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What is the Doormat?

A doormat is a rectangular body or wraps placed before the door. Doormats have the effect of trapping dirt on shoes when our feet move across the carpet. Hence the purpose of placing these mats in front of the door so that people entering the house will clean their shoes or feet. Doormats will retain dirt and water, keeping your space clean and dry. Your room will be cleaner from there.

In addition to the effect on the doormat, it also helps to decorate the room space more lively, fresh, and clean

When did Doormat appear?

Any woven or plaited fibrous material used for floor coverings or furniture, draperies, wrapping heavy objects, and other miscellaneous functions is referred to as a doormat, floor covering, or rug. A huge number of rough doormats are manufactured from coir in the United Kingdom under the term "coir coir" doormat; and the same material, as well as strips of sugar cane, manila hemp, different grasses and sedges, are primarily used in various forms to make doormats. Coir is woven in large numbers on massive looms, then cut into various sizes and wrapped around the edges with a rope made of the same material. The doormats can be created in a single hue or a range of colours and designs. Jute or doormat mats have begun to be utilised as floor coverings or doormats, jogging mats, and in different forms due to their softness and tensile strength. Jute rugs come in a variety of styles, including woven, tufted, and piled. Jute and tatami mats in solid and fancy hues and variations, ranging in width from 1 m to 6 m and of continuous length, are readily weaved in southern India. Yarn, Panama, and herringbone are just some of the fabrics available.

Another form of mat is constructed entirely of the aforementioned coir rope, which is arranged in straight and circular lines before being joined together. It's also commonly used to cover the exterior of ship fenders. For doors and doormats, perforated and other processed rubber, as well as wire-woven materials, are commonly utilised. doormats of various types are widely used in India for floor coverings, doormat bottoms, fans and propellers, and so on; and there is a sizable export trade in such products. The materials are varied, but the most common are straw, date palm leaves, and coconut palm leaves.

Many of these Indian grass doormats have exquisite designs and colours that are created in a rich, harmonic, and effective way. Vandavasi doormats are very well-known and frequently utilised. Along with natural grass, synthetic doormats are also available, which are easier to maintain and less expensive.

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Why should you choose to buy Doormats on Printerval?

Printerval has a lot of doormats with special designs

Doormats today are focused on a very diverse design so that they can become an indispensable decorative item for the house. Different from only having monotonous colors of blue, red, purple, yellow ... as before, the designers have created many more pictures of doormats with beautiful textures.

You can completely choose a doormat that is in tune with the interior as well as the floor color, to help the overall house become neater, more luxurious, and modern.

Doormats can be diverse in styles such as classic, neoclassical, bohemian, cute, cartoon, pastel colors, youthful Korean colors... all styles for users to choose from.

Diverse from size to type

The market today has many different types of doormats from doormats, bathroom rugs to rubber mats… In which, it is impossible not to mention doormats with many different applications. Not only that, but today's doormats are also diverse in sizes to better suit each space. On Printerval, there are 2 main carpet sizes, 30 x 18 or 23.6 x 15.7, which can be selected depending on the location.

Reasonable price

Currently, on the market, there are many types of doormats with different sizes and designs, but when choosing floor mats, you should choose the type that is suitable for space, commensurate with the interior of the house as well. such as choosing a carpet so that the size of the carpet fits the area of ​​the room. Printerval always offers carpets at very reasonable prices, from only $26 - $33 for a carpet with a unique design.

Currency payment

On Printerval, all payments are made in USD, to ensure safety as well as consistency in international orders. We accept payments in many forms from PayPal, AmazonPay, Visa Card or Mastercard

The shipping fee is so cheap!

In Printerval the delivery price is not only extremely affordable but also very rapid shipment. It takes you only 6-14 days including delivery, and you do not need to worry about your things in 1 month. You may get it here. Would want to find more delivery information.

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Custom by request

Doormats are available on Printerval, there is also a service to design according to the image that you require. With a staff of many years of experience, I have made the most luxurious, most beautiful, and most durable doormats, ensuring that customers will be satisfied when receiving the product.

How to choose a good doormat? 

