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What is the Coaster?

The coasters were born with the function of absorbing standing water on the sides of cups, limiting stains, and helping to keep the table surface clean. There are many different names for coasters such as coasters, coasters, coasters, etc. For tables with glass or wood surfaces, the coasters ensure that the cups do not slip, ensuring that the cups are not slippery. Protects the longevity & color of the wood.

In addition, your dining table or desk will become more luxurious with the appearance of elegant patterned coasters. Therefore, now there are many people who have ordered coasters for personal use, placed them in the living room, or decorated parties …

Types of popular coasters on the market

Currently, on the market, there are many types of coasters made from different materials. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages to suit individual needs:

Ceramic and porcelain coasters: The coasters are made from ceramic with a luxurious appearance, especially strong with many different uses such as: making paperweights, and decoration, ... Thanks to the unglazed surface, ceramic coasters have good water absorption. However, after a period of use, it will be filthy on the surface. Therefore, you will have to clean regularly. The biggest disadvantage of ceramic coasters is that they are quite expensive and prone to chipping when impacted.

Cork coaster: Cork coaster has a luxurious appearance and is relatively sturdy. However, with a relatively high cost, accompanied by the disadvantage of easily crumbling or moldy after water absorption. Therefore, cork coasters are only suitable for use as a base for low-ice drinks, in order to avoid causing loss of aesthetics when moldy.

Beer coaster: Paper cup liners (paper cup liners) are a popular product on the market today. Because it is made from a Finnish Beermat board, the paper coasters are extremely absorbent and can be reused many times. On average, with each paper coaster, you can reuse it from 3 to 5 times for iced drinks and nearly 2 times for chilled drinks.

Why should you choose to buy Coasters on Printerval?

Printerval is a great place to stock up on Coasters goods. All of the designs are one-of-a-kind and eye-catching while still being flexible enough to work in a number of settings.

Printerval has a lot of Coasters with special designs

Coasters are now focusing on a wide range of designs in order to become an integral decorative item for the home. Instead of using the same basic hues of blue, red, purple, and yellow as previously, the designers have developed many more images of Coasters with lovely textures.

You may select a Coaster that matches the décor as well as the floor color to make the whole home seem cleaner, more elegant, and contemporary.

Coasters come in a variety of styles, including classic, neoclassical, boho, charming, cartoon, pastel hues, young Korean colours, and so on.

Diverse from size to type

There are many various kinds of coasters on the market nowadays, from coasters to bathroom rugs to rubber mats... It's hard to discuss coasters without mentioning their many uses. Not only that, but today's Coasters come in a variety of sizes to fit any room.

Reasonable price

There are many various varieties of coasters on the market now, all with different sizes and patterns, but when picking floor mats, you should choose one that fits your area and matches the décor of your home. example as selecting a Coaster whose size corresponds to the size of the room. Printerval always has low pricing on coasters, starting at $6.95 for a coaster with a distinctive design.

Currency payment

To guarantee safety and consistency in international transactions, all payments on Printerval are done in USD. We offer a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, AmazonPay, Visa Card, and Mastercard.

The shipping fee is so low!

Printerval offers not just a low shipping price but also a quick turnaround time. It simply takes 6-14 days, including delivery, and you won't have to worry about your belongings for another month. It's available here. I'd like to learn more about delivery options.

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Custom by request

Printerval has coasters for sale, as well as a service to create them according to your specifications. I have manufactured the extremely luxury, extremely beautiful, and extremely lasting Coasters with a crew with many years of expertise, assuring that consumers will be delighted when they get the goods.

How to choose a good Coaster?

Prior to making a purchase, it is crucial to have a clear awareness of the fundamental features and requirements of Coasters. The following is some guidance that has to be remembered.

Choose the right size

In comparison to other ornamental and practical carpets, coasters are significantly smaller. The Coaster is typically 3.75" 3.75" (9.50cm x 9.50cm) in size, depending on the application area.
You should measure and examine the area of the door where the Coaster will be installed. If the door is broad, you should choose a big Coaster to avoid being deformed or illogical. If the door is tiny, consider a little Coaster that is both functional and attractive.

Choose the right material

The plastic Coaster has the main component of polyester. Items that need high water resistance are often made from polyester such as sleeping bags, jackets, tents, etc. because the characteristics of this fabric are poor moisture absorption, easy processing, or color coating without worrying about being damaged. color fade over time.

An outstanding feature that is extremely noticeable is the wrinkle resistance of polyester fabrics. During use, even after washing for a long time, the fabric is wrinkled or deformed very rarely. So you can safely use them for a long time without worrying about the fabric stretching or losing its shape.

With a shiny surface and poor absorption, this inadvertently makes polyester very resistant to dirt.

Produced extensively for the apparel and fashion industries. Therefore, the dyeing stage becomes extremely important because it determines the aesthetics of the product.

