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What are the definition and the role of a National park?

A national park is a term to define a natural park that is created and protected by national governments and used for conservation purposes. Normally, a national park can be a reserve of natural, semi-natural, or developed land that a sovereign state declares or owns, therefore, it is the property belonging to state ownership. 

Each nation may designate differently the priority of their national parks. For example, in America and Canada, governments tend to focus on the protection of both land and wildlife, the United Kingdom focuses mainly on the land and Africa primarily exists to conserve animals. The national park is widely known as the conservation of 'wild nature' for posterity and as a symbol of national pride. 

Except for conservation, national parks are almost always open to visitors for public recreation and enjoyment or because of their historical or scientific interest. 

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How were national parks created in the early time?

The concept of a park or nature reserve under state ownership is believed to be derived from the United States in 1870. The first national park in the world is Yellowstone National park which is located in Wyoming. This park was created through legislation signed by U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant in 1872. 

In 1890, some other national parks were established in the United States including Yosemite, Sequoia, and General Grant. These parks were originally for protecting outstanding scenic natural areas for their own sake and grew into a concept of American (U.S.) national policy. 

During the following decades, the system of national parks was expanded and in order to administer them, in 1916, the U.S.’s National Park Service was established. Apart from national parks, the system also included national preserves, monuments, recreation areas, seashores, lakeshores, historic parks and sites, parkways, scenic trails, and battlefields.

Having been inspired by America, a large number of movements to create national parks sprang up in many other countries. For instance, Canada established its first three national parks in the mid-1880s. 

In Europe, although they had maintained nature reserves to protect hunting grounds for use by kings and nobles for centuries before, the establishment of modern national parks and nature reserves gained momentum only after World War I and II. Typically, Great Britain established the administrative machinery for both national parks and nature reserves in 1949 and started establishing national parks in its colonies including in India and Africa after the war. 

In Asia and Latin America, the interest in parks generally came later. For example, Japan and Mexico established their first national parks in the 1930s. 

In fact, the national parks of various countries differ greatly in their effectiveness in protecting their resources such as some of them focus on land protection whereas others focus on wild animals, etc. Many governments may provide their park systems with large enough budgets to make possible strict enforcement of regulations. 

Nevertheless, national parks are also ideal places of natural tourism for those who love interacting with the wild environment. And many national parks are open not only to internal visitors but foreigners.  

( Source: https://www.britannica.com/science/national-park)

Why is the National park style on-trend?

There are several reasons why the National park style is widely known, bought, and used.

Firstly, National park is the property of the nation where every valuable ecosystem is conserved and protected including fauna and fora. National parks are also ideal places for camping, hiking, exploring, etc because the environment in them is natural and pristine. 

Secondly, as forests in general, national parks are the green lungs of nations and the world in coping with climate change and other problems relating to nature. Indeed, national parks are really the pride of countries and people need to improve their awareness to protect and conserve their own ecological part. For such indispensability, national parks are an endless inspiration for designers, producers, and customers. 

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