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Ao Dai - Vietnam’s national dress

The Ao Dai, Vietnam's national garment, is one of the country's most outstanding emblems of beauty. The áo dài has developed alongside Vietnam over hundreds of years, transitioning from regal to utilitarian, modest to high fashion, and back again. The Ao Dai Vietnam is popular among both young and old people, and its beautiful lines suit both men and women. If you want to discover more about Ao Dai's tale and create your own, go visit right now. We offer excellent and one-of-a-kind Ao Dai in Printerval for you.

The history of Ao Dai

The Ao Dai's story begins in 1744, when Vietnam was separated into two territories: the Inner Land (àng Trong) and the Outer Land (àng Ngoài). Lord Nguyn Phc Khoát of Inner Land requested that his followers wear a front-buttoned robe with pants to differentiate themselves. The contemporary Ao Dai was inspired by this five-part outfit (áo ng thân). To show their position in court, royals and aristocrats wore garments made of the finest silk, with exquisite decorations and brilliant colors.

Vietnamese artist Le Mur Nguyễn Cát Tường reduced clothing into two sections in the 1930s. The shape got more fitting when the front flap was stretched to reach the ankle. The style, like many 'westernized' concepts, was initially met with skepticism. However, once Le Mur created a áo dài collection for Queen Nam Phuong, the wife of Vietnam's last Emperor Bao Dai metropolitan ladies began to appreciate and adopt the more modern style.

Following the creation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh wrote an essay in 1947 stating that the Ao Dai was unsuitable for the fields or factories, urging Vietnamese to change their clothing to be more efficient at work. As a result, the Ao Dai became a dress reserved for formal events and professional presentations. Female high school students are now forced to wear the attire at least one day every week across the country. Girls riding their bicycles to school in white Ao Dai have inspired many Vietnamese songs, poetry, and artworks. Ladies of various ages wear the Ao Dai when they want to create a favorable impression.

The Ao Dai structure

The Ao Dai is made up of two parts: the pants and the tunic. The trousers have a high waist, are loose, and are kept in place by an elastic belt sewed at the top. The tunic shapes the body and covers the entire body save for the head, hands, and feet. It has a Mao collar, two sides that fall to above the ankles, and long sleeves. Small snaps on the side close the garment discreetly.

The slit of the tunic is usually two or three millimeters higher than the slit of the pants. The Ao Dai matches a specific hue for female uniforms but is most typically white. In other circumstances, it has a variety of designs and is composed of several fabrics, all of which are flexible, light, and airy.

When to wear Ao Dai

When you visit Vietnam, you can wear Ao Dai for picture sessions in gorgeous surroundings. Hanoi's golden autumn days beckon for picture shoots near Hoan Kiem Lake. During Tet (Lunar New Year), you'll witness the dress in all its splendor as Vietnamese ladies wear it to visit friends and family, as well as to pay respects at temples and shrines. A wedding is an ideal occasion to wear one's best Ao Dai. In Vietnam, the bride and groom, as well as the wedding party, would dress in extravagant Ao Dai for the formal ceremony, and guests will dress in simpler but equally bright patterns for the celebration.

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How to wash and preserve Ao Dai Viet Nam properly?

Ao Dai should only be washed by hand. However, refrain from forcefully rubbing your hands as this could harm your Ao Dai. Choose a powder detergent with a low acid ratio if you must use the washing machine. You must wrap the Ao dai, place it in your own laundry bag, and select the gentlest wash setting (or hand wash mode).

Ao Dai preservation and drying are crucial steps as well. You should expose any silk Ao Dai to the air in a dry, shaded area. Try to avoid hanging it in the direct sun.

If you don't wear Ao Dai frequently, kindly fold it inside a paper bag to keep it clean, smooth, and dirt-free.


Ao dai is a traditional Vietnamese outfit that is well-known around the world. Ao Dai is not only a type of clothing in Vietnam, but it also represents the essence of the Vietnamese people, particularly Vietnamese women. It is worthwhile to study Ao Dai Vietnam because of its significance in Vietnamese culture. Purchasing the most popular Ao Dai from our online store and subscribing to Printerval. Please notify us as soon as possible if you have any problems. We will respond to your query as soon as possible.