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What is the Basket?

A basket is a storage bag made of a variety of materials, such as wooden braces and soft wrap materials, and is traditionally made from stiff yarn. While most baskets are made of plant material, they can also be made of rattan, bamboo, or wire. The majority of baskets are woven by hand. Some baskets are closed at the top, while others are left open. Nowadays, there are a lot of baskets with many materials like metal, and plastic that are more convenient.

When did the Basket appear ?

People used the bark to make simple containers before the invention of woven baskets. These boxes could have been used to transport food and other items, but after only a few uses, they fell apart. Then, to support the bark containers, we weave strips of bark or other plant material, followed by fully woven baskets. Baskets are woven so tightly that they can hold water appears to be the ultimate innovation.
The baskets may or may not be preserved in the archaeological record, depending on soil conditions. Twisted baskets have been around since the year 7000 in Oasisamerica. The interweaving technique, which was popular in 3000 BC, was used to create baskets.
Baskets were created as multi-purpose vases for storing and storing materials, as well as for keeping misplaced items in the house.
Basket is made from rattan, bamboo, and mollusks, and later developed more materials such as plastic or carbon fiber. Artistic freedom allows basket makers to choose from a wide range of colors, materials, sizes, patterns, and details.

Why should you choose to buy a Basket on Printerval?

Printerval Shop is an online sales website that sells a wide range of products you can trust.

Printerval contains many types of Baskets with pretty design

Combined with many designs and printed on Baskets, it creates a highlight and attraction for the baskets. Sometimes, the basket with a simple design makes your home more subtle and fancy.


When popped up, the collapsible storage baskets have a large capacity, but when folded, they perform well in terms of space-saving. Closets, shelves, wardrobes, dressers, TV stands, bookshelves, storage benches, baby's changing stations, drawers, bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, restrooms, kitchens, offices, closets, and cabinets are all excellent storage options for narrow rooms.

Material safety

Made from natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, environmentally friendly, especially very safe for children.
Some other types of baskets are made from iron or wood which are usually more durable, stronger and can handle heavy objects.

Cheap price

Categorized by material and style, so the price of baskets is also very competitive compared to other items on the market, ranging from about $40 -$45, you can buy a basket for yourself with eye-catching images.

Currency payment

Printerval accepts payments in USD to guarantee the exchange rate difference. You can pay cash on delivery or pay by Visa card, so we always want the most convenience for customers when paying.

Delivery & Shipping very fast!

Printerval cooperates and develops with shipping units, so the best delivery policy is always guaranteed for the buyer. We always try and try to deliver as quickly as possible to help customers experience the product in the best way.
Moreover, Printerval also supports delivery fees, so buyers will not have to bear expensive delivery fees. To learn more, you can read our delivery policy mentioned on our website

Can custom according to customer needs

In addition to pre-printed products according to images and designs, Printerval also provides custom basket services according to each customer's needs. So, if you don't like our pre-printed patterns, you can pre-order the image you like and we'll help you print it on the baskets.

Diverse sizes to choice 

Printerval strives to offer the widest variety of basket designs and sizes. In addition to selling individually by size, Printerval also sells in sets including small baskets, which both create synchronization for products and help customers have more choices.
The set includes many small baskets. The cotton rope holds the two sides of the basket. This storage organizer is a new and exclusive design that helps you find everything in a flash. On Printeral provides many types of sets: a set of 2, a set of 3.

Easy to use, 100% Risk-free 

Many storage needs can be met with sturdy fabric baskets or wood baskets, including organizing and storing baby products, clothes, shoes, children's toys, pet products, toiletry storage, laundry clothes, towel, blanket, bedsheets, sports equipment, and many other items.
These sturdy-handled baskets are made of thick fabric. We are confident that they will be able to work with you for a long time. If you have any problems, please contact us through Printerval, and we will provide you with satisfactory customer service.

How to know a good Basket?

Before making a purchase, it is critical to understand the key features and details of Baskets. Here are some pointers to remember.

Based on the size

The size chart of baskets varies widely due to and depending on the material, but we mainly focus on basic sizes.
These baskets come in four sizes, from XS to L with general diameters:

L: 26-30CM
M: 21-25CM
SX: 10-15CM

Based on the material

Rugged canvas baskets provide solutions for many storage needs: organizing and storing baby products, clothes, shoes, baby toys, pet products, storing toiletries, clothes laundry, towels, blankets, bedsheets, sports equipment, many more uses
The rattan basket helps to protect the environment and is aesthetically pleasing to your home or office. Not only that, rattan baskets are also very friendly and safe, biodegradable, and not harmful to humans.
Metal baskets are very durable, good quality can be used for a long time, often used to store large and heavy items.

Based on color

Based on the color you can distinguish the function of each type of basket. Usually, many people often prefer to choose baskets with simple colors or with small, cute patterns. On the contrary, many people like to use colorful baskets to decorate as well as express their love.

