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What is the official name of Australia?

Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country located in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the sixth-largest country in the world, the only country occupying an entire continent, and also the largest country in the Australasia/Oceania region. It also includes the large island of Tasmania, an Australian state, and several small islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Australia's neighbors include New Zealand to the southeast; Indonesia, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea to the North; Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia to the northeast.

Australia is a stable, democratic, and culturally diverse country with an educated workforce and one of the world's strongest economies. With its unique natural landscape and rich ancient culture, Australia is unlike any other. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and the only country that manages an entire continent

Origin and history of the name of Australia


The Vietnamese name of this beautiful country of Australia is derived from the old Sino-Vietnamese: Australia Dai Loi. The English name "Australia" is derived from the Latin word "Australis" which means "Southern". The word "Australis" has been used extensively since Roman times, but there are no records related to this southern land. Australia was discovered and explored by Europeans in the early 16th century and it was not until 1625 that the name Australian was used to name this territory, but it was not very popular. The name Australia is mentioned more often in Master Hakluyt's "Notes on Australia Del Espiritu Santo". After many records from different explorers, in 1824 the name Australia was officially given to this southern territory through the consent of the British Admiralty.


There are many speculations that humans appeared in this southern land about 100,000 years ago. However, Australia was first found by a Dutch navigator named Willem Janszoon and called it New Holland. It was not until 1770 that the explorer James Cook began to explore around the continent and claimed the eastern two-thirds of the continent under the sovereignty of Great Britain. From there, he also proposed to the king, turning this place into a British royal colony.

From January 1, 1901, this territory was known as the Commonwealth of Australia and was a territory of the United Kingdom. Over the course of its development, Australia has become independent in many ways. The passage of the Australia Act 1986 severed the last constitutional relations between Australia and Great Britain. Since then, the name Federation of Australia has been officially used for this southern hemisphere land.

Climate and weather in the land of Kangaroo

Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, so only nearly one-third of Australia's area has a tropical climate, the rest has a temperate climate. The geographical location gives Australia a freezing cold winter. You can easily come across meters of snow if you have the opportunity to go to Snowy Mountain in the Southeast.

However, the climate can vary from region to region due to Australia's large size. Although surrounded by the ocean, the coastline is less fragmented and the coastal currents are bipolar, so the rainfall is concentrated mainly in the coastal area. The further inward, the less rainfall, this is the reason why Australia has a large area of ​​desert or semi-arid.

Summer in Australia begins in December and ends in February with an average temperature of 18 to 32 degrees Celsius

Winter starts from June until the end of August with an average temperature of -18 to -20 degrees Celsius.

Spring from September to November with temperature from 17~22 degrees C

Autumn is from March to May and has a stable temperature of 16~25 degrees Celsius

What is the communication culture of Australians like?

At first, when you first come to Australia, you will feel that Australians seem strange, but in fact, they are extremely comfortable and comfortable. During the process of studying and living in Australia, you will gradually get used to their way of caring. Not too ostentatious in conversations, they use eye contact more in communication. Australians always show respect and make eye contact to show that they are listening to what you have to say. Australians also frequently show interest in their partners by asking questions about their age, marital status, and financial situation. So don't think they're impolite or overly curious, that's the culture of communication in this country. Australians value punctuality and they also expect those around them to appreciate their time. Therefore, when studying in Australia, you need to pay attention to the issue of time, not "rubber" under any circumstances.

What is the style of dress like in Australia?

Australia is a multiracial society, so Australians are quite comfortable in choosing clothes. Put in clear contexts and situations, there are also some requirements such as wearing long-sleeved clothes for funerals, attending high-level meetings, working in public agencies, should wear clothes. polite,...

The culinary culture of the land of Kangaroo

A developed society with multi-ethnic culture also creates a rich culinary culture. In Australia, you can see the presence of almost all cuisines of the world. But to discover the most standard Australian cuisine, you should go to "Bush tucker" once. This is a dish created by Australian Aboriginal people from ancient times with ingredients from bugs, pupae, and roots buried in hot ash. If you know how to enjoy it, this will be a memorable experience. In addition, while studying in Australia, you should also experience some famous Kangaroo dishes such as Ham and Pea Soup, Grilled Tasmanian, Prawn Cocktail, Vegemite,...

Culture and arts

Although the population density is only 3 people/km2, the Australian architectural art scene is extremely respectable. Across the Australian provinces, there are major artworks, regional performances. Australia also has many international performing arts troupes such as the Australian Ballet, the Australian Opera, the Brandenburg Symphony, etc.

In terms of architecture, due to many years of being a British colony, the works in Australia have Western imprints. You can easily see the Western architecture in buildings such as the rotunda in Fremantle, the Royal Exhibition Building. One of the architectural works that brought Australia's name to the world is the Sydney Opera House or the new Dockland urban area.

Festivals in Australia

To preserve the culture, show respect to its roots, and remember its painful history of domination, the Australian government organizes numerous Aboriginal festivals and transforms them into the beauty of Australian culture.

Ord Valley Festival

The Miriwoong Gajeroong Tribe Festival is held in the northernmost tip of Western Australia every May. With dances and songs, they seem to recreate the period of the birth of the tribe.

Laura's Aboriginal Festival

This is a festival of the Aboriginal community living in the Cape York peninsula area, held every June in Queensland. The aim is also to promote and commemorate the history and re-enactment of life in Australia through the once Aboriginal people.

Interesting facts about Australia

Australia is one of the strongest economies in the world with a per capita income higher than the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

Australia's social security and welfare policies are considered better than those of the US, Canada, UK, and many other developed countries. For example, in the field of education, students from kindergarten to high school are free to attend public schools. The average life expectancy of the people is 82 years old. More than 72% of people aged 15 to 64 in Australia are employed.

Another thing compared to the US, the management and use of guns in Australia is very strict. Therefore, Australia is often known as a safe country to live, study and work

In Australia, there is no racism like in other developed countries. Australia has more than 200 communities from all over the world who are living and working stably for a long time. More than 260 languages ​​are spoken here, the most popular of which are English and Chinese.

A potential danger when visiting the ocean in Australia is the box jellyfish. This mollusk can kill more people than devilfish, sharks and crocodiles combined.

Before the arrival of humans, Australia was once home to "weird animals" such as kangaroos 3m high, iguanas 7m long, and ducks as big as horses.

Australia's common animal, besides the kangaroo, also has the Koala - the counterpart of the Chinese panda, and the falcon (also known as the Liar Bird) that has the ability to sing up to 20 voices.

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