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What is Hats?

Hats can be used to protect the baby's head, as well as keep the baby warm. With a hat to cover the outside, the baby's head will be warmer. The special thing in children is that the baby's head is often unbalanced and large, so the oily skin also occupies a large area. Especially the times after bathing, the scalp needs to be dried immediately and kept warm with a hat so that the child does not lose heart, leading to a cold or illness...

Should babies wear hats often or not?

Many mothers often have the habit of wearing hats for young children often, especially newborn babies to keep them warm. But is wearing a baby hat really good for your baby's health? How to wear a hat for a baby is the right way? Find the answer in the following article.

Many mothers have the concept of wearing a hat to keep their newborn's head warm, and some mothers even wear it 24/24, only taking it out when bathing. Is this the correct way? And wearing hats for babies regularly has any effect on the health and development of the baby?

Why should babies not wear hats often?

Quite a lot of parents are very worried about the health of their children, always having the fear that the child will catch a cold when not wearing a hat, especially for babies. In addition to hats, many mothers also equip children with gloves even when the baby is in a room with a warm temperature and no drafts.

Here are some reasons why babies shouldn't wear hats all the time:

Affects the bond between mother and child: Each baby is born with a unique scent. According to researched scientists, this scent possesses extremely special biological significance, representing the bond between mother and child during pregnancy and birth. Just like other mammals, mothers and babies can recognize each other by this special scent.

Wearing a hat to cover the baby's head will be a wall to prevent the mother from coming into contact with this scent of the baby, invisibly affecting the bond and affection between mother and child.

Causing heat and suffocation for babies: From ancient times to now, mothers often think that newborn babies have not yet closed their fontanelles (top bones of the head have not yet closed), so it is necessary to wear a hat for the baby often to avoid the wind blowing. into the fontanel, causing the baby to catch a cold. But in fact, it has been shown that the baby's head is the site where 85% of body heat is released. Therefore, it is not good for the baby to wear a hat often. The heat that cannot be released when the baby wears the hat will make the baby hot and sweaty.

However, for new-born or premature babies, wearing a hat is necessary because the outer head is the place where body heat is released, which is also where 40% of body heat is generated.

For healthy babies, after the baby is 2-3 months old, it is recommended to remove the hat for the baby, the head is well ventilated, the baby will always be comfortable and regulate the body temperature.

Affects blood circulation in babies: For newborns, blood circulation is very active, especially at the head. Therefore, the head of an infant is usually hotter than that of an adult. The mother should keep the baby's head cool, it will help the blood circulation to be smooth and the baby will feel more comfortable.

Affects hair growth: Babies who wear hats often will also tend to grow their hair slower and thinner than other babies.

Easy to get skin diseases: Children who often wear hats are more likely to get skin diseases such as dandruff, scabs, etc. on the scalp because the baby is hot and stuffy, sweats a lot, easy to cause skin problems. bacteria attack.

Why should choose to buy Hats on Printerval?

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With Hats products, Printerval offers a variety of products for babies from birth to 6 months old, products with diverse but also lovely designs, suitable for babies of each age group. has its own cuteness.

Safe material

The Hats available on Printerval are all made from 100% cotton, the characteristics of this fabric are highly absorbent, breathable, and cool: Because this fabric is made mainly of cotton, it has the advantage of cotton. Very absorbent, when used to sew clothes, pants will absorb sweat well, helping you work without worrying about secret sweat, always bringing comfort to the wearer. One of the outstanding products that everyone knows today that clearly demonstrates this outstanding feature is cotton t-shirts with diverse prices and colors, easy to use.

High durability: Cotton fabric has the characteristics of being soft, thick, and less wrinkled, especially today's industrial fabrics, processed by modern machines and using anti-mold and anti-corrosion chemicals, so it is very durable. durable, creating peace of mind for users.

Therefore, the products are very safe for babies, even those with sensitive skin.

Hats benefits

The main use of these hats is actually to protect the baby's head. At the same time, it also has a fashion meaning to make your baby cuter. Therefore, the types of caps on the market are produced in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. Mothers can freely choose according to their preferences for their babies.

However, what is much becomes difficult and there are two sides to it. The rich material and design of the hat are really good for the baby. With the baby's sensitive and delicate skin at this stage, from choosing fabrics and stitching, parents must be careful to bring comfort to their children.

If you understand and take care of young children properly, it will become right, but in reality, not everyone has the experience and scientific standards, so sometimes it is harmful to the baby.

For babies born at full term, with normal healthy bodies, it is best to stay at home without wearing too many hats, so let the baby's head have time to be exposed to the outside air to create comfort and comfort. really cool.

The uses that this accessory brings to your baby and it is really necessary for babies. However, it is necessary to understand how to use a hat to cover your baby's fontanelle properly and how the material and style of the hat are good to be effective when used.

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Can custom follow customer needs?