Trendy design

Stay up to date with hot trends as well as life events to know more about trendy designs, or designs according to celebrities.
Versatile: The robust basket can be used to organize and store baby products, clothes, shoes, baby toys, pet products, hygiene storage, laundry clothes, towels, blankets, bedsheets, sports equipment, and many other items.
Baskets Gift: These stylish open storage bins have a sleek and simple design that will complement various types and décor in your home. Whether you're looking for new baby gift ideas or warm gifts for a dear home, our distinctive baskets will make a fantastic gift for any occasion. 

How to choose the best Basket?

Let's find the way to choose the best Basket

Choose for decoration

Baskets are a favorite item among many individuals, who use them around their homes. These hardworking multi-taskers are not only functional storage options, but they are also attractive, adding texture and warmth to any home. Treated, woven, metallic, lined, colored, lidded - when it comes to baskets, there are so many alternatives that you're sure to find something to suit your needs and decor.

Use as household items in each family

Carrying handles allow for easy portability so the basket is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, pantry, drawers, and more.

Choose base on printed images according to events

Each image and pattern on the basket has its own meaning, conveying messages to the user.  Besides, modern trendy patterns are also a good choice because they will give your home and space a little modern and sophisticated.

Basket price

A good basket does not have to cost a lot of money. The materials used and the features included will primarily determine the price of your basket. You will get a typical basket on with full use for the best price.

Basket style

With diversity in size and style, you can choose any style you want which is suitable for your needs.
Pick a gift basket with wide straps.
It is not only easier to arrange items inside baskets with wide straps, but it is also more convenient to carry the gift basket.

Reasonable size

Before deciding on the size of the gift basket, make a list of the items that will be included in the basket. What do you have in your gift basket? Because gift baskets come in a variety of sizes, you'll want to choose one that's just big enough to fit the items inside so they're not lost, have enough room, and aren't hidden.


If you just put the gift in a nylon bag, a rattan gift basket will be much more beautiful. Furthermore, the bamboo and rattan materials are extremely durable; you can transport them without fear of breaking them; just be careful not to apply too much force. The rattan basket is also light in weight, making it simple to transport.

Creative ways to use Basket

Do you know how to use Basket creatively?

Closet storage

In our linen closet,using wicker baskets to store towels and sheets. They not only keep everything tidy and organized, but they also give this small space a lot of personality. They can also be used in the pantry.

Side table and Wall decor

Decorating the house with baskets is also a good way and reasonable choice. You can absolutely use a basket to decorate in the bedroom or hang on the wall. Make your house more unique and impressive.

For the Plants

If growing plants, one of the best choices is to use baskets, in addition to aesthetic effects, rattan baskets also help your plants grow and develop better, environmentally friendly and create an atmosphere for your space

In bathroom

If your living room basket becomes stale, replace it with your bathroom basket for a change of pace. Finding a place to store clean towels is essential, especially if your bathroom lacks cabinet space. The basket is available on Printerval. Do you have room beneath your bathroom counter or cabinet? Look for baskets that will fit neatly into the nook. To keep your bathroom organized, store anything from extra soap to extra linens.

In Livingroom

Extra blankets and pillows are essential for cozy nights snuggled up by the fire during the cooler months. Rather than cramming your sofa with them, invest in a large basket.

In Corner’s baby

Your children's belongings will almost certainly find their way into your living room, whether you want them to or not. Rather than constantly moving items to their proper rooms, make a pretty living room basket for their favorite toys and books.

In Kitchen & Laundry Room

You can use baskets with use such as root vegetable storage, Pantry organization,.To keep potatoes and onions fresh, store them in wire baskets in your pantry or cabinet. The root vegetables will stay dry in the open basket, and a cabinet or pantry will provide a cool, dark environment. When it comes to the pantry, try using baskets to organize it. You'll be able to keep track of the supply of your dry goods and find items faster if you divide them into groups.

Some notes when using Basket

To be able to help the basket model maintain the ideal and longest durability, it is necessary to know how to use it. With the tips suggested in this article will help us use the basket for the longest time.

Use Basket in a dry environment

Using the basket in a dry environment will increase the time of use, avoid mold and damage. For the products made of rattan or fabric, avoid placing in a humid environment or space will make the products quickly deteriorate more damaged because the material is easily moldy when exposed to water or high humidity environments such as bathrooms.

Avoid long-term exposure to rain or sunlight

Direct exposure to rainwater or sunlight will make the products broken fast and lose their original shape. Avoid pouring water directly on the products, it is also advisable to clean the product regularly

Keep away from fire and flammable environments.

Due to the fact that the raw material is mainly flammable, you should not use high temperatures to avoid unexpected situations.

What is the average price of a basket?

In most cases, there is no set price for a basket on the market. On, you can get a good basket that meets your needs for quality, durability, and good looks for around $40, depending on size and design.

Where to buy the cheapest and best basket with pretty designs ? is always proud to be the place that provides baskets at cheapest price, supports the most customers, not only that, the quality of baskets on Printerval is no less than of other e-commerce sites on the market. In addition to providing custom services, products are also printed with fashionable and modern motifs.