Are Hoodies Fashionable?

Streetwear fashion trends  

Fashion in 2017 has witnessed a spectacular explosion of street fashion trends (Streetwear). No more molded clothes that are "tailored", tailored to the precision of each millimeter, everywhere we can see sportswear, baggy T-shirts, handy jogger pants. … for both men and women. Prominent in the streetwear trend is the hoodie trend.

Hoodies are inherently not a new fashion item, but what is special is not in how we perceive them, but in the way we wear them. Are baggy hoodies with hippe/sporty hats only able to be worn at gyms?

Fashion has become more and more acceptable, when the hoodie is now an item that you can wear anytime, anywhere, beyond the limits of the gym. They have become an item that brings comfort, is easy to coordinate, and flexible to flexibly change in all circumstances, styles, and situations, from casual, healthy to trendy, personality. Here are 2 main styles when wearing hoodies that girls can apply to any situation.

Active and healthy

The simplest way to mix-and-match hoodies is to keep their sporty and dynamic features. This is always the perfect choice for every lady in the gym, or even picnics, outdoor activities, activities that require convenience and comfort in clothes. Even in some situations, this style can also be accepted in the office environment. Pair a hoodie with treggings, baggy or jogger pants in comfortable, stretchy materials, and a pair of sneakers. Completing the outfit with a cap is that you've got yourself an outfit that's stylish but also convenient without spending a lot of time thinking about it.

Fashion and Diversification

In the cooler weather of fall, try pairing a hoodie with an elegant blazer or a feminine pleated skirt for an impressive addition. Coordinating them with light-catching accessories such as bracelets, geometric earrings, and stones... is also a good choice.

If you want to wear a hoodie in a trendy way, it's also very simple: think of any current trends and combine them with a hoodie. With this recipe, your choices will be opened up a lot. Imagine how interesting and impressive everything will be when a dynamic hoodie is combined with flat sandals or even trendy high heels?

As another style of sports sweatshirts, hoodies are often loose and have a hood, so they look more innovative and stronger than regular sweatshirt designs. The warm, thick material along with the dynamic, simple, and an easy-to-wear design make this shirt the most popular model in the cold season. However, you need to be a little restrained when choosing a shirt because if you have too many colors or patterns, you will look like a schoolgirl. Plain designs or simple prints will be the best for your style right now.

Why has the hoodie become a trend in the fashion industry?

According to statistics of major online fashion shopping websites, foreign sweatshirts are one of the most sought-after items by global fashionistas in 2019. Specifically, the number of Searches for this style of shirt has increased compared to last year.

A foreign sweatshirt hoodie is one of the few items that have a separate season that young people around the world call a hoodie season, referring to autumn/early winter. It is no coincidence that this shirt has such a privilege.

Because the basic design never goes out of fashion, everyone can wear it, and it is extremely ideal for wearing in cold weather but wearing a thick coat is hot, so foreign felt hoodies have long been popular. become a typical item of autumn.

Not only a unisex shirt style that both boys and girls can wear, but the hoodie is also one of the rare items that both bring maximum comfort when worn and cool without requiring you to know how to mix and match. mixed up. On days when you don't know what to wear, all you need is hoodie shorts and a sneaker combo, which can be combined with a cap.

In the fall, the way young people wear hoodies and sweatshirts is still around a few familiar formulas such as hoodies with jeans, hoodies with shorts, but there are still a few interesting new points.

First of all, the girls are extremely "connected" to wearing hoodies with skirts, both short skirts, and soft, graceful long skirts. This is a recipe that is both naughty and lovely, suitable for both personality girls and girls with a bit of girly.

The second is for hoodies in the form of a jacket, the most fashionable way to wear it now is to wear it very late, indifferently revealing one shoulder. This trick not only makes you look more liberal and sexy but also extremely photogenic, making your OOTD photo look much cooler.

How to wear a beautiful, fashionable and youthful hoodie?

What pants should a hoodie be worn with?

Wearing a hoodie at work, why not? You can easily combine hoodies for men and women with jeans that are not too tight. This way of wearing a women's hoodie will make you very active while still being fashionable.

Wearing a hoodie should wear an inner shirt? The answer is yes or no. If you want to add warmth, you can wear thin wool underneath. Or some prefer comfort and coolness, you can wear a soft cotton shirt to absorb body sweat. Experience is that you should wear more inside a hoodie because that way, your body will feel comfortable and not be hot or secret.

Still, it's important to remember not to choose something too large when you're choosing a hoodie for the workday (no matter how comfortable it may be). Pair it with a nice, dark pair of jeans and you're ready to go for a comfortable, active day.

How to wear a women's hoodie to work, think about monochromatic styles. That is, focus on one color as the main color of your outfit. It makes you look not too outstanding but still fashionable and youthful. Black, gray will be great suggestions for you to mix with an oversize hoodie.

Hoodie with skirts

This is probably your favorite set when you are about to go to school or go out. It brings femininity, lovely in the way of dressing. And it is suitable for most girls. Whether you are stork or chubby, choosing the right hoodie sizes will still make you look lovely.

Hoodies worn with skirts are the most popular way to wear women's hoodies today. And it's not too difficult for you to combine them. The colors between skirts and hoodies are also very easy to coordinate. Currently, there are many styles of hoodies with skirts. The crop top hoodie design is also very popular.

Hoodie crop-top

With a shorter length than regular hoodies. This style of women's hoodie is suitable for girls who love personality. You can pick them up and wear them in fall weather conditions when the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. The personality and uniqueness of crop top hoodies worn with skirts will make you feel great, right?

Most of today's girls need at least 1 hoodie in their wardrobe. It's something you can wear any time, any time, whether it's summer, spring, or winter. You can easily mix clothes with an oversize hoodie in many styles from personality, cute to unique, mature. The ways to wear women's hoodies that we mention to you are certainly a great suggestion that you can create beautiful outfits for yourself.

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