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Why is December the coolest month for birthday celebrations?

December Birthday is the time to gather with your family, eager to unwind, warm up, and have a good time. Winter's gloomy and drowsy stage has yet to arrive, snowfall is likely to be more picturesque than heavy, and many employers are preparing to take a few days off—not a terrible time for a birthday celebration!


Because New Year's resolutions aren't due until January, a December birthday allows you and your guests to enjoy some last-minute indulgences without feeling guilty. Being born in December not only provides a beautiful backdrop for a party, but it also comes with some distinctive gifts that cannot be purchased.


December babies are laid-back and inquisitive.

December-born people are less prone to mood swings than practically everyone else, according to the neurological non-profit ECNP, which provides counsel and information to the public on subjects relating to brain function and the treatment of brain illnesses. Cyclothymic temperament, which is "marked by rapid swings between sad and joyous," is uncommon in December newborns. Despite the fact that children born in December are often among the youngest in their class at school, a situation that some parents fear will negatively impact their child's grades and social anxieties, economists have discovered that younger pupils often have career advantages. Furthermore, the Institute for Fiscal Studies in the United Kingdom discovered that December babies are 20% more likely to attend college than those born in the summer.

Flowers for the month of December are both protective and celebratory.

You've been given two birth flowers in December, each with its own particular hue and texture. Holly, like Christmas trees, is a symbol of happiness and security at home, and it is an evergreen. Holly's red berries are thought to represent Jesus' blood, and its pointy leaves the crown of thorns he wore, according to Christian legend. The serrated leaves, on the other hand, serve people of all faiths since their prickly edges keep deer away from gardens.

The second flower is the paperwhite Narcissus, a daffodil related with thin white petals, a golden center bloom, and a strong scent. The Narcissus is a suitable bloom for the season of celebration, as it has long been associated with honor and benevolence in western civilizations and prosperity in eastern cultures. Cornell University florists discovered that putting a little vodka or gin in the flower's water can prevent the Narcissus from leaning over as it grows bigger.

Long life and a healthy heart are December's gifts.

According to research published in the Journal of Aging Research, babies born in December have a better chance of living to be 105 or older than those born in the summer. This is partly attributable to the fact that people born in December have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. According to a Columbia University study of over 2 million people, those born between September and December have an 18% reduced risk of heart disease than the average American. The cardiac health boost may be related to seasonal conditions throughout a mother's pregnancy, according to Columbia's team, however, no definite causes have been discovered.

The December zodiac signs are bold and determined.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) is an ambitious sign that lives to explore and experience the world, and those born in the first three weeks of December are Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21). Sagittarius's captivating demeanour quickly engages all people they meet during their adventures, as they are generous and have a talent for teaching. The emblem of the sign, a powerful bow and arrow, fits them wonderfully; they're always reaching for the stars, ready to launch a new initiative at any time. Such lofty ambition might lead to overcommitment, yet when the moment is right, a Sagittarius can achieve goals that others would be afraid to set. Pope Francis, Billie Eilish, Walt Disney, Miley Cyrus, and Katie Holmes are all Sagittarius.

Capricorns (December 22 to January 19), the Zodiac's extremely focused and diligent sign, had birthdays in the last ten days of December. On the surface, Capricorns are reserved, yet they enjoy letting loose around their closest friends and family (though they may need to be reminded to do so). Because of their workaholic inclinations, they may be misunderstood as cold or impersonal – this is not the case, as Capricorns like working together to achieve common goals. Interestingly, some believe that a Capricorn's spirit ages backwards—while others tyre and worry as the years pass, Capricorns can gain more energy and humour as they grow older. Capricorns include Hawking, Michelle Obama, Isaac Newton, and Kate Middleton.

Why Are People Who Were Born In December So Unusual?

Their birthdays are uncommon.

Being born on a major holiday, such as Christmas, may seem like a fun distraction, but the truth is that being born on December 25 is extremely unusual, making those births extra memorable. In fact, with just over 6,500 births on average, Christmas Day is the least likely day of the year to be born. The 24th of December is likewise a rare one, ranking 364th.

They are the ones who live the longest.

While fall kids born between September and November have the coolest chance of living to be 100, research shows that December babies have a higher chance of living to be 100. According to a 2011 study on the relationship between birth season and longevity, people born in December are more likely to live to be semi-supercentenarians, or people who live to be 105 years old or more.

They're the class president.

Your December baby is either one of the youngest or the oldest in the class, depending on your school's entry cut-offs. In any case, they're on their way to becoming one of the coolest. While some studies show that students who are the oldest in their class are more academically successful, other research has shown that being the youngest has an advantage by the time they graduate high school, with the youngest outperforming their older classmates by the time they apply to colleges. It's a win in any case.

They're the first to arrive.

According to a study of human circadian rhythms, those born in the winter months, including December, are more likely to be morning people, which means you'll be greeted with a happy child when you get up early. Even better, other studies have revealed that those born in the same season are more likely to go to bed sooner, giving mom more time to herself.

They're Not As Angry

While we can't guarantee that your child will survive the terrible twos (and threes), research shows that children born in December are less cranky than children born in other months. According to a Hungarian study on the link between birth season and mood disorder, children born in the winter months, such as December, are the least likely to have mood swings and tantrums.


They're game-changers.

December newborns share their birthday month with a number of well-known figures, including a few who have made significant contributions to the world. Walt Disney, Beethoven, and Jane Austen are just a few of the renowned December infants.

They're the hardest.

People born between the months of October through December are more likely to be physically active and athletic than those born in other months, according to a study published in the International Journal of Sports. A few well-known December newborns have even won Olympic Gold medals to demonstrate their abilities. Mckayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas, two gold medalists for Team USA Gymnastics, were born in December.

They're in good shape.

A Columbia University Department of Medi cine study looked at the links between birth month and disease risk and discovered a link in 55 ailments, including ADHD, asthma, vision problems, and ear infections. While December babies did not have a decreased risk of having extremely ailments, they also did not have a higher risk of developing them. In other words, they're in good shape.

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