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Rabbits Desk Mats

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Paint Dot Desk Mats

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What Is a Desk Mat?

Desk mat is also known in English as Mousepad. This is an essential accessory for a computer mouse, helping the mouse to increase sensitivity, and smoother and more responsive operations, thanks to the Desk mat creating a plane to move the mouse.

Desk mats are essential for gamers, designers, and graphics, ... because the surface of the accessory is meticulously machined, creating a grip that helps increase the performance of mouse adjustment.
The computer Desk mat is a surface on which to place and move the computer mouse. A laptop liner enhances the usability of the mouse compared to using the mouse directly on the table by providing a surface to allow it to measure precise movement.

A Desk Mat keeps a desk from getting scratches, stains, pen marks, and other damage. Desk Organization: A Desk Mat helps define a workspace by clearing space on a desktop, helping to get rid of unnecessary clutter and distractions while making the user more productive.

Uses of Desk mat:

Decorate the desk, entertainment, study more beautiful, aesthetic.

Minimizes much friction causing the surface of the table and mouse to wear out the rubber base, limiting battery loss.

Helps the rubber feet on the mouse to last longer.

Responses and movements are extremely fast and accurate.

Increase performance for demanding graphics, design, and gaming tasks.

You can easily use it on many surfaces.

What Is The History Of Computer Desk mats?

In 1968, the first computer mouse appeared. Engelbart used a control panel designed by Jack Kelley that included a keyboard and inserted used as a support area for the mouse. The first Desk mat was manufactured in 1969. The first commercial computer Desk mat manufacturer was Mourypt