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What is a Flag?

A flag is a rectangular piece of fabric with a distinctive pattern and color. It's employed as a symbol, a signaling device, or just for fun. Flags are also used to refer to the visual style employed, and they have grown into a generic tool for signaling and rudimentary identification, particularly in settings where speech is difficult (such as marine environments, where semaphores are used).

National flags are patriotic emblems with different interpretations, typically with strong military connections due to their initial and ongoing use for that reason. Flags are also used for messages, advertising, and decoration. There are many different sorts of decorative flags, but the two most prevalent are interior decorative flags and garden flags.

When was Flag born?

The flag's origin is unclear. Field flag signals employed in battle in antiquity might be classed as Vexilloid or 'flag-like.' This practice can be traced back to ancient Egypt or Assyria. The recognized flag of today, composed of a piece of fabric symbolizing a certain entity, was developed in the Indian subcontinent or during the Chinese Zhou dynasty (1046-256 BC). The Chinese flag has vibrant animals, and the royal banner must be handled with the same reverence as the emperor. The Indian flag is typically triangular in design and is decorated with items such as a goat tail and a state umbrella. These customs migrated to Southeast Asia and were passed to Europe via the Muslim world, where plain colored flags are used owing to Islamic restrictions.

During the High Middle Ages in Europe, the flag was largely employed as a heraldic device in battle, allowing a knight to be recognized more quickly than merely by the heraldic design painted on the shield.

Flags are now used for more than just national pride; they may also be used to signify a community or just for decoration. Colors, forms, and patterns are commonly used.

(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag )

Why should choose to buy Flags on Printerval?

Printerval has a lot of flags with unique designs

Printerval offers a lot of templates and designs by artists around the world, especially these are all exclusive designs, only available on the website. In addition, each design has a fusion with the type of flag, gentle motifs used for indoor flags, eye-catching vibrant motifs will be used for garden flags. Printerval is always confident about its diverse and unique designs.

Printerval has flags for many places: Garden flag, House Flag

In addition to the variety of materials or sizes, it is easy for customers to choose the flag that is right for them. We also have flags for use in different situations and locations. The most popular today are Garden Flag and House Flag. These two types of flags have a decorative effect, giving your space more emphasis.

Long-lasting material 

With materials mainly made of poly or nylon, the characteristics of these substances are beautiful, sharp colors, strong flags, relatively high aesthetics, and durability. Printerval guarantees the quality of the flag will keep for at least more than 1 year, ensuring that the color of the flag will always be as beautiful as new...

Reasonable price 

Depending on the size and image, the price of each flag will vary, but at Printerval, the price for you to own a house flag or garden flag with a unique design only ranges from about under $12 -$42 per flag. In addition to extremely reasonable prices, there are always special discounts on the website, don't miss these occasions!

Currency payment

For international orders, Printerval only accepts USD currency, ensuring objectivity and safety. Printerval offers payment via many forms: Master Card, Visa Card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, or Apple Pay.

The delivery fee is so cheap! 

Shipping fees are always a concern for many customers when purchasing. But at Printerval, in addition to the fast shipping service, the shipping price is also very cheap and reasonable. You don't have to worry about your item taking 1 month to arrive, buy here, it will only take you 6-14 days including shipping. Want to learn more about shipping policies. 

You can visit https://printerval.com/shipping-delivery-n7.html for more information.

Can custom follow customer needs?

Custom printed flags are a simple way for you to assert your individuality, style, and image. At the same time, it helps to increase the difference and help you stand out like never before. Therefore, owning a flag for yourself to express your personality and affirm your own style is very important. Unlike other units, Printerval offers you a wide selection with an unlimited minimum number of flag printing products.

How to choose a good Flag?

What size flag do you need?

On each Printerval product, there is a size chart to help customers easily find the right size for the purpose.

In addition, because each of us has different body preferences, the size suggested by the spreadsheet may not be suitable for many people. To be sure to determine the correct size, you can refer to the chart below!

Garden Flag

House Flag

12x18 inches

30x40 inches

Choice of fabric

Cotton flags are made to handle outdoor use, however additional care should be taken to keep your cotton flag in good condition.

