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What is Bibs?

A bib refers to a garment that is worn hanging from the neck on the chest to protect clothing from accidentally spilled food as well as is worn when consuming certain "messy" foods. Bibs are not only used by young children, especially infants when they drool a lot, the teething period is an example, but also by some adults. 

The term “ bib” was reported in English for the first time in 1580 which derives from the verb bibben "to drink" of the Latin bibere because it was worn while drinking or because it "soaked up" spills.

A bib may also refer to the part of a garment used by a team to identify themselves on the field of play or a lead covering used to prevent X-ray radiation.

Bibs sometimes can be similar to overalls, which are called bib-and-brace overalls or dungarees, are a type of garments used as protective clothing when working. 

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How many types of Bibs are there?

The burping bib

This type of bib is made from traditional terry cloth with a simple popper fastening at the back that is ideal to use from birth to catch sudden burp-ups after feeding.

The food bib

It is smart to choose the material over the design because rubber or plastic is good at catching both liquid and food as well as being easy to keep clean. In the case of choosing a cotton design, make sure it has a waterproof back to prevent mess seeping through to your child’s clothes.

The dribble bib

This type of bib is smaller than traditional bibs, made from cotton for comfort. That ensures your baby can crawl or roam around without getting tangled up. With a unique design. It helps to catch excess dribbles.

The teething bib

This type of bib is also used to soak up drool and has the advantage of an attached textured teething toy to soothe your baby’s gums when those first teeth start to come through. 

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Printerval is an e-commerce platform centering on producing, designing, and selling fashion items including clothing and accessories as well as necessary items for home & living, and kids & babies. As a reliable online shop, Printerval is trusted by millions of customers who come to us not just for shopping but experiencing many practical values brought by our web and products. In the context of a virtual world in trade, shopping, learning, etc, Printerval is really an ideal place for you to enjoy your shopping time.

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Printerval focuses on the uniqueness and customization of the products on which can show your own personality, hobby, and everything belonging to you. We also attempt to update the newest trends so that our products are always on-trend and up-to-date. Regarding designs, our talented designers who create exclusive and stunning Bibs at Printerval such as Jamie Kelly. Printerval ensures that customers will feel special and stimulated when shopping online for these items on  

High-quality made materials

Bibs at Printerval are made from high-quality materials which are water-resistant, anti-allergy, and comfortable for kids’ skin, movements, etc. With 100% cotton made, bibs are easy to wash, breathable, and stretchy. In particular, Bibs at Printerval are produced by using non-fluorescent and harmless materials that are ideal for babies’ skin and health. 

Diversity in sizes and colors

Printerval provides you with bibs of various sizes including newborn, 0-3 months, 6-12 months, 12 months, 12-18 months, and even one size. As a result, bibs at Printerval are available for every stage of your baby. 

The colors of these items are optional for you from which you can be free in choice. Colors bring cool and light feelings for your kids because they focus on cold colors including white, grey, pink, light blue, etc. 

Reasonable price

The price of bibs at Printerval is reasonable and stable. You only spend $11.95 for a unique and durable bib. Except for the cheap price, you also receive many discounts when you shop for these items at Printerval. At Printerval, the value of the product adheres with its price and we always attempt to ensure that. We hope customers will have many enjoyable and memorable moments when shopping online for bibs. We ensure that each item you pay for will certainly fulfill your expectation.

Fast and reliable shipping

Regarding delivery, Printerval has a wide and flexible shipping network, as a result, we always do door-to-door delivery for our customers no matter what countries they live in. We ensure that your package is safe and undamaged. Reliability is one of the three operating principles, therefore, we always make every effort to ensure the security of customers’ purchasing items from our shop. Except for that, the return policy is an attractive point in which your benefits are protected and issued. Printerval always listens to you, your recommendation, and your complaint with the aim of making our service better and better. 

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What should you look for in babies’ bibs?

Material considerations

There are some common materials used to make bibs for babies including terry cloth, cotton, cotton-poly, plastic, fleece. Normally, bibs for drooling are made from either a terry knit, cotton, or cotton-poly blend which has good absorbency. Within those, the terry bibs are believed to be most absorbent, second is cotton and cotton-poly blends. Sometimes, plastic, fleece layers also are used to produce bibs for infants.

Number of layers

Apart from materials, how many layers the bibs had is the factor really making the biggest difference. Depending on the purposes of using bibs, you should consider carefully the number of layers in a bib to buy. 

Closure types

Bibs have three main types of closure including buttons, snaps, and velcro. With buttons, bibs sometimes are not very convenient when you are trying to wrangle a squirmy baby. Snaps and velcro are believed to be super convenient. However, these types of closure can snag clothes if you don’t remember to close them before you stick them in the machine while washing. 

Shapes of bibs

There are two typical shapes of bibs including bandana shape and teething ends. Bandana shape bibs are wide enough at the top and catch all the drool even when your kid turns his/her head. Teeth end bibs are really popular today. 

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