Choose the right size

Doormats are much smaller in size compared to other decorative and functional rugs. The general size of the doormat is usually 30 x 18 or 23.6 x 15.7, depending on the application area.

You should measure and consider depending on the area of the door where the doormat is located, if the door is wide, you should choose a large doormat so as not to be distorted or unreasonable. If the door is narrow, you should choose a small doormat to match the size and eye-catching.

Besides size, doormats usually have 3 types of designs: rectangular doormats, oval doormats, and round doormats. Among them, rectangular doormats are the most popular.

Choose the right material

The plastic doormat has the main component of PVC plastic. Plastic doormats have some outstanding advantages such as 100% waterproof plastic doormats, so they are suitable for humid areas, often exposed to water and moisture such as kitchens, toilets. Plastic feet are easy to clean, not picky about detergents, and can be cleaned at home.

The rubber doormat has a structure of 2 parts, the surface is woven from polyester fiber, creating a feeling of softness and comfort as well as decorative motifs for the carpet, and the base is made from young rubber, helping the carpet. Wipe your feet firmly on the floor. Rubber floor doormat is the most popular type of carpet today because compared to other types, it has the following advantages: Various colors, eye-catching, and suitable for making decorative carpets for the location. the door has the main function of cleaning the feet

Synthetic fiber doormats are more decorative than the main use of doormats, because the fabric structure makes the carpet very smooth and soft, with a variety of textures and patterns, bringing modernity. luxury interior space. This type of carpet is suitable for apartments, not exposed to much moisture and dirt.

Choice for color

Soft colors will make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and bring a feeling of closeness. Simple, gentle colors include: milky, white, light blue, pink, these are the colors that are often chosen by many people. Choosing these colors will help your living room become larger and airier.

Matching the doormat to the paint color of your home and interior is a very important factor. To make your home beautiful, new, and eye-catching, choosing a color that harmonizes everything around is essential. The living room is the place to decorate most objects, so you should be careful in choosing colors in this space.

Fashionable design

Rely on the available furniture in the home. But we can choose a model with a suitable star pattern design. Or based on the color and material of the floor. Or the main color of the home space. From there, choose a doormat with a harmonious color.

For example, choosing a doormat for the living room makes the living room space harmonious. Then the color of the doormat will be similar to the floor. Or if you want to create a focal point for space, the color of the doormat will be a prominent tone, opposite to the color of the floor.

How to choose the best doormat? 

The carpet has high absorbency

The absorbency of the doormat is the most important criterion to help you choose a suitable doormat product. Because carpets with high absorbency will help absorb water and stains on human feet in the most optimal way. A soft, absorbent thick carpet will help you feel much more comfortable and relaxed than hard, non-absorbent carpets.

The softness of the carpet

Doormats may not sound important, but in daily life, they play a huge role in helping homeowners feel more relaxed, comfortable, and comfortable in their own homes. Therefore, attention should be paid to choosing thick carpets with soft fur that are both absorbent and help the joints of the toes and soles of the feet to be massaged and relaxed gently, giving guests a pleasant experience. comfort, relaxation.

Besides, on the market today, there are also some doormats that have a foot massage function, so if you need to choose a mat to massage the soles of your feet, you can refer to these types of carpets to wash your feet like that

Easy to clean

For all types of floor mats in general and especially doormats in particular, because this is the item where people will wipe the stains on their feet before entering the house, the doormat will be an easy place to go. hold a lot of dirt and the most harmful bacteria. Therefore, doormats should be cleaned and changed regularly. You should choose doormats with a moderate, thick bristle surface design to absorb water but can still dry quickly, suitable for regular cleaning and washing.

Choose the right carpet for each space situation

With any piece of furniture or items in a space, you should also choose items according to the purpose and needs of each space. Doormats are no exception. Depending on the different spaces, homeowners will have different needs and purposes for some doormats have using doormats. For example, if you want to put the doormat in front of the bathroom, the homeowner should choose plastic mats, both to help your feet wipe off the water, but this excess water will flow down after soaking, helping the doormat dry faster.