Polyester is the thickest of the three materials and is the recommended material for high winds and other harsh weather conditions. It is also the longest-lasting of the three, but it frames in flight, which means it might lose its appearance after a time.

Nylon is the third option. It is an excellent flag material since it is more durable than cotton but not as sturdy as polyester. It is designed to withstand the UV radiation emitted by the sun and is the most often used of the three materials needed to make a flag.

What is the finest cloth for outdoor flags? Polyester is an excellent outdoor fabric. It is long-lasting and sturdy, and it can endure snowfall and extreme temperatures. These characteristics make it perfect for hanging the flag outside. It is long-lasting and can resist harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, it has been treated so that UV rays do not fade or harm textiles. It is currently the most preferred cloth for both residential and commercial flag flyers.

Quality of Construction 

When you wear the flags you may initially observe fraying in the seams and on the ends. Our flags are produced from the best materials and stitched in the most durable ways. The greatest thing you can buy and are designed for durability are our Printerval flags.


Choose to buy flags from reputable brands or distributors to ensure quality, design, size, solid and durable stitching. Avoid products floating on the market, unsafe materials, unsafe for regular use.

The price of flags is quite diverse, with many segments for users to choose from. Depending on user needs and financial projections, users consider products with suitable prices at reputable units.

Trendy design

Fashionable design is always the best choice if you don't have a lot of art knowledge or don't love maxims. Choosing a hot design will make your home more modern and trendy than ever.

How to choose the best Flag? 

What material are flags made out of?

Printed flags: Nowadays, most flag materials are developed for printing. Different methods for printing are available for different uses, but you need to select the right flag material available if you want a printed design on the flag.

Many printing flags have lightweight materials, which makes them extremely light. Printed flags are usually one of the most affordable ways to flag your logo or design. If that is the goal, talk about the best choice, based on your demands, to your textile provider.

Garden flags: With any material you like you can't buy a garden flag. Outdoor flag materials should be durable, weather-resistant, and lightweight, mostly polyester or nylon. They are very weather resistant and even fade with moderate gusts, and even with prolonged exposure to bright sunshine, they keep brilliant colors. Also, a good value for use in boats is nylon or polyester flags, which resist saltwater exposure. Some flag materials are a mix of polyester and other textiles that make the material more distinctive.

House Flags: You may select any flag from any material for a house flag that is not exposed to wind, sunshine, or any other weather conditions. Keep in mind, though, that you still need print-ready material if you wish to print your design onto the flag.

Other factors to look for

Select fabrics that are anti-static, wrinkle-resistant, and non-fraying. A material that is prone to rip and tear in a powerful gust or persistent high winds is likewise not a good choice. Your flag must be fireproof. Depending on the location, this is an essential factor to consider. For your flag, you have chosen an area or application.  Flame retardant fabric is simply a safer material, and many materials specifically designed to make flags have flame retardant properties built into them.

Clear Origin

When choosing a flag, you should choose a flag of clear origin, do not use fake or poor-quality goods. Avoid buying fake flags, not good for your space.

Our tips for buying flags 

Flag’s origin

The first note to get the source information is when you purchase flags. If there are good evaluations of the address the product sells. Quality is safe and you may be certain that the product is excellent.

Check the flag attentively

You must also request the buyer to thoroughly inspect the goods before delivery. Take both the front and back picture and the inside of the goods. Avoid bad colors, incorrect style, bad image, and bad quality.

Before you decide to order, too. You could also question the store owner cares about the material, construction…

Remember to compare

We will also find that numerous internet sales addresses are available on the market. Things may vary in pricing. The addresses given may be compared. However, do not forget to compare precision. Ensure that there is no limping.

What is the average price of a flag?

In most commodities on the market, there is no fixed price for a flag. On Printerval.com you can get a good flag that meets your needs for quality, durability, and good looks for around $20, depending on its size and design.

Where to buy the cheapest and best flags?

In today's digital age it is easy and quick to discover and buy anything with great quality from a microphone, you just need a smartphone and an online connection. Just a few clicks of the mouse.

But where is a suitable place to get flags in the center of a sellers' forest? Customers will definitely purchase women's remarkable handbags and goods of quality. Printerval is pleased to constantly be a website offering various goods of quality. Discover the Printerval.com collection of products