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Do we need close friends? Why do people love Best Friend theme?

When you're overwhelmed by work after a long day, finding the motivation to go out to eat with friends instead of lounging on the sofa, watching Netflix, and eating pizza can be difficult. So, more and more, we realize more and more words shared: Finding a friend is difficult, lonely, lost as we grow older and older, and the number of close friends around is not enough. How much is there? Many adults around me are more used to it and more comfortable with it, just enjoying life alone and minimizing the presence of friends.

However, the fact that we do not have a close friend, or do not want to be close to someone is a matter of rethinking. Research results have shown: Close friends are essential for your health and mental state.

“We are social and communal creatures,” says Serena Chen, a professor of psychology at the University of California. "When we are close to someone, we can get positive benefits mentally as well as in body, mind, and heart."

Dr. Amir Levine, a psychiatrist, and neuroscientist, and author of the popular book Attached, has studied humans and animals to learn about bonding. community connection. "Social connections are the most powerful way we can manage our stress levels. If you're under pressure, being close to someone you feel safe with is the way to go. best to calm down."

Meaning of a beautiful friendship

Where we confide: There are some things we find difficult to communicate with anybody other than our closest friends, who never criticize us and simply listen and soothe us. As a result, we might restore our confidence and joy in life.

Reduce stress and sadness: Every time you are sad or under pressure in your life, the first person you call to confide and release is your best friend, right?

Learned many useful things: No one in the world is perfect, but almost everyone has their strengths and good points. The friends around us are the same, everyone has something worth learning from. Open your heart to your friends and learn their good qualities and strengths to help you become better every day.

Help each other in all circumstances: It is difficult for us to avoid difficult times and stumbles in life in life. At these times, friends are the ones who stand by our side to overcome all adversities.

Sharing passions and interests: When we are with close friends, we feel confident, comfortable being ourselves, doing the things we like, trying the things we love. Besides, our friends understand us best, so they will always trust us and encourage us to continue pursuing our dreams and passions.

Products on Printerval related to Best Friend Besties

Printerval offers a lot of products related to the Best Friend or Besties theme, always ensuring quality as well as unique and eye-catching designs. The products are also very diverse in designs, colors, and sizes, making it easy for you to choose the product you like. Samples are available on Printerval such as Best Friend Groovy Chick Best Friends Shirt themed T-shirt or Mugs Fatbaby Warmth Best Friends Birthday Coffee Mug Gifts, and there are stickers for you to choose from, such as the Seinfeld Jerry George sticker, Elaine Kramer Sticker

The Meaning of Designs on

Each product has a unique design and significance, and with each theme, the designs are always tailored to convey the most meaningful message to the customer. The designs on Printerval, for example, depict deep friendship, intimacy between friends, always sharing and confiding in ordinary experiences together, or simply performing things together, when the theme is Best Friend. What close friends do for one another. Alternatively, the renowned group of buddies from a movie. Furthermore, with many themes to choose from, you can simply find the product you like the most.

How to use the products?

Quickest sticker removal tips

Use warm water: If you want to remove the sticker from an empty bottle, you should put warm water in a bottle. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then slowly peel off the sticker. This is a very simple and effective way to peel off the label.

Use nail polish remover or alcohol: Put an appropriate amount of nail polish remover or alcohol on a cotton ball, cloth, or tissue, then rub them on the stickers and slowly remove them. If the sticker has not been removed, use a sponge to remove all remaining adhesive.

Use a dryer: Use a dryer to heat the sticker for 1 minute, the heat will cause the adhesive to reduce adhesion on the plastic bottle. Continue drying until the sticker is completely peeled off, and finally use a sponge to remove any remaining adhesive residue on the surface of the bottle.

Interesting information: 4 ways to make friendship closer

Create the basis for safety

Before we can become close, we need to feel safe. Through her research, Dr. Levine has identified five core factors that create a sense of security in a relationship - the CARRP principle: Consistency, Availability, Reliability, Responsiveness, Predictability

This doesn't mean that you always have to respond to messages immediately, but it does mean that you need to create a limit to the response and being present so that the person you are with can always feel safe in the relationship. generation.

Special attention

The next step in creating a close relationship is simply to give special attention. Humans have a unique ability to read emotions only through the minute expressions of others. Intimacy begins with attention and congruence. When you're completely focused on watching someone, your facial muscles will begin to resemble theirs in an instant. If you're not paying full attention, you can completely ignore it. It is moments like these that help us empathize with others.

 Be yourself

If you want to be seen for who you are, you have to stop trying to be cool or smarter than the self you know. You must strive to help others understand and accept you, or in other words, you must understand and accept yourself enough to believe that you can make someone's life brighter just by appearing in your life. surname. You only really get close to someone when you become more honest about yourself.

Accept yourself with intimacy

Intimacy with others, whether it's a friend, family member, or co-worker - is one of the keys to becoming happier, healthier, and calmer.