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Kid Ellie Backpack

Kid Ellie Backpack

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Backpacks - From Novelty to Necessity

Backpacks are among the greatest functional items for everyone. It is the very first thing that will turn up in your mind when it comes to storing personal stuff to move here and there, go to school, or travel abroad, for instance. To meet the large demand of our customers of all ages and occupations, Printerval has just introduced our newest backpack selection. But first, let us dive back in time to help you have an in-depth understanding of backpacks.

Packback's history

Believe it or not, the backpack's origin can be traced back to the ancient Egypt period. At that time our today's modern backpacks were just kind of small saddlebags used for containing water or food or essentials which are in small size.

Backpacks with a zipper couldn't make it to civilization until the time during 1938 - 1967, thanks to the ingenuity of the hiker and rock climber Gerry Cunningham. For adventurous purposes, he designed a nylon backpack with zipper for a better and smoother use when climbing the rock.

Not until the late 1980s did backpacks become widespread throughout the world and used for many purposes and popular among people regardless of gender, age, or social background. With the innovation of backpacks over the years, they gradually evoked into a necessity for everyone, from students to the military to travelers and so on.

Nowadays, backpacks are designed in different sizes and styles to be suitable for various needs, for example, there are laptop backpacks, rolling backpacks, athletic backpacks, etc.

There are numerous advantages to carrying a backpack

For transporting books and supplies, backpacks are preferable over messenger or shoulder bags. Their advantages outweight those of other types of bags. Keep reading to understand more about this wonderful item. 


Backpacks make it easier to transport a variety of items, including books, clothing, and other necessities. Whatever you have in your backpack, no matter how much weight it has, it will be much easier and safer to use this powerful and fundamental item. The weight is more equally distributed when wearing a backpack, and you may use your hands to use your smartphone or hold your coffee comfortably.

Backpacks are also quite convenient for them allowing you to quickly and easily reach your belongings. Everything is easily accessible and can be seen inside at a glance.

More organized

You'll be more organized all day long with a high-quality backpack's numerous pockets and sections, which will be the keeper for all of your daily requirements.

High secure

Using a backpack ensures the security of your things. All of these characteristics combine to make the greatest backpacks a highly desirable option for carrying valuables, such as laptops, cameras, books, and other electronic devices. Keeping your valuables in a backpack also makes it more difficult for burglars to steal them.

Can be a companion for a long time

It is possible to carry a backpack for long periods of time without experiencing discomfort since it utilizes two soft, padded shoulder straps to distribute weight more evenly.

Backpacks are on trend right now, and it seems like there is no signal showing that they will fall out of favor soon in the future. Backpacks come in many shapes and sizes and styles, so you'll have plenty of options.

Why Should You Purchase Backpacks at Printerval?

Printerval offers you the best source of backpacks. Want to know why is so? Kindly take a look at the reasons below.

A great number of backpacks featuring distinctive patterns may be found on Printerval

The fact that modern backpacks are available in such a broad variety of designs enables them to play a key role in your daily life. In contrast to the monotonous hues of blue, red, purple, and yellow that predominated in the past, the designers are currently creating a great deal more graphics for backpacks with intricate textures.

You have the option of purchasing backpacks in a wide variety of styles, some of which include classic, neotraditional, boho, cute, cartoon, pastel colors, and other stunning pictorial forms

There is variety both in terms of size and shape

Backpacks are available in an extremely wide range of varieties in today's market. In addition, contemporary backpacks are available in a number of sizes, enabling users to select the size that is the greatest fit for each given application of the product. We do offer backpacks in sizes S, M, and L.

Printerval is your source for a comprehensive selection of backpacks, suitable to wear for any purpose and to any place.

Made of superior material

It is constructed entirely out of polysynthetic leather. Synthetic material designed to mimic the look and texture of genuine leather.

High-quality printing technology

Its exceptional print quality transforms it into the greatest desirable piece for your wardrobe. The shoulder straps on this backpack are also adjustable, making it convenient for travel. You can not leave the house without it because it's roomy enough for all the necessities to fit inside!

The cost that is reasonable

When you are selecting backpacks for your school or daily usage, it is essential to choose the one that fits your preferences so that you can always be confident wherever you go, despite the fact that backpacks are now available in a wide variety of sizes and patterns. At Printerval, you can always find one-of-a-kind backpacks, and the price for backpacks will fluctuate a little depending on which size of the bag you choose.

  • S: $33.70
  • M: $35.40
  • L: $37.10

Accessible currency

Because we want to ensure the highest possible level of safety and dependability in all of our clients' international financial dealings, Printerval will only accept payments in United States dollars. We accept payments via PayPal, AmazonPay, Visa, and Mastercard in addition to the various payment methods available.

The cost of shipping is not prohibitive

In Printerval, not only is the cost of shipping affordable, but it also takes very little time to accomplish. After a month has passed, you won't have to worry about your belongings, and it will only take between six and fourteen days, and this includes the amount of time it will take to transfer the item to you. Because it is at your disposal right now, you should take advantage of it.


You have a large selection of options to select from when shopping for Backpacks at Printerval, all of which are offered at affordable costs. Shop with us right away to have the greatest possible buying experience!