Choice for color

Soft hues will make you feel calm and at ease, as well as convey a sense of intimacy. Milky, white, light blue, and pink are examples of simple, peaceful hues that are often picked by many individuals. These hues will make your living space seem bigger and airier.

It is critical to match the Coaster to the paint color of your house and interior. Choosing a hue that harmonizes with everything else in your house is vital for making it attractive, new, and eye-catching.

Fashionable design

Use the furniture that is already in the house. However, we may choose a model with an appropriate star pattern. Alternatively, the color and substance of the floor might be considered. Alternatively, the home's primary color. Then choose a Coaster in a complementary color.

Choosing a Coaster for the living room, for example, makes the environment more harmonious. The Coaster will then be the same color as the floor. If you want to draw attention to a particular area, the color of the Coaster should be a strong contrast to the color of the floor.

How to choose the greatest Coaster?

Customers can refer to the following experiences to choose the Coaster:

Choose a coffee cup liner by material

For cafes, you should give priority to choosing coasters with good waterproof or water absorption. This will ensure that the water that comes out of the cup won't spill onto the table or onto the customer's clothes. Both ensure sophistication and do not affect the durability of the table. If using coasters that absorb water well, you should pay attention to coasters made of ceramic, felt, or pressed wood. If you want to use absolutely waterproof coasters, then rubber, plastic, and wooden coasters are suitable.

Felt coasters

Cloth coasters are the extremely popular choice of coffee shops with very good absorbency and durability when used. This type of coaster is often embroidered with logos and typical images for the shop to promote the brand. However, the fabric cups are quite soft, suitable only for placing on the table, it is difficult to hold the cup placed on the coaster in the hand.
coffee coasters

Choose coffee coasters by color

The main drinks at cafes are coffee, tea, and smoothies. And while using the drink, it will be inevitable that the water will be spilled out. Therefore, you should choose deep or dark colors to print and embroider the shop's logo on the coasters, both luxurious and clean.

Moreover, you also need to pay attention to choose the color of the coffee cup lining that is compatible with the space of the shop. The architecture of the cafe will bring customers comfort and ease. So be subtle in choosing coasters in harmony with your cafe style!

Choose reusable coasters

Many coasters have a long service life and are used repeatedly. Many coasters are easy to maintain, especially those made from paper. However, with cloth coasters, after each use, they need to be cleaned, dried or re-dried.

To ensure that the coasters are used for a long time, they are still like new, without errors, you need to pay attention to their maintenance. This will help you save maximum usage costs. Moreover, depending on the material, the durability and service life are fast or slow.

Based on price criteria

Price is a key factor in choosing a coffee cup coaster. Because any expenses spent to invest in decoration in the store also need to be reasonable. Therefore, consider carefully the price of coasters, and the number of products. Make sure not to cause excess waste and unnecessary costs.

It can be seen that the average price of paper, felt, and pressed wood coasters is more reasonably priced than that of rubber, wood, plastic, and ceramic coasters. Printing logos, images, and textures on paper are also more reasonably priced than the above types. Depending on the financial budget, the size of the store that you consider to invest properly.

How to choose the right coasters for the cup?

Functionality and style are two of the most important things to think about when buying a coaster.

Plastic coasters, rubber

With the durability of rubber and plastic materials and the ability to reuse products, do not fade over time, rubber coasters have become the extremely popular material in cafes today.

Felt cup coasters

In addition to rubber plastic, felt liners are equally popular. With the ability to effectively absorb, and embroider many different logo motifs, felt lining is an appropriate choice to comprehensively simulate the image and content that the shop wants to convey the message to customers.

Wool coasters

For families with young children. Mothers often use wool coasters with funny and lovely shapes for their children. Wool coasters are very suitable for babies because they are not only soft and absorbent but also safe for babies. Besides, your home's dining table will become more beautiful by lovely coasters, helping your baby to play and eat more deliciously.

Coasters of other materials

On the market, there are many other types of coasters such as glass, paper, etc. Depending on the purpose of water absorption, waterproofing or decoration, users choose for themselves suitable coasters. Ceramic, felt, wool, and paper pads are suitable for absorbing water. Rubber and plastic pads with effective waterproofing. If you want the space to be luxurious, you should choose wooden or glass coasters...

Besides the lovely coasters, there are also countless lovely and useful kitchen utensils for mothers, you can visit to learn more necessary kitchen utensils for your family. Please!

What is the average price of a Coaster?

When selecting a Coaster, you must also examine its high or low cost in order to choose a floor mat that is appropriate for your family's financial situation. You do not save too much money by purchasing low-quality coasters, which have a short lifetime and are easily destroyed. Printerval sells Coasters for $6.95 on average, so you can get your hands on your favourite.

Where to buy the lowest-budget and greatest Coaster?

Today's market offers a plethora of stores and dealers offering reliable Coasters from which to pick. Printerval's high-end Coaster product is particularly noteworthy. With a low price yet a good reputation and quality guarantee. Become your companion while you utilise the product. We will eagerly assist you with any difficulty.