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What Is A Car Sun Shade?

Car Sun Shades is a product that helps cover and protect the car's windshield and interior. The product is designed quite thick, waterproof, and both heat and soundproof for the car. In addition, the shields also prevent the transformation of plastic and rubber parts of car interior accessories, affecting the aesthetic factor.

There are two types of car sunshades on the market today:

Sunshade covered in the driver's glass

The sunshade covered in the driver's glass is installed inside the frame, providing a shielding effect and creating an aesthetic. Moreover, when covered in the windshield, car owners can rest assured because there is no situation of wind blowing or being stolen.

The front glass visor is usually made of lightweight materials and is equipped with a high-grade silver coating. A set of 6 pieces, of which: 2 pieces are for the windshield and rear glass, and the remaining 4 are for window coverings.


Lightweight and often usable while driving.

Waterproof and quite durable.

The inside has a rubber adhesive that is easy to stick to the glass.

Easy to fold after use.


Rubber stoppers quickly lose their stickiness over time.

It is not possible to completely cover the car glass.

Inner car glass sunshade

The sun visor covering the windshield is a large, lightweight canvas that is easy to disassemble and move. The product has an insulating silver layer to help prevent ultraviolet rays and effectively prevent sunlight. Sun visors come in various sizes, are suitable for many vehicle models and are often used when parking overnight or in hot weather.


Completely cover the front glass of the car.

Extremely thick shield to effectively cool down.

Compact and easy to carry.

Protect the car glass from dust and impact.

Limit falling objects that cause scratches on the glass.

Cons: Cannot be used while driving.

What Is The Use Of Car Sunshade?

The car windshield sunshade brings high use value in the summer when the hot weather lasts for a long time with the following benefits:

Prevent heat absorption

The windshield of a car is a part with a great ability to absorb heat. This is explained by the large area of ​​the steering wheel, and the large tilt leading to the surface exposed to the sun more than other locations. This can be considered the main cause of heat, stuffiness, and discomfort for the occupants of the car.

Most windshield sunshade products have aluminum tarpaulin on the surface that has a reflective effect, reducing heat absorption into the car. Accordingly, improving the interior air and creating a comfortable feeling when entering the car in the hot sun.

Prevent UV rays, solar radiation

The next use of a car windshield sunshade is to prevent UV rays and solar radiation. The reflective aluminum tarpaulin of the windshield sunshade will limit the situation of UV rays, and solar radiation shining directly into the car interior.

Protect the interior of the car

Sunlight not only makes the air in the car become hot, but locations such as taplo made of plastic, leather parts, and rubber on the car are also prone to brittleness, cracking, and deformation,... Moreover, Direct sunlight will also cause the interior of the car to become discolored, causing a loss of aesthetics.

If exposed to the sun for a long time, it is clear that the cost to repair and replace these parts is not small. If the windshield is carefully shielded, sunlight will not shine directly on the taplo and interior compartment, helping to increase the life of these parts.

Some Disadvantages When Equipped With Car Sunshades

Although some uses for shading and heating the car are extremely effective, you will also encounter some inconveniences as follows:

As for the sun visor that covers the outside, if it rains, you can't take it out in time, it's easy to get wet and dusty when folded.

In addition, it is easy to be stolen or blown away by the wind if not installed carefully.

With the product installed inside, the hot sun makes the inhaler open and fall for a certain period of time, so it is quite inconvenient.

How To Choose A Car Sunshade?

Customers can refer to the following experiences to choose the right car sunshade:

Determining the needs of use: Car driving glass sunshades are usually divided into 2 types: fixed and removable. Each version will bring different experiences. Removable visors are generally preferred because of their flexibility; when not in use, they can be easily removed and stored.

Sun protection: When buying a car windshield cover, customers should prioritize the product's ability to protect against sunlight, UV rays, and solar radiation. Usually, customers will tend to choose shields with thick features and reflective design so as not to absorb heat inside the car.

Material of sunshade: Currently, sunshade products are made from many different materials such as PVC, fabric, and aluminum coated,... Each type will have a design and usage (type of mounting). exterior, type mounted inside the vehicle), advantages and disadvantages, and different prices. Accordingly, customers can choose the right product according to their needs. However, the advice is that customers should select a type with an aluminum-coated surface because this material is rated as having the ability to resist heat, preventing high heat absorption.

Style and size: Before buying a windshield sunshade, customers should consider the actual shape and size. From there, car owners can choose the right model and fit without having to cut when installing.

Product price: many customers, because they prefer low-priced products, buy the wrong products of poor quality. Therefore, buyers should refer to the price, product quality, and reputable and genuine purchase addresses to ensure benefits.

Equipped with car sunshades and used at compatible times will help your car reduce heat, reduce the aging of plastic and leather parts or save fuel because of reduced air conditioning capacity. We hope you will have more fun with your car. Sellers on our website offer many car sunshades with many beautiful designs for you to choose from.

Why Should You Choose Car Sun Shades On Printerval?

Products of many stalls of sellers on Printerval include original, themed designs from artists all around the world. You can search for a variety of Car Sun Shades-themed products on our website.

Sellers on our website offer a lot of templates for Car Sun Shades with unique designs

The patterns and images printed on the Car Sun Shades are all exclusive and unique designs made in collaboration with designers worldwide. Sellers who registered to sell on Printerval do what they can do to give customers the best and most affordable options.

They have car seat covers for every kind of vehicle.

Cars come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on what each customer wants, the website is constantly updated with the newest models that fit any type of car, whether it's a passenger car or a truck.

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Can custom meet the needs of the customer?

Sellers on our website offer extra design services based on the customer's needs and always puts the customer's needs first. Do you like car sun shades with pictures of your family on them? They can do all of these things and more.

Don't let the sun's relentless heat compromise your driving comfort and your car's interior condition. Upgrade your driving experience and protect your investment with Printerval's premium Car Sun Shades.

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