've witnessed in our family, I honestly don't know why 7th birthdays are celebrated the way they are today, so I decided to inquire around for various explanations. Here are some of the reasons I came up with:

Because this is normally the age at which children start grade school after completing the pre-school levels, the seventh year is believed to represent some measure of independence. As a result, it is seen as a significant milestone in a child's life.

The seventh-year is said to represent some kind of bodily rebirth.

To ensure excellent health, the seventh year must be commemorated.

The seventh-year is an excellent reason to celebrate, which Filipinos like.

The 7th year celebration is a tradition that is not limited to city people since the same anniversary is widely honored in the provinces in various ways.

While some of the arguments made sense, others left me even more perplexed. Is it really necessary to make a child's 7th birthday more special than other childhood years? The response might be as different as the parents' point of view and the circle they travel in.

Organizing Your Child's 7th Birthday Party

What is it about a child's seventh year of life that so many parents lavishly celebrate? It's much more than a fortunate number. According to the Primer's page on Filipino birthday culture, your child's 7th birthday represents the transition from pre-school to primary school, when he or she may be held more responsible for their behavior, and when he or she acquires a sense of right and wrong. Consider it your child's first step toward adulthood.

When and where to hold the event

When organising an event, selecting a date and time is critical. The difference between having an empty venue and having a fantastic time with all of your favourite guests may be determined by choosing the wrong day and time.

Obviously, any parent and, more significantly, the celebrant would prefer that the celebration take place on his or her precise birthdate. Dates, on the other hand, alter days due to the non-leap year, which has one additional day. This suggests that your child's birthday is likely to fall on a weekday. Unfortunately, not everyone on your guest list is available during the week.

Because many individuals don't have work on weekends and school is out, having your child's celebration on a weekend increases the likelihood that your visitors will attend. If, on the other hand, your child's birthday falls on a weekday, you have two possibilities.

Option 1: You can schedule the party for the weekend before or after your child's birthday. As a result, you should expect more visitors.

Option 2: You may continue with the birthday, but you must notify your visitors as soon as possible to provide them time to clear their calendars or submit vacation leaves. However, you should assume that some of your visitors, particularly youngsters, may not have as much energy as they would normally have after being at school all day. Also, weekday traffic might be an issue, so you should expect your guests to come late.

Of However, because many youngsters are on vacation throughout the summer, party attendance might fluctuate. Finally, the optimal day and time will depend on your and your guests' availability, as well as the venue you'll be reserving.

Make a budget.

When it comes to their child's birthday, parents will go all out. While it may sound like fun and worthwhile for your child's milestone, not everyone has the resources to pay for extravagant children's parties, and there's no guilt in that.

Setting a financial limit before looking for providers might be practical. This will make it easy to accommodate the items you and your child require/want to create a party without spending an arm and a leg.

Begin by identifying the essentials for the event, such as the location, caterer, host, photo/video crew, and so on. Look for providers who meet a high, medium, and low budget cap so you may change the budget based on your goals. According to IMoney, a low-cost 7th birthday party suggestion is to try do-it-yourself (DIY) decorations. Visiting trade exhibitions might also help you save money. Furthermore, hiring your suppliers early might result in significant savings.

Reserve a location.

The kiddie party location should always be the first thing on your to-do list. It would be difficult to put together your event without it. You'd have no idea about the amount of visitors, the setup, how much space you have for games, and other details. If you're looking for a low-cost party venue in Manila, go no further than DMCI Homes Leasing Services' web listings for kiddie party venues for rent.

Make a guest list.

Making a guest list may be time-consuming, especially if you have a limited budget. Parents recommend classifying your guests as family, close friends, schoolmates, and neighbors. You may even restrict the attendees based on their gender.


Those with a larger budget can invite all of their child's classmates, neighbors, distant relatives, and anybody else they wish to celebrate this historic milestone with.


Choose a party theme.

There are several birthday party themes for 7-year-olds to pick from, regardless of gender. According to Smart Parenting, parents are seeking more artistically adventurous themes to impress their guests, such as The Little Mermaid and The Greatest Showman.

Although it might be wonderful to select these themes for your child, it is their day, so why not let them decide? You may let them choose from Pinterest's stat-driven Top 100 topics or their favorite cartoon character/series.

You may choose from PJ Masks, or Marvel-themed 7th birthday party ideas for boys. Princess and Barbie themes are two popular alternatives for 7th birthday party ideas for girls in the Philippines, as seen in big local fast-food franchises.

Select the games and rewards.

Games, awards, and raffles may quickly enliven a celebration. Among the various games that spring to mind, you must select the ones that are appropriate for the period of your child's 7th birthday party program format. Fortunately has its own collection of tried and proven, locally renowned party games including Musical Chairs, Bring Me, Pass the Present, and Pin the Tail on the Donkey which is ideal for a boys and girls party program.

For the prizes, you may go to your nearby toy store or to Divisoria, which is well-known for its low-cost party supplies. Depending on your bargaining talents, you can easily buy more than a handful of toys for under a thousand pesos.

Serve the proper food

A good kids' party would be incomplete without equally fantastic food. So, in addition to the usual spaghetti, BBQ, lumpiang shanghai, and hotdogs, why not spend and acquire food carts? If your budget is limited, you might engage a local sorbetero or taho vendor to sell their wares to your visitors.

It should not be difficult to plan your child's 7th birthday. Keep these seven items in mind for your child's party, and everything should go as planned and under budget.

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