Or if you want to place doormats in the living room, you can choose soft wool or felt rugs with, simple and elegant design, helping everyone to feel comfortable and relax as soon as they arrive. enter the house

The size of the doormat

On the market today, there are many doormats of different sizes, depending on your needs, purposes, and room space, you can choose the right size doormats. Usually, people often choose moderate-sized carpets, suitable for many different spaces.

About the color of the doormat

The color of the doormat should be light, neutral colors to show courtesy, also help you clean easily, without revealing stains that make you have to change and wash continuously.

Ability to fix on the floor, anti-slip

Doormats with rubber soles will help the carpet be better fixed on the floor, not moving or slipping every time you step on it, making you feel much more secure and comfortable than soft carpets. , thin and unstable, when cleaning the feet will move causing discomfort.

How to choose the right type of doormat for each location in the house?

Entrance location

Because the doorway is the place where the majority of people enter and exit, we must pick a doormat made of a material that has a strong grip, is anti-slip, and helps us reduce the amount of dust we track in on our feet bare. As a result, you should place a synthetic fiber doormat with strong stickiness and anti-slip properties at the entry to assist you to prevent any unexpected dangers.

Location of bedrooms and living rooms

The location of the living room or bedroom you should also choose doormat products such as the ability to fix, absorb water, the color of the carpet is suitable for the indoor space… The doormat with cotton material will be an aid. A powerful tool for you to help you keep your house clean.

Location of bathrooms and toilets

Bathrooms or toilets are the places where the feet will come in contact with the most water, so you should choose plastic doormats to create better ventilation and drainage. Plastic doormats are easy to use, easy to remove dirt, waterproof, highly durable for you to help you keep your house clean.

Top 9 best popular doormats today

Coral doormat

Doormat products are designed like coral from soft fabric. In addition to the vacuuming feature, the carpet also can absorb water very quickly. Therefore, this carpet can be used in front of the door of the living room or bathroom at will. Soft carpet, soft feet, very good vacuuming. Absorbs water, dries feet Very easy carpet cleaning

Woolen doormats

The woolen doormat is meticulously designed thanks to microscopic wool fibers. For some of these high-end doormats, the mats are often thickened with different layers. Moreover, because carpets are often elegant colors, they can be used to decorate your room more luxuriously.

Woven wool doormat

Woven into very elaborate and meticulous patterns, woven wool doormats are suitable for placing in the living room or front of the house. This item will be more complete when placed in front of the house, especially on traditional Vietnamese occasions such as Lunar New Year, wedding ceremony, etc.

Stone doormats

This is a rather special doormat made from fossil materials. This material helps absorb water and evaporates quickly, so you won't need to be too worried when you have small children.

Plastic doormats

Plastic doormats are manufactured from PVC. The mat can absorb very quickly, creating a comfortable feeling when wet feet. In addition, the dust absorbing effect is also very effective. In addition to being suitable for the room, in the house, you can put this carpet in front of the lobby.

Rubber doormats

There are quite a few rubber floor doormats, but in the framework of this article, we would like to introduce you to a fairly streamlined carpet. The upper part is a layer of ordinary felt fabric with high water and dust absorption capacity. The bottom of the rubber sole helps prevent slipping if there are small children in the house.

3D textured doormat

For 3D pattern doormats, we have a multitude of options. Depending on your room, choose floral motifs or cute drawings to have the most appropriate choice.

Cotton doormats

Hearing about cotton fabric, you can imagine that this carpet ensures very easy to clean criteria. In addition, these rugs are designed and painted with many lovely motifs. Products in addition to the usual effects, also have the effect of decorating the room more beautifully.

Can be used to decorate the room more beautifully. There are many types and textures for users to choose from to match your room.

What is the average price of a doormat?

When choosing a doormat, you also need to consider its high or low cost to choose a floor mat that is suitable for your family's economic conditions. You do not save too much but buy poor quality doormats, because these carpets often have a poor lifespan and are quickly damaged. Printerval offers carpets with an average price of only $30, you can own your favorite carpet.

Where to buy the cheapest and best Doormat? 

The market today has many shops, dealers selling reputable doormats, and many people choose. But especially outstanding is the high-end doormat product of Printerval. With affordable price but reputation, quality assurance. Accompany you throughout your use of the product. With any problem, we will support you enthusiastically.