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When is Universal Children's Day?

In 1954, in order to encourage countries to remember children and protect children's rights, the United Nations proposed Universal Children's Day to be celebrated on November 20 each year.

Despite recommending November 20, the United Nations allows member states to celebrate their own Children's Day on different dates of their choice. And some countries have celebrated November 20th in their own countries such as Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Egypt... The countries of the former Soviet Bloc and the Asia-African Women's Union held International Children's Day. International Children's Day) on June 1 (including Vietnam)

Universal Children's Day is recommended by the United Nations to be November 20 every year, but in different countries, people choose different observances:

Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Egypt... Universal Children's Day is 11/20

In the country of the former Soviet Bloc and Vietnam... Universal Children's Day is 1/6. In Vietnam, this day is also known as Children's Day, a holiday for children, for the future generation of mankind. It is also a day to remind everyone to better protect and take care of children.

History of Universal Children's Day

At dawn on June 1, 1942, the Nazis surrounded the village of Lidis (Czechoslovakia), they captured 173 men, 196 women, and children. Here, they brutally slaughtered 66 people and sent 104 children to concentration camps, 88 children were killed in gas chambers, 9 others were sent to work as henchmen for the fascists. The village of Lidise was devoid of people.

Two years later, on June 10, 1944, the Nazis again surrounded the town of Oradua (France), they herded 400 people into the church, including many women and more than 100 children, setting fire to the church. tragically burned.

In memory of hundreds of innocent children who were ruthlessly murdered by the Nazis, in 1949 the International Federation of Democratic Women decided to designate June 1 every year as the International Day of the Protection of Children. demanded that governments of all countries take responsibility for children's lives, demanded a reduction in military budgets to increase funding for education, protection, and care of young people and children. Since 1950, June 1 every year has been Children's Day.

Meaning of Universal Children's Day

Universal Children's Day, as its name suggests, is a day to remind people of the protection, care, and education of children - the future preschools of the country.

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