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What is Canvas?

Canvas printing is a high-tech print line. Printings on canvas – sometimes known as burlap – are firmly connected to hardwood or composite picture frames, and are printed on digital printers using UV printing technology and specialized ink. Canvas is made from natural cotton yarn. The cloth is both lightweight and long-lasting.

In addition, canvas paintings are created directly by artists and utilized for show or sale, and direct-painted canvas lines are frequently more expensive. As a result, canvas prints are always a suitable alternative for people who use them for ornamental purposes that are unrelated to the art issue. 

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When did Canvas appear?

Canvas has been used and appeared since the 14th century in Italy. One of the earliest surviving types is the statue of the French Madonna with angels from around 1410 in the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin. Panel paintings remained more popular until the 16th century in Italy and the 17th century in Northern Europe.

Currently, canvas paintings are also called modern paintings because they apply the most advanced and modern printing techniques in the world. Moreover, the innovative and unique paintings bring modern beauty. The materials used to complete a painting are light in weight, so it is not difficult to fit into any space. Whether it is modern architecture such as apartments, high-rise buildings...

It is also called decorative painting because any space can be embellished by these paintings. More specifically, it brings splendor, outstanding and luxurious beauty to space.

How Canvas is made?

Canvas is created by carefully weaving threads together in a soft material, which is the most basic textile weave. The warp threads (inverted) are maintained stationary on the loom, while the weft threads pass over and beneath each warp. Canvas fibers are thick, generally medium to heavyweight threads. Canvas is distinguished from other cotton textiles by its thread weight and plain-weave method.

The majority of cotton canvas is manufactured with two-ply yarns, which are two single yarns twisted together to give weight, texture, and an equal thickness across the cloth. The art canvas is made of single-warp canvas, which is made of single-ply yarn.

Why should choose to buy Canvas on Printerval?

You can find many examples of creative and appealing Canvas on the website Printerval.

Printerval has a lot of canvas print with unique designs

Picture:  From professional artwork and celebrity portraits to personal snapshots.

The arts: In the field of mass printing, vintage paintings are often reproduced for use as home decor.

Quotes: Whether it's witty quotes or heartwarming definitions of words, the text-only print is becoming more popular than ever.

The graphic designers will create the designs on the computer and then print them directly on the canvas using the technology. These canvases will be stretched onto a wooden frame, resulting in a completed painting. At Printerval, most of our canvas prints are done with our artists' exclusive designs or personal photos of our clients. But we're happy to print any royalty-free images you can upload to our site!

Printerval has many sizes of canvas

Choosing the right print size will enhance the effect of the Canvas you choose. The appropriate size is one of the important factors to determine the aesthetics of the room's decorative purpose. At Printerval, we provide 3 main sizes for customers to choose from easily.

12x16 inch

20x28 inch

24x32 inch


Safe material 

Canvas was traditionally produced from hemp, but over time, this gave place to more modern alternatives such as cotton or linen.

A broad variety of man-made canvas materials have now been produced, and these textiles are utilized for the bulk of canvas prints offered today. These new materials are not only more absorbent than ever before, but also lighter and more durable. High durability, no need to worry about termite damage, water resistance, and highly good waterproofing. From there, it can fulfill the demands of hanging outdoor paintings that many other painting lines have yet to meet.

Properly prices

Printerval is confident to be one of the most prestigious places to provide canvas paintings. When you to us, you will not only work with a team of professional and enthusiastic staff but also have the opportunity to experience a rich world of paintings. Therefore, we can confirm that the price of wall paintings is not too expensive and suitable for all financial conditions. The price depends not only on the quality, size, and meaning of the picture but also on the prestige of the unit as well as the material used to create the picture. The price of Canvas paintings at Printerval ranges from under $42 -$60

Currency payment

For international orders, Printerval agrees to use USD as the currency, ensuring objectivity and safety. Printerval accepts payment through many forms: Master Card, Visa Card, PayPal, Amazon pay or Apple Pay

Can design follow customer needs?

Each of them is a one-of-a-kind handmade piece. They are unique from material prints in important ways:

The customer provides the printed pictures.

They cost extra to make since the printer must be adjusted each time.

They are not available on the street since they are custom manufactured orders that cannot be preprinted.

Best choice for gift 

You may make the present more significant by printing on canvas - this is a new printing method that adds beauty to a basic image, making it more luxurious. Canvas prints, unlike other traditional printing mediums, are extremely durable and capable of retaining exceptional ink quality. So, if you want to offer someone a photo present, here are some reasons why you should choose canvas prints over other choices.

How to choose a good canvas?

It's vital that you fully understand canvas and all of their salient characteristics before you buy. For your consideration are some suggestions.

Choose the right size

People must pay careful attention to the scale of the paintings in order for their spaces to be the most beautiful. People should pick the length of the image set as a basis for making the total space excellent. Pay attention to regulating other items around the room in a simpler method for smaller room spaces so that the overall effect of the space in harmony

The color of the wall paintings

About colors, people will surely choose according to many different criteria. But try best to choose the color tones so that the whole space is harmonious. The color also depends a lot on the hanging position.

Select the picture file

To create a beautiful canvas picture, you must first consider the picture file, so what is the typical picture file? The greater the print quality, the higher the resolution of the image files. If you download an image from Google to print, make sure to select the highest picture size, since this ensures that the resolution of the image is good and the quality is assured. print. Photographs shot with low-resolution devices, such as cellphones, can only be reproduced at extremely tiny sizes.

