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What is cloak?

Cloak is a type of loose garment that is used as an outfit item that can be worn both indoor and outdoor in order to protect the wearer from the cold, rain, and wind or to be a type of apparel as in other fashion items. The word “ cloak” comes from the old word “ cloque” of French which means “traveling cloak”.

Another origin is from “clocca” of Medieval Latin form in Roman Catholic Western Europe during the Middle Ages. “ clocca” means “ a bell” to describe a cloak as a bell-shaped garment for travelers. In the past, cloak was used by myriad history societies with its metaphor of “ concealing” something. Cloak sometimes can be called “cape” or” poncho” with a hood, they are a little bit similar. Traditionally, cloak was almost sleeveless and its style is the symbol of the class and status of the Roman wearing it. However, along with the fast development of society, the design of cloaks has changed dramatically in accordance with fashion trends, available textiles, and technological advancement.

How has the evolution of cloak been?

Since the beginning of history, cloaks have been used by humans in either simple or complex forms.

Originally, the cloak was used as a blanket or bed coverings as clothing. The styles of the early cloak differ from those of today and differ among specific societies. For instance, the cloak that North Americans wore is not the same as that the Roman wore. In fact, at that time, the style of the cloak expressed their class and status.

Traditional cloaks had various names depending on who wore them. It used to be called paenula, sagum( this name comes from Roman soldiers and officers), or fibula ( as its special feature), etc. At the early ages, there were only three major colors for cloak including red for soldier wearing, scarlet for officers, and purple for generals.

It was not until the 18th century that a cardinal or scarlet hooded cloak was very popular in Britain. In the 1890s, the cloak became shorter and by the 1900s, it was replaced by coat but not totally.

Nowadays, cloaks are worn widely but not really prevalent. People just pick it on some special occasions. As a result, owning a cloak actually makes you charmed and classic.

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How to choose a good cloak?

Choose based on materials

As cloak is a special fashion item, materials used to make it are also particular. In the bitter weather of winter, people often use cloaks made from fleece, or leather to keep the body warm. How about other seasons? Normally, cotton or polyester is usually used. Below are some characteristics of those materials that you should consider when you have the intention of buying a cloak.

Fleece is a soft and cuddly fabric made up of cotton and wool. Apart from keeping warm in bitter winters, it also does not catch stains so easily it can be maintained for a long time. “ Fleece” word brings sheep to mind but in fact, it does not totally come from the sheep’s feather. Fleece with a rough and fuzzy surface is an ideal material for those who enjoy the coziness.

Leather is one of the most luxurious materials to make fashion items. Apart from its bitter price, leather is also famous for its scarcity. In fact, real leather-made fashion products are only affordable by a limited number of people in society. Additionally, leather is versatile because of its natural origin. It is absorbent and water-resistant, thick, and soft. Owning a leather cloak is actually ideal.

Cotton, the most common fiber in terms of fashion material, also used to make cloaks. Its features are highly absorbent, durable, and breathable. Cotton cloaks are usually used in warm or cool weather because this material helps to keep the body dry. Moreover, this kind of fabric is light and easy to blend with other fibers such as polyester. Therefore, the cost for a cotton cloak is less expensive than the above kinds.

In addition, polyester or nylon are used to make cloaks but not always.

Choose based on sizes has updated the standard sizes for cloak based on inches and centimeter measurement below:

By inches:

Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve
XS 25.5 36 16 26
S 26 40 17 26
M 28 44 18 27
L 28 48 19 27
XL 30 52 20 28
2XL 30 56 21 28
3XL 31 60 22 28
4XL 32 64 24 28
5XL 33 68 25 29

By centimeter:

Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve
XS 65 92 41 67
S 67 102 44 67
M 72 112 46 69
L 72 122 49 69
XL 77 133 51 72
2XL 77 143 54 72
3XL 79 153 56 72
4XL 82 163 61 72
5XL 84 173 64 74

Choose based on occasions

The cloak you put on when you stay at home should be different from the one you wear when you go outside. Nowadays, too-long cloaks are not usually encouraged on some formal occasions. Current fashion design prioritizes neatness and simplicity, cloak is not an exception. However, in several fashion shows, we still witness prolix cloaks appearing.

Choose based on seasons

You can not wear a thick fleece and over-knee cloak in summer. It does not work in that case. There are some types of cloak which are thin but wearing it in burning hot is really a terrible dream. Read carefully the instructions in the product description, particularly the material to make it so that you can choose a perfect cloak in accordance with any season, no matter how freezing or heating it is.

Choose based on colors

Cloak is a fashion item that brings something secret and mysterious to mind. Colors of cloak almost hinge on dark red, black, purple, violet, etc. You rarely see the white cloak unless there is an exception. Because cloak is an outfit item, you should consider the harmony between the color of the cloak and the inner item.

Available shop

There are not too many available shops selling cloak, it is true because it is not really popular in casual fashion. The most economical and time-saving way to find a place selling cloak is to search for online shops. You can try to access to experience.

How much does a cloak cost on average?

Compared to other fashion items, cloaks are a little expensive. Normally, you have to spend at least $50 dollar per cloak depending on materials, brand names, and its uniqueness. It is easy to explain this phenomenon. Firstly, because of its less prevalence in the fashion market, it becomes scarce. Secondly, it is usually used on some special occasions so you have to spend more on it. Moreover, customers prefer something unique on their cloak that means they have to pay more for that. However, believe me, your expenditure is worth it.

You are a trendy purchaser, you want something unique and strange. You also like to show your personality and message through design on your apparel. And importantly, if you are seeking a good cloak at a reasonable price, can fulfill your expectations. Don’t hesitate to access and experience enjoyable shopping moments on our website.