Are Tote Bags Really Good For The Environment?

Oct, 13 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
Tote bags are no longer a strange fashion model. From the role of a highly applicable bag, favored by young people, the tote bag trend has not decreased in temperature until now. Every day, they are modified to help women become more stylish when going down the street, shopping, and even going to the supermarket. In particular, this fashion model material is very environmentally friendly.
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    What are the harmful effects of using plastic bags?

    Today, plastic bags are very popular in life, it seems to be present all around our lives. There has been a lot of scientific evidence, practical evidence of the harmful effects that plastic bags bring, but this is still a commonly used type of packaging.

    The price to pay for using plastic bags is really not cheap at all. Plastic bags make the Earth constantly warm, climate change, greenhouse effect. Waste plastic bags into the environment can be wet spots that produce many bacteria and diseases.

    The direct harm to mention is that plastic bags affect human health. Plastic bags contain food, when people eat it for a long time, it will lead to a very high risk of cancer, affect the endocrine glands, reduce immunity, ...

    With a special alarming level from the harmful effects of such plastic bags, factories have launched a line of environmental Tote bags. This is a product that solves the human need for storing items. Besides, with their self-destructive and environmentally friendly properties, fabric packaging products are extremely popular with consumers.

    What are the types of eco-friendly bags available today?

    Paper bags

    Paper bags are the most commonly used bags today, in a variety of fields. The advantage of paper bags is

    Fast and secure cancellation. However, the disadvantage is low durability, not waterproof, and not attractive because

    The color is quite monotonous, can't print many colors

    Tote bag

    Tote bags are a type of bag that is increasingly popular with many people, usually, they are handbags,

    Tote bags… are used to store clothes, shoes, cosmetics… Advantages of durable, reusable canvas bag many times for different purposes.

    Woven bags, hemp, jute

    This is a group of bags made from natural materials such as natural fibers, hemp fibers woven from the bark of hemp, bags

    made from jute yarn… Usually, they will be handmade bags, diverse and beautiful designs used to store fruits

    Trees, coffee, oats… The downside of this bag is its low durability, if it comes in contact with water, chemicals can easily abrade.

    Biodegradable plastic bags

    Biodegradable plastic bags are classified as environmentally friendly bags. Because umbrellas are made of plastic

    but they have the ability to decompose when released into the environment. Currently the most popular line of biodegradable bags

    Made from Biobased resin. This is a grain with a lower resin content than raw plastic beads

    common ingredients, combined with wheat flour ingredients to help accelerate the decomposition process under conditions suitable.

    Recycled bags

    When there is no effective way to treat plastic waste, recycling is an effective way to reduce the impact of plastic waste plastic bags to the environment by creating a cycle of "use recycle - use". Hence the bag is again

    It is also classified as bag-friendly. In many countries, recycled bags have become the norm for imported goods to ensure the minimization of plastic waste discharged into the environment.

    What are the advantages of environmental Tote bags?

    Environmentally friendly with no harm in production

    In the production process, plastic bags are one of the products that do no small harm to the environment. Raw materials for the production of this type of bag are petroleum and gas and other additives such as plasticizers, metals, etc heavy and pigments. These are extremely toxic substances, endangering health and life as well as an ecosystem. And yet, during production, a lot of co2 gas makes the greenhouse effect worse important.

    The production process of environmental Tote bags is relatively safe for the environment. They are made from environmentally friendly materials and undergo 3 mechanical-thermochemical processes before they become usable products.

    Easily decomposed

    According to a study, the complete decomposition time of Tote bags is from 2 to 3 years. Therefore, canvas bags are considered a clean, and environmentally friendly material.

    Can be used many times

    One of the great uses of canvas bags is that they can be used over and over again. Perhaps many people will wonder, how many times will this bag have a good effect on the environment. But simply when the amount of consumption is high and cannot be reused, the amount of waste released into the environment will not be less.

    Fabric-friendly bags with the characteristic of being durable and reusable are an effective way to reduce waste in the environment.

    Keep your personal belongings safe when you're away

    Tote bags are usually made from fibers that are durable and have good bearing capacity. Thereby, women can safely and effectively store necessary items when going away, such as when going to school, going out,

    At the same time, with the unique design and soft fabric of this cloth bag, it helps women easily express their youthful and dynamic personality.

    Protect furniture in the room effectively

    In addition to being an impressive fashion bag, this canvas bag is also used to store less used household items. Thereby helping to make the room airier and neater. At the same time, the canvas bags with impressive printed images and youthful colors have helped increase the aesthetics of your room.

    Contribute to show the cooperation to protect the environment

    This is a canvas bag recommended by environmental experts because of the environmental friendliness that this product line brings. Therefore, the fact that young people use this bag in daily life will contribute to showing their cooperation in protecting the environment.

    Increase the effectiveness of advertising and spread the brand

    Today, most businesses realize the importance of canvas bags in the field of marketing. Therefore, they often use them to make product packaging, gifts, or meaningful gifts

    on special occasions such as the Tet holiday, mid-autumn festival, or customer gratitude. Thereby helping them to create a good impression and personal impression in the hearts of customers. Besides, businesses can also take advantage of the easy printing feature of this canvas bag to print marketing messages or company information to make a stronger impression on potential customers.

    Compared to other traditional advertising channels, this advertising channel using canvas bags is considered the wisest because of cost savings but long-lasting marketing effectiveness. The after receiving a good gift product, most customers do not want to throw away the bags but instead use them in their daily lives and help your brand reach further.

    Tote bags, how to use to preserve the environment?

    Whether using a tote bag helps the environment or not, depends on how many times you use the tote bag you have.

    In fact, the production and transportation of cotton tote bags produce a higher carbon footprint than plastic bags, according to a 2011 report by the UK Environment Agency. To produce cotton yarn (woven into ordinary tote bags) people need to use fertilizer and water for irrigation. The report concludes that you need to reuse a cotton tote bag 393 times for it to have the same environmental impact as using a plastic bag three times. And throwing away tote bags when you're bored, also contributes to environmental garment waste.

    Since tote bags have become more popular, there has also been a decrease in the use of single-use plastic bags, which is of course good news. David Tyler, a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Oregon, said that "it is impossible to find a bag that does not have an environmental impact, but how should we consider the environmental impact?" If the priority is to reduce plastic waste, single-use plastic bags, then the use of tote bags is appropriate.

    Limit your tote bag ownership by considering: whether the design is functional or not, the material of your bag is of environmentally friendly origin. Prioritize shopping for tote bags with origin/meaning behind them. As produced to raise funds for a charity. The production materials are clearly sourced, the cotton is grown organically, the workers are fully paid.

    • Don't throw away your old tote bags. Give them to those who need them, like mothers and aunts who need them to go to the market.
    • Tote bags are also products created from old clothes. You can consider buying a tote bag that is recycled from jeans, t-shirts, canvas… this helps reduce fashion waste.
    • Choose a tote bag that you really like and use it many times, instead of having a lot of bags and only using it once or twice, friends!

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