The theme of the canvas paintings

Each person will have different aesthetic tastes to choose their own paintings to decorate the family space.

According to recent studies, nature paintings and landscape paintings are very popular with homeowners because they bring a fresh space. Avoid choosing violent pictures that will not be good for the feng shui of the room.

For the children's room, choose funny and lovely pictures that will cause strong interest in young children.

Match the color of the space

Choosing your space colors is the first step in the canvas line. The mission's basic point is to select a work of art that suits your space without losing any of its designs. The secret is to remember that when you buy painting canvas, you should add some color to your space. This helps you to discover the right hue of harmony while also ensuring that the color does not compete.

Trendy design

Trendy designs are always a good choice for young people. New canvas prints will give your house more freshness and modernity.

How to choose the best Canvas?

Motivating motif Canvas printing is a series of canvases printed with the renowned sayings of great individuals, which have the ability to inspire and motivate personnel.

 Canvas for office

Motivational theme canvas printing is a line of paintings printed with famous sayings of successful people, with strong inspirational power to increase the morale and motivation of employees. For stressful jobs that require high concentration, natural and landscape picture frames will also be extremely suitable. For creative jobs, colorful canvas wall paintings brilliant with innovative content, showing trends that will make people's brains much more stimulated.

Canvas painting for living room

Because the living room should be a warm and peaceful environment, the colors you pick should not be too dark. However, in order to pick the correct color image, you need to pay close attention to the color of the interior as well as the wall paint. Art paintings are examples of paintings with a particular depth and accent that enhance the beauty of the living space.

Canvas for bedroom

Many people like a bedroom area decorated with artworks in strong black and white tones. You'll never go out of style with these two basic color tones, which will help you create a unique identity. You are a fan of energetic, youthful style, as well as new trends in the nation and throughout the world. Choosing modern bedroom wall canvas paintings adds a delicate and elegant beauty to the room. To create a feeling in the bedroom, choose landscape bedroom canvas paintings with pictures and soft hues. The most relaxed and comfortable sensation

Canvas for kids 

Almost all of the decorative pictures for children's bedrooms are highly colorful images with funny designs. These images are frequently recognizable to the kid; they can also be photos of fruits or graphics connected to learning, for example. These images will encourage the child in recognizing their own shapes. Separate yourself from others around you.

Moreover, the children's bedroom decorating paintings in this room are decorated with eye-catching and joyful colors. When children look at these bright drawings, they will be able to expand their rich imaginations.

Reputable Origin

There are many options for the manufacture or delivery of canvas paintings, but to ensure the quality factors as well as the greatest picture, you should pick a location with a brand, extensive expertise, and a big number of clients. Customers will benefit from a large range of items at reasonable costs when investing in big amounts of paintings.

What is the difference between a canvas print and a canvas painting?

Although they are made from the same base material. With a canvas painting, the image is created directly by the artist. It's a one-of-a-kind work of art, made by oil painting directly onto canvas. In contrast, a canvas print is exactly the reproduction of an image. It differs from a painting in several ways: The image is made first, then printed on the canvas; Ink is used instead of painting; This process can be repeated an infinite number of times, which means that the canvas print is not ( necessarily) is once

How to mix the best canvas frame and picture?

Let's learn about a more creative ways to decor your house

Thin canvas frame

Modern picture frames with thin borders are among the most popular picture frames on the market today.

The painting's softness and fragility add to its beauty many times more. To improve the beauty of the picture frame, this wall picture frame is generally constructed of mixed plastic, metal, or stainless steel. Today's photo frames come in sets and are separated into a variety of decorative themes.

Luxury wood frame

Wood picture frames are also quite popular nowadays, owing to the attractive wood grain lines seen in pine wood. Lightweight and long-lasting. When compared to other forms of wood, it is far less expensive.

The pinewood picture frame is popular due to its simplicity, ease of installation, and usage. Pinewood is typically recycled from local packaging or imported from other countries. Contribute to cost savings.

Canvas frame modern composite 

The composite frame is also one of the frames used by customers in recent years. Because the weight of the frame is very light, durable, and easy to install picture frames. In addition, this line of frames is also used as a gift picture a lot.

Impressive canvas painting color scheme 

Each room will have a different interior structure and design. This factor also has a considerable impact on the choice of canvas printings.

If your room selects a modern Western design, the image you choose must also have a comparable style. Do not conduct chaotic design between various types, this will make your space congested and not eye-catching at all.

How much are the canvas paintings?

Canvas prints are generally more expensive than picture prints, but we think this is due to their classic beauty and higher longevity.

The price you pay will be determined by the size format of your canvas as well as any other options you select, such as an exterior ornamental frame.

There are some high-priced canvas prints available, but there are other high-quality prints available at reasonable rates. For example, the average Printerval pricing for a beautiful decorative print is around $40.

Where to buy canvas paintings at good prices?

Currently, on the market, there are many showroom systems selling canvas paintings with different qualities and prices. If you are looking for a reputable address that sells beautiful, genuine, high-end Canvas paintings at the best price on the market, Printerval is such an ideal address. Here you can find for yourself a series of beautiful canvas paintings from classic to modern with many different designs and content, promising to bring you beautiful paintings and buying experiences an interesting pictures.