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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is also known as "Black Friday". Usually, this date is fixed on the first Friday immediately after Thanksgiving (an annual holiday celebrated mainly in the US and Canada).

Because Thanksgiving Day occurs on the 4th Thursday in November of the solar calendar, so Black Friday will usually fall between November 23 and 29 of each year.

What is the origin of Black Friday?

According to USA Today, Black Friday began to appear in 1939, when the 32nd President of the United States - Franklin D. Roosevelt had to face pressure to move Thanksgiving from the last Thursday to the fifth. 4 in November. The purpose of this is to extend the Christmas shopping time.

The prolonged shopping time will make people spend more and it is this shopping promotion that will be a "salvation" for the economy that is in crisis at that time in the US. It was not until two years later that the Thanksgiving change was officially recognized. However, the concept of Black Friday didn't really come to prominence until about a decade later.

In addition, another source believes that the American city of Philadelphia is the origin of the name Black Friday. In the 1950s, police in this area used the term "Black Friday" to describe the Friday after Thanksgiving because it was a really "difficult" day due to the number of shoppers. constantly skyrocketing, traffic jams, chaos, even foul conditions.

According to Wikipedia, the name Black Friday also comes from the traffic jam on the Friday after Thanksgiving in Philadelphia. When hundreds of thousands of people crowded and jostled each other on the streets and sidewalks to prepare and shop for the upcoming Christmas, this is the beginning of a bustling shopping season, similar to Boxing Day. Day in many countries around the world.

What is the meaning of Black Friday & what are the outstanding activities of this day?

While there are many variations on the origins of Black Friday, it is ultimately an occasion for both consumers and businesses to look forward to.

Black Friday is not only a beneficial shopping opportunity for consumers when they can own household items, electrical appliances, refrigerators, fashion, etc. to extremely high profits for businesses.

Not only does it take place on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but many stores and businesses also plan Black Friday events a few days before. And the discount percentages launched by the sellers always make the shopaholics "dizzy" and they will quickly be attracted, even falling into a state of "out of pocket" after just one day. Short time shopping.

In Western countries, most retailers will open from around 4 am, even earlier with tens of thousands of huge discounts on items. Some businesses even allow employees to take time off work to spend time shopping. Therefore, you will not be surprised if you see the situation of jostling, jostling, scrambling at stores and supermarkets to grab strong discounts.

Today, the Black Friday event is no longer limited to Western countries but also spread to many countries around the world. Businesses and sellers are also gradually adopting and launching many attractive promotions on this day. In particular, when shopping habits are being changed, instead of buying directly, many people will choose to shop online to always save time and effort as well as stay away from the chaotic crowds.

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