Are Hoodies Meant To Be Baggy?

Sep, 09 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
Young people today have more and more ideas in their fashion sense. Some people like to wear simple clothes, but some people like to be sexy, and it is also indispensable for people who like to have a different style like dressing up with a Hoodie the size of a human body. Such wearing style is often defined by young people as Oversize Hoodie style.
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    What is Oversize Hoodie understood?

    Oversize is a phrase used to refer to a large, loose-fitting garment that is easy to wear and suitable for all body shapes, whether you are tall or thin. To look good with oversize clothes also needs to have its standards, to create a beautiful oversize fashion style, personality.

    In general, oversize clothes are suitable for all body shapes, but it is very suitable for young people with a little chubby body, or those who love a slightly bulging fashion style when wearing pants. Oversize Hoodie will help you easily hide flaws on your body

    Hoodie Oversize are oversized, oversized, easy-to-wear hoodies that suit everyone, especially those with a chubby body. Wearing an Oversize Hoodie helps both girls and guys cheat on body defects.

    This is a large-size Hoodie, moderately enlarged so that it is proportionate at the chest, sleeves, and waist. The idea of ​​creating Hoodie patterns like this is to hide the flaws on the body. This Hoodie style is quite suitable for girls or guys with cute chubby bodies.

    On the market, there are many different styles of Hoodies and they are also created from many different fabrics such as Cotton, CVC, TC, Kate….

    Oversize's most popular styles

    Instead of confining yourself to a certain framework, you should regularly change your style to make yourself less boring well as when going out will make you more confident.

    Oversize Hoodie for Men and Women

    Referring to hoodies is a very popular type of Hoodie because almost everyone uses it, from children to the elderly, from urban to rural areas, everywhere. It is both casual and high-end fashion. Used in all environments from making Hoodies to wear at home, clothes to wear at work, or making uniforms at school...

    This style of Hoodie has now been disrupted by young people in use, instead of choosing the usual Hoodie patterns that fit their bodies, they choose sizes larger than their body. For example, some women normally only wear size S, but now you can choose Women's XXL or Men's XL to disrupt your style.

    What is the difference between Free-size and Oversize clothes?

    Overall, oversize and free-size clothes are very similar, both for those who love spacious, comfortable fashion. Here are some of the differences between these two types of clothing:

    Target users: The most obvious difference between these two types of clothing is the audience that uses them. If you love a slightly bulging fashion style, oversize clothes will be the best choice for you. As for free-size clothes, there is only one size, spacious design, good elasticity to cover all sizes, so people with a tall, thin or chubby figure can look good with this fashion style, It is not necessary to wear puffy clothes like an oversize Hoodie.

    Generosity: Both free-size and oversize clothing are aimed at comfort, dynamism, and comfort for the user, completely free of constraints on the user's style. But if you look closely at the concept between oversize and free-size clothes, there is a negligible difference, free-size clothes have only one size and are geared towards comfort for the wearer, while oversize clothing is somewhat exaggerated. more liberal and have their standards on how to dress to create a personal fashion style.

    In general, some people choose free-size clothes and some people will choose oversize clothes, no matter what clothes, loving and choosing the right products will help you feel more confident and comfortable when wearing clothes. 

    Mistakes when wearing Hoodies young people should avoid

    Mistake 1: Combine a hoodie with outerwear that also has a hat. This is considered a very cumbersome way of dressing and makes you sloppy and sloppy in your dressing sense.

    Mistake 2: Choosing hoodies that are too wide and too long for your best friend's height and weight. The hoodie is inherently a garment designed with a wide form and gives the wearer a feeling of comfort. However, wearing clothes that are too big will make you appear shorter.

    Mistake 3: For girls, they tend to let their hair down when wearing a hoodie, but the hoodie, which has a dynamic and personality, should be inappropriate.

    Some famous hoodie fashion brands

    CHAMPION Reverse Weave Small Logo Hoodie

    Champion is a fashion brand that is very popular with young people. As an immortal vestige in the thickness of history. Champion's hoodie is placed at an exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) with the theme "is fashion modern?" (Is fashion outdated?), is a place that always displays historical products that have a great influence on the present. Until 2018, that shirt became an item on the permanent list of the exhibition.

    STUSSY Stock Logo Hoodie

    In recent years, street fashion has exploded and has become a lucrative business with almost everything from luxury brands to casual styles. And if you want to feel the real "street" quality as well as understand more about this culture, perhaps Stussy cannot be ignored.

    SUNSPEL Cotton Loopback Overhead Hoody

    Brand from the UK – Sunspel is famous for items that, despite having a basic design, are always of high quality. The hoodies are handcrafted from high-quality loopback cotton for longevity and breathability. In addition, the company also has many designs with neutral colors, easy to coordinate with the wardrobe you already own.

    Founded in 1980 by Shaun Stussy, the hoodie is one of the brand's iconic items, and you're sure to feel the spirit of Shaun as well as the skateboarding and hip hop culture when wearing one of Stussy's designs.

    Drew House

    Another name that needs to be mentioned is Justin Bieber's darling with the Drew House brand. One Hoodie costs $98.

    Rules for wearing oversized shirts

    Neatly tidy the bottom of the shirt

    Because you see the shirt is very oversized, so when you combine it with jeans, Skinny, you should pay attention to the bottom so that it is neat to avoid searching for boxes, it will make your style edgy, not personality. where are you?

    The shirt is too long and wide for short people

    Maybe you've heard your friends say that you're too short for an oversize shirt, don't choose that style, and then you look like a fool...

    Don't and never believe it if you are observant in your choice.

    When choosing, you just need to choose shirts with a shirt length that is suitable for your body, the width of the body, and the sleeves should not be too wide. For example, if you normally choose Size XXL as an oversize shirt, now you only need to choose a Size L shirt, it will suit you already. (Note that the shirt that fits you is size S, then choose the above style)

    The shirt length should choose the type that is about 30cm above the knee, and should choose a Pull Oversize shirt, an Oversize shirt with shorts, or a skirt. You should also practice wearing high heels to increase your height.

    Avoid wearing shirts with lots of textures, patterns, or accessories

    Between being sloppy and personal when wearing an oversize shirt is very easy to happen. If you are not careful when choosing items. Do you think a shirt with too many textures, patterns and then baggy with accessories on hands, neck, and book bags is personality and style? That only makes you messy in the eyes of the opposite person.

    When wearing oversized clothes you need to be as simple as possible, not fussy and colorful, Austria should choose plain t-shirts, plain shirts or striped shirts.

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