Can Hoodies Be Tailored ?

The origin of the Hoodie

The hoodie is one of the few fashion items that have its season – “hoodie season” – hoodie season. But not everyone knows the origin of this very familiar shirt.

The first hoodie was designed by Champion - a small garment company in 1943, as a garment for athletes to compete in sports. After that, this shirt quickly became popular among factory workers for its warmth and convenience.

Along with hip-hop culture, the "era" of the hoodie exploded. The shirt is loved by everyone, from hip-hop stars, graffiti artists to dancers. Not only that, these "tops with hoods" have become symbols of street hip-hop, who have challenging views and oppose social prejudices.

When the Athleisure fashion style emerged as a strong craze, this shirt appeared more and more everywhere in the world, from street fashion to professional catwalks.

Today, hoodies are always on everyone's "must-have" list. Especially for teenagers with a youthful, dynamic and personality style, this shirt is an indispensable item.

Season of Hoodies

It is no coincidence that hoodies receive the favor of young people when they have a separate season, called "Hoodie season". Every time the autumn weather turns to winter, young men and women return with familiar hoodies. The season of hoodies has arrived, let's take a look at some of the best hoodie models and how to mix and match them to look cool.

Traditional Hoodie: Has a moderate length suitable for all girls, even those of modest height. Identifying this traditional hoodie is quite easy: elastic/felt material, hooded, hip length. This type of hoodie always gives the wearer a sense of security. It is not difficult to find skinny jeans with this shirt and many different styles of shoes, from high heels to boots or active sneakers.

Long Hoodie: Covering over the hips helps sexy girls take advantage of the way of mixing clothes in the style of hiding pants. This style of shirt is quite picky because it is only suitable for those with long legs. With this style of shirt, a pair of knee-high boots or sneakers will always be perfect.

Hoodie crop-top: Loved for its dynamic and sexy look together. Crop-top makes you look not too warm, can work easily, sometimes shows off the slim waist. It is for this reason that crop-top hoodies are always favored by women not only in winter but also in other seasons. With this hoodie style, you can combine it with sneakers with joggers, leggings, or wear with skirts/shorts/culottes.

Sleeveless Hoodie: The fashion world is always fresh and constantly moving, so the hoodie is also constantly refreshed to meet all the strict requirements from fashionistas. This year's fashion houses have stylized the hoodie sleeves in many different styles such as short sleeves, flared sleeves, long sleeves touching the knees... This shirt can be combined with many styles of pants, skirts, shoes, and depending on the style of the shirt. weather for you to choose the material for the shirt as well as the appropriate short and long sleeve styles.

Create custom hoodies with Printerval

Owning a hoodie is not difficult, however, it will be different with custom hoodie products.

With print-on-demand products, you often have to order in bulk to get a fair price. This will be very difficult for those of you who just want to buy one shirt.

Even if you can print in large quantities, print quality is not a small obstacle. Since hoodies are mainly made of thick cotton felt, it is difficult to use conventional printing technology to perfectly show the details of the product. In addition, the limitations on colors and the minimum number of prints in one print also make the printing process difficult.

However, you will not have to deal with these problems because you already have Printerval. With a variety of printing methods, Printub creates the best conditions for product printing. From your designs, we'll turn them into cool hoodies.

Printerval encourages you to create custom hoodies and get your unique designs out to the world.

It doesn't take too much effort, doesn't cost money, and minimizes risks but brings good quality products to help you easily earn your extra income. Feel free to create your designs and promote them to your customers.

What are the characteristics of Hoodie?

The shirt is designed with a comfortable loose form, hip length, and is often seen with a hat. Produced with many different materials, but the most popular is still felt fabric. A simple design gives you a variety of ways to coordinate. Thus, you may totally transform a variety of styles, ranging from basic and lively to personality-driven and disruptive.

How to apply printing technology?

Color Decal printing method: using flat heat pressing method to completely adhere the decal on the surface of the shirt

The design is printed on Decal paper and will be cut close to the edge of the design

The lines, details, and colors of the design can be printed on the shirt

Apply to print on all kinds of T-shirt colors

Because this method uses a decal cutter and cuts along the contour around the design's frame, for too small motifs, the image after cutting will not be aesthetically optimal. Therefore, when printing small textures on pressure surfaces, consider the size before printing.

Where can I buy the best Hoodie? offers several attractive and high-quality hoodies. There are also a wide variety of sizes and colors to pick from.

There are also several different models printed on the shirt and the graphics are all exclusive designs from artists across the world, so that you get a quality shirt and a distinctive shirt.

So no more excuses, come to shop today at Printerval!

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