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Why is Chainsaw Man a popular anime?

Chainsaw Man is a manga that started to become extremely popular in 2018. The ending of the first phase in the series has audiences eagerly awaiting the second part – as well as the upcoming anime adaptation from the illustration studio. famous MAPPA.

Currently, Chainsaw Man has no official release date or teaser. However, thanks to the success of the manga and the fact that Chainsaw Man's anime is the 10th anniversary series of MAPPA, fans are placing a lot of expectations on the anime.

The original Chainsaw Man was written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The story is about a world full of demons. Hero Denji tries to avenge his father's vendetta against a yakuza but ends up getting involved with an evil demon. After his murder, Denji was merged with his uncle for his Pochita. Pochita was originally a demon with a chainsaw-like appearance. Now, after his resurrection, Denji has joined the group of demon hunters, hoping to not be killed because he is now part of the devil.

The series received critical acclaim for its unique design and great color scheme, as well as for its characters' inner depth, rather than falling into cliché, rudimentary construction. In addition, the story attracts readers thanks to its somewhat crude humor and extremely gory illustrations. However, the characteristics are not only for attracting customers but are also essential for the world-building of Chainsaw Man. All characters have their own ambitions, stories, and personalities, raising the series to a level above other violent images and dark content.

Why are fans so excited about the anime adaptation?

The anime is expected by fans first of all due to the impressive achievement of the studio in charge of the project. MAPPA is currently one of the studios that have produced many quality adaptations such as Banana Fish, The God of High School, and especially the final season of Attack on Titan. However, its most successful recent work is Jujutsu Kaisen - the anime is considered better than the original manga. Thanks to the success of the anime version, the Jujutsu Kaisen manga also sold faster than before, becoming one of the most popular manga.

Although Chainsaw is inherently more popular than Jujutsu Kaisen, even without a movie adaptation. However, if MAPPA's anime is successful, it will further increase sales for the manga franchise, taking both fandom and franchise to new heights.

The Chainsaw Man anime is expected to help diversify mainstream anime as manga has done – especially for a film adaptation of Shonen Jump's main series. Chainsaw Man is promising because it is not a fighting series, isekai, or school, but because it is a combination of bloody colors with a novel plot.

Shonen Jump's "darkest current" manga

Highly appreciated by Japanese experts, Chainsaw Man is a dark but equally attractive manga. This is also the manga that holds the title of "Shonen Jump's darkest manga". Chainsaw Man is an action, horror, and dark fantasy manga by author Tatsuki Fujimoto (Fire Punch). The manga was first released in 2018 in Weekly Shonen Jump. Chainsaw Man is classified as a shounen manga (adolescent comic). However, many readers think that Chainsaw Man is too dark compared to other Shonen Jump manga. Up to now, Chainsaw Man has released 9 volumes with sales of over 4.2 million copies.

The story is set in a world inhabited by terrifying demons. These demons formed from human fears such as fear of the dark, fear of sharks, fear of spiders, fear of guns, fear of violence, etc. To combat them, government-affiliated demon-hunting organizations were established. established worldwide.

The main character of Chainsaw Man is Denji. With the goal of repaying the huge amount of debt left by his father, Denji had to sell his organs and do any job, including killing demons. Next to Denji is Pochita, a small demon with a saw blade on his head. Pochita is also the only friend who lives with Denji on difficult days with nothing to eat.

During one time being played by creditors, Denji was killed. Pochita then merges with Denji and revives him into the mighty "Saw Demon". After taking revenge on the bad guys, Denji was "adopted" by Makima, a member of a demon hunting organization in Japan. The story of Chainsaw Man begins here.

Chainsaw Man and the attractive elements beyond imagination

Dark story, scary reality: As mentioned above, demons are formed from human fear. Author Tatsuki was very ingenious when he took advantage of this feature to tell extremely realistic stories about war, nuclear weapons, etc. In addition, the world of Chainsaw Man did not have the concept of "character". main" when anyone can die suddenly while performing the task. Everything in Chainsaw Man follows reality and leaves no room for false hope.

Great artistic element: Not only is it an entertaining manga, but Chainsaw Man also possesses many impressive iconic and metaphorical images. By using both religious and modern elements, Chainsaw Man delivers Revelation-scented story frames, evoking fear/devotion in readers. To accurately convey "art" is almost impossible, so keep reading Chainsaw Man to understand this.

Unlike the usual Shonen Jump heroes like Luffy, Naruto, or Goku, Denji was bereaved as a child... Having to survive from an early age and believing in "no one" makes Denji very selfish, only acting when it benefits him. Denji is also stupid, extremely stupid because of lack of education, lack of education. Despite his size, he had the innocence of a small child. The story of Chainsaw Man is also Denji's true "adult" journey. Through each chapter, we see a new thing appear in him, thereby realizing the great pain and loss inside this character. This is why even when Denji turns into a demon and kills people, it is still easy to understand him.

Huge numbers show that Chainsaw Man is the hottest anime adaptation of the year

More than 160,000 people watched the MAPPA 10th Anniversary event live

MAPPA's 10th-anniversary event, held on June 27, 2021, celebrates the milestone of today's top popular anime studio. The event introduced some of MAPPA's most famous works such as Attack on Titan Ss4, Jujutsu Kaisen, Zombieland Saga, etc. along with the announcement of some new names as promised before. Of course, 160,000 people. Most interested fans at this event are a huge number showing the information about the Chainsaw Man anime and the first trailer that is being expected by many people.

5 hours of waiting from fans

The event lasted more than 5 hours: there were a total of 7 discussions between the program organizers and guests, along with a break time and 2 short notices. Among the new anime titles are "takt op. Destiny" and a new movie anime called "Alice and Therese's Illusion Factory".160,000 live viewers (on YouTube alone) at the time of the trailer's release. (more than 5 hours since the start of the event) is an unthinkable thing that few anime names can do. Before the official trailer for Chainsaw Man was shown, the number of live viewers on Youtube fluctuated between 97,000 and 130,000.

People started spamming "Woof woof" when Makima showed up

Denji is a "Simp Lord". Everyone knows how infatuated the guy is with Makima and even literally vows to be her dog. That was also used as a joke, a meme in the Chainsaw Man community. And as soon as the trailer showed Makima using his "best girl" skill, the "Simp lords" kept spamming." Woof woof" in the live chat. This not only increases the fun for the event but also shows the significant influence of Chainsaw Man.

Official trailer on YouTube reaches 1 million views after 4 hours of upload

Perhaps before, only Attack on Titan Ss4 had a trailer that increased views so quickly. The Chainsaw Man trailer is still continuously increasing views very quickly by the minute and reaching 1 million views after 4 hours of upload, which proves how big to expect an anime adaptation of this hit manga. The manga is currently receiving a lot of buzz, with over 9.3 million copies released as of March 2021.

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