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Sip in style with our personalized and eye-catching mug designs.

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What is Mug?

Mug – is a sort of cup that is typically used to hot drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. Every mug frequently has handles and holds more water than other cups. Generally, one mug holds 240 – 350ml liquid (approximately 8-12 US oz). A mug is a rather formal drink container that is rarely used in formal contexts when a teacup or coffee cup is favored. 

Mugs are regularly used in everyday activities; for example, the coffee shop may use mugs to market their business, or mugs maybe sold as souvenirs in stores.

History of Mugs

The first coffee mugs were constructed of wood, metal or animal bones in the 11th century. Ceramics revolutionized coffee cup design, allowing for strong colors, detailed designs, and brand logos to be printed on the surface.

Consider how different the world would be if we did not have our favorite hot drink.

Clay was first used to make mugs. It was a lot easier to decorate the cups and add handles because of this. Around 2000 BCE, the first ceramic mugs produced on potter's wheels were discovered. The clay employed at the time rendered the mug's walls too thick for a human mouth to drink from comfortably. The Victor Insulator Company invented the conventional "coffee mug" in 1945. The cups were made to military specifications. When used on warships, they had strong walls to provide optimum insulation and added weight to prevent falls. To keep the cup from sliding, a rougher bottom was added.

In the 1980s, Travel mugs became widely, coffee shop marketing at convenience stores gave clients discounts on refills when they bought a mug, resulting in the widespread use of travel mugs.

Plastic mugs - they could be connected to one's dashboard and typically included a company imprint. After that, the minivan was first introduced in 1983. Cup holders were incorporated into the dashboard of this new style of car.

Mugs are now available in a variety of patterns, colors, and materials to satisfy users. They are to select the mug that best matches their needs. There are many businesses selling mugs on the market right now, or you may shop online through websites or e-commerce platforms.

Why choose to buy Mug on Printerval? provide items on mugs with images created by a number of famous designers

The mugs product is printed with unique and fancy images and designs that inspire users. Quotes from life or anywhere you see, funny images, images/quotes from movies, and designs created by designers all around the world are among the print types available. The mugs are also printed with hot events or designed according to the customer’s needs. Not only that, you can customize your mug with fun designs or images to print on the mug. There are so many types of a custom mug that you can refer to

Printerval provides ceramic mugs with safe and healthy material

Ceramic is a low-cost material, hence things made of it are far less expensive than similar products made of other materials such as glass, steel, copper, and so on. Ceramic is a mechanically robust material that may be easily shaped into the appropriate shape. Ceramic has the ability to retain heat for longer periods of time. This means that if you're one of those individuals who make their coffee/tea and then get distracted by something else, or who like to take their morning or evening drink slowly, you won't have to reheat it over and over.

Ceramic is a long-lasting and high-quality substance composed of clay that is both safe to use and non-polluting to the environment. Printerval focuses on distributing porcelain mugs so that users can use the safest products.

In addition, many types of mugs are available in stock such as tall mugs, classic mugs, travel mugs,...

Printerval provide mugs with diverse sizes

Printerval concentrates on 2 main sizes: 11OZ and 15OZ, which are similar to 325ml and 445ml respectively. There are 2 typical cup sizes that can be used by both adults and children.

What is the best color for mugs?

White mugs have long been associated with coffee bitterness. Many individuals dislike coffee because it is bitter, yet many others would prefer to start their day with a stronger cup of coffee. The coffee mug you use in the morning should be white in order to give you a boost in the morning. And the black mugs help to highlight the drawing, adding more charm to the mugs. Suitable for drinks such as hot chocolate or latte.

On Printerval, we also provide a couple mugs or sets of 4 mugs used as very appropriate and meaningful gifts

Price of Mugs

With a wide range of sizes and patterns, the pricing is also rather varied. Mugs range in price from less than $12 to $26, depending on the material, style, and appearance. As a result, consumers can choose the right mugs for themselves without having to be concerned. Although the prices are different, there is no difference in the quality of the mugs. All are of equal quality and value. So do not be worried about the quality issue. Discounts for mug products will be updated directly on the website.

How about the payment? accepts payment in Dollars (USD) so that it can match the general market on e-commerce shopping platforms.

Fast shipping of

Depending on the product and quantity, the customer will receive the order, normally about 10-21 business days after their payment has been received and their order processed.

To understand more about shipping methods and shipping policies, please open the section Shipping & Delivery on the website to know the exact shipping fee for each area.

We are committed to delivering as quickly as possible so that customers can experience the product real quick.

How to choose a good Mug?

Plan to use mugs

If you're only going to use the cup at home, a large mug with a lid might not be necessary. These qualities, on the other hand, maybe necessary when traveling with a hot cup of coffee in your car.

Types of beverages do you drink

You should also think about the types of drinks you prepare. If you want to add other ingredients to your coffee, you'll probably need a tall cup to keep the liquid from spilling while you're mixing it.

How much coffee will you drink?

Your decision may also be influenced by the amount of coffee you consume. Some folks drink a whole pot of coffee. If you just want to drink a cup of coffee, you can use a medium (size 11oz) mug, suitable for your needs.

Choose the right size 

The size is one of the first things to think about 8-11 oz of liquid can be held in a regular coffee cup. Large mugs can hold anything from 24 to 36 oz. Extra-large mugs that carry 64 oz are available, making them large enough to accommodate a full pot of coffee.

You may refill your coffee mug as often as you wish in your own kitchen. It's possible that a typical 8 to 12 oz coffee mug will suffice. A larger mug may be required if you need a cup on the road, you can use a size over 15 oz.

Choose the right material

Aspects such as the material are also vital to consider. Porcelain or other ceramics are traditionally used to make coffee mugs.

Coffee mugs designed for use at home are often made of ceramic. Even the thicker ceramics are susceptible to cracking, making them unsuitable for usage outside the home.

Best design for Mugs

Mugs with a solid hue can be found in a variety of styles. Mugs featuring intriguing patterns, vibrant designs, or humorous messages are also available. Coffee mugs styled like characters from popular movies and television series are also available.

In your kitchen, using novelty mugs to drink coffee can be entertaining. However, they may not always be appropriate for usage in the office, particularly if they contain coarse language.

Size of mugs

Mug type

Mug size (Ounces)


8-11 oz


11-15 oz

Oversized Mug

20 - 25 oz

Ways to use a mugs

Mugs can be used in a variety of ways. Is there anyone else who likes coffee? Basically, a mug is the best gift for people if you don't know what else to get better. It's even nicer if it's produced by hand. But mugs aren't only a terrific gift; they're also a great gift for hostess gifts, Father's Day, and basically any holiday.

Use in the storage of beverages

Mugs come in a number of colors and sizes and are designed to carry beverages, water, tea, and other liquids. Mugs have a variety of colors and sizes and can be used for many purposes.

Use mugs to make scented candles

Candleholders made from coffee cups are a fantastic concept. They not only look great in a decorative cup, but they also keep the wax from spilling out due to the high edges. Make fresh candles out of rustic ceramic mugs - these make great gifts, so give it a try!

Plant-growing mugs with a lot of talent

Have you ever fantasized about having your own herb garden?

If that's the case, vintage mugs are a great place to start. They're the appropriate size and weight to keep your tree standing straight. Fill a clean cup halfway with potting soil, then add the herbs and place it on a sunny windowsill.

Using mugs to hold food is also a creative way

One of the most useful functions of a cup is as a soup bowl. On a chilly day, nothing beats a bowl of hot, healthy soup. Alternatively, you can repurpose the cup to make a quick and tasty treat. One of the safe and convenient uses for a cup is to build a cake mold.

Reuse broken cups

When you accidentally break your favorite mug, don't be too sad, you can get creative with the broken pieces, grind them, and put them back together into a picture, so you've got a very special mug of yours by myself. Be creative even if it's just a broken cup.

What's better than a gift is a mug!

Give your loved ones or friends lovely or amusing mugs that will remind them of you every time they use them. It's also a technique to keep relationships strong and build fond memories for one another.

A cup with a positive message

How often do you find yourself at breakfast with your phone in your hand, sitting across from your partner? A printed statement on the front of your mug, such as "Good Morning My Friend," is a terrific approach to encourage us to spend time speaking over a cup of tea rather than staring at a screen.

Use a mug to keep your desk organized

The cup holder will look fantastic on the desk. It's also a lot easier to work when your desk is well-ventilated. If you keep your desk clean, you will be able to work more efficiently. Keep your stationery organized by keeping it in an old cup on the side of your desk.

How much do average Mugs cost?

Investing in a cup is a very good thing to do, for only $15 you can buy yourself a mug with a unique design, extremely beautiful color.

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