Can shirts be tailored?

Can shirts be tailored?

When it comes to dressing, the first and foremost rule you should take into account is making sure your clothes fit well. One common tactic to get the perfect fit is having clothing tailored that is seen as one of the methods to looking refined and sophisticated on a budget. In this article, Printerval shares with you the knowledge of tailoring, the benefits of tailored shirts as well as the factors affecting the cost of tailored shirts. 

What does tailoring mean? 

Tailoring is the art of adjusting clothes to fit a particular person's unique body shape that can adjust anything from the sleeve length and shoulder seams of a suit jacket to the inseam of a pair of denim jeans to the drape of a wedding dress.

Those who tailor clothing are called “ tailors”. There are three different types of professional tailors including local, distance, and traveling. While local tailors are ones you often meet because they work from local shops where customers take their garments for adjustments, distance and traveling tailors offer out-of-town services to customers.

Tailoring makes fashion items more unique, elegant and customizing. 

What is tailoring?

What is the difference between tailored and altered shirts?

In discussions about clothing, we often mention tailoring and alterations as two interchangeable words but in fact, they are two separate things. 

Tailoring refers to a shirt that is custom-fitted for the wearer and a tailored shirt will surely look good on the person it was made for. People often pay for tailored shirts as they can not do them for themselves but in the long run, they can be well worth the price for the values they bring to the wearer. 

Meanwhile, alterations give less extensive changes to the garment. Although it also changes the way the garment fits, it just focuses on one particular fit area. Alterations could be seen as the simple way of taking in the waist on a pair of pants or shortening a sleeve that sometimes is necessary to repair a garment that has been given out structurally, such as a fallen hem or missing button.

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What is the difference between tailoring and alternations?

What is the benefit and downside of tailored shirts? 

The biggest advantages to tailored shirts focus on the aesthetics including the cut, size, design, and lifespan of fabric while the only disadvantage is limited second-hand usability that can be understood that tailored shirts are harder to share or sell for others, apart from the measurements’ owner. 

Benefits of tailored shirts

Perfect fit

If you buy shirts that are off the pegs, they sometimes can not fit your preferences. Tailored shirts are those which are made based on your body measurements, therefore, you do not need to worry whether they fit perfectly or not. In addition, by modifying the cut, tailoring can help to improve the shirts' overall aesthetics with respect to the wearer.

Benefits of tailored shirts

Specific styles of choices

Another advantage to tailored shirts is that they can also be made to adhere to certain stylistic choices you want. For instance, if you request the removal of breast pockets on button-down shirts or the addition of zippers and buttons, tailors can utterly do it for you. 

Benefits of tailored shirts

Tailored shirts last a long time.

In comparison with mass-produced garments which are used to produce ready-to-wear shirts, garments for tailoring shirts are often high-quality, durable, and optimizing that prolongs the lifespan of the shirt. Moreover, it can be easier to bring tailored shirts back to the tailor if your body has several changes such as weight distribution. In general, tailored shirts are also less likely to require any repairs. 

The downside of tailored shirts

Difficulty in their second-hand usability

Tailored shirts might be more difficult to give tailored clothing as hand-me-downs because they are altered to fit an individual's distinct measurements. In particular, with unisex tailored shirts, it is more difficult because a tailored shirt for men will likely have proportions unfit for women, and vice versa.

Bitter price means higher value

Normally, the overall cost of a shirt rises when it is tailored because people have to pay not only for the original cost of the shirt, but they need to pay for the tailors' services and materials needed to complete the alteration. In addition, if you order a tailored shirt, you have to wait as it can take a significant amount of time to complete. 

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Can shirts be tailored?

What factors affect the cost of tailored shirts?

There are various elements affecting the fluctuation of tailored shirts’ prices, but here Printerval mentions three key ones which are commonly seen as the major impact including style options, type of shirt fabric, and prestige or reputation of the tailors.

Style options

In terms of style, you should keep in mind that not all styles of tailored shirts have the same cost, some may be costlier than others due to the complexity and time it takes. The more subtle and sophisticated style you want, the more money you have to pay for it. 

Type of Shirt Fabric

Like other fashion items, the fabric quality and material have a significant impact on the price of a tailored shirt. Moreover, when it comes to tailoring, no one wants to choose a basic and common type of fabric for their shirt. Remember that some fabrics can be more delicate that require an extra level of care during altering and definitely, requires more time and potentially a more experienced tailor to complete a perfect shirt. 

Can shirts be tailored?

Tailors’ Prestige and Reputation

Tailors are those who decide how the shirts are made, as a result, people always find tailors they can trust. And certainly, if the tailors are prestigious and reputable, they are widely known by others, apart from you. And you have to pay more for that. 

Can shirts be tailored?

Which occasions to use tailored shirts?

Although shirts are versatile garments that you can wear on both formal and informal occasions, you should keep in mind that wearing a shirt does not turn you into a perfect lady and gentleman. The wide range of styles and fabrics makes the choice difficult and you should always pay attention to details, as each shirt has a perfect occasion to be worn. In particular, most tailored shirts belong to elegant and customizing fashion items, they are more suitable in formal situations. Sometimes, people have shirts tailored exclusively to specific occasions. 

Can shirts be tailored?

Because of the limited occasions use and the complexity in production as well as long time making of tailored shirts, currently, many people tend to choose the ready-to-wear shirts which are fast, flexible, and convenient. 

It is necessary to think about the alternatives instead of being conservative with limited choices. Nowadays, ready-made shirts still meet the demands of customers in terms of exclusiveness, fit, and quality. You can shop for such shirts on, an e-commerce platform selling unique and trendy shirts designed exclusively by well-known designers from around the world. As a trusted brand for clothing, accessories, home & living, Printerval commits to bringing not only excellent products but many values and guidelines to help you shop smartly. 

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