In addition to the designs collaborated with the artists, Printerval also has a service that can customize the design to your needs, so that it can be your unique product. With custom products that are very suitable for gifts, a shirt with your own design will be a special hat in children's lives.

Diverse from size to type

Hats at Printerval.com are always full and varied from size to type, with hat sets having separate sizes for children according to age, gender and weight.

How to choose a good hat for babies?

Experts recommend that you should only wear hats for babies who have just been born, those with health problems, born prematurely,... For healthy babies, the hat should be removed to allow ventilation. This will make the baby's development process more favorable and easier.

Choose by the material and size of the hat

When choosing to buy a hat, you need to know the material, so choose thin, soft, absorbent cotton hats to help your baby stay comfortable. For babies, mothers should not pay too much attention to fashion but should put the baby's comfort first.

Choose by the size

It is necessary to choose the right hat for the baby's head size, do not let the baby use hats that are too wide or too tight. A tight hat will affect the baby's blood circulation and development, while a wide hat can easily cause the risk of blocking the baby's airway when it is pulled down the nose.

Paying attention to the size of the baby's hat will also help mothers track the development of the baby's head circumference because this is an important indicator in the first months of a baby's life. If you feel that your baby is wearing a hat for too long, you should take your baby to see a doctor for advice. In addition, mothers should actively measure the baby's head circumference monthly to understand the baby's development status.

Note about hygiene

Newborns often sweat a lot, so mothers need to change their hats often. When sweat penetrates into the hat, it creates an extremely ideal environment for bacteria to grow, so you should not let your baby wear a hat for too long without changing or washing it. If possible, mothers should choose to buy antibacterial, good elastic fabrics.

Choose by the style

Hats for babies have many different designs, depending on the aesthetic eyes and preferences of parents along with the gender of the child, the mother chooses a product with an appropriate design. Mothers can choose a hat with a top or without a top, according to practical experience, a hat without a top should be used in the summer to keep the baby's head cool, and a hat with a top should be used in winter to better keep the baby warm.

Choose by the brand

Choose a quality hat brand that is trusted by many people such as KuKu, Kiza, MioMio, ... to ensure that the hat has the best quality and material to give children comfort every time they wear it.

How to wear Hats for babies?

Wearing a baby hat in the direction from the forehead around the top of the head and down the back of the neck is the most accurate because this operation is based on the law of hair growth. If you wear a hat in the right direction of hair growth, it will not hurt and your baby's hair will turn upside down. Moreover, the hair is now swept down in the right direction, it will not cause itching of the baby's scalp.

The distance between the brim of the hat and the eyes need to be far apart, not to lose sight of the baby, the baby will cry and get frustrated when the hat falls down in front of his eyes. When it's sunny, the brim of the hat should cover the baby's ears a little and put it deep to the nape of the neck to help the baby feel warmer.

Note, you should not wear a hat that is too tight because it will affect the head, if it is too wide, it can be entangled in the eyes, causing irritation to the baby. The brim of the hat must have a moderate elasticity to fit the baby's head and create comfort.

There should be a period of time during the day for mothers to let their baby's head be exposed to the outside air so that the skin is cool, eliminates bacteria, and creates lightness.

The right time to wear a hat for a newborn

When a baby is born, the baby is exposed to a completely different environment than when it was in the womb with higher humidity, the outside air is dry but contains many disease-causing factors, and it is easy to catch a cold when the baby is born. The baby's immune system is still weak. Therefore, it is necessary to be equipped with a soft and light hat that is airy enough to help the baby resist the initial harshness.

After getting used to a new life, returning to a warm home, you do not need to worry too much and wear a hat for your baby all day long, unless the room temperature drops low on autumn and winter days.

Sometimes mothers are influenced by folk experiences about raising children and may look too cute with small accessories on their heads, so they have a habit of wearing hats for their babies for hours at a time. However, pay attention to the baby's feelings so that he really feels comfortable and at ease.

How to clean baby hats?

With the sensitive skin of young children, you need to pay attention to the hygiene of baby utensils to avoid causing skin diseases. With fontanels also need to be cleaned regularly by using specialized laundry detergent for babies to protect the baby's skin as well as keep the durability and softness of the hat material.

After washing, the hat should be dried in a well-ventilated, windy place, with few trees to limit insects, worms, and harm to the baby.

Even if your baby doesn't sweat and is less exposed to dusty spaces, you should also clean your baby's hat and personal items regularly to keep your baby healthy and smelling good.

What is the average price of a hat?

With only $15.9 you can own yourself a hat for children, with quality guaranteed and safe, in addition, the design is also very diverse and suitable.

Where to buy the cheapest and best Hats with unique designs?

At Printerval.com, baby hats are offered in a variety of designs and fabrics that are safe for children's health. Newborn hat models have lovely and funny designs, making the baby look even cuter.

Hats for babies and fontanels at Printerval range in price from $15.9, providing many suitable choices for mothers and babies. Check out more essential baby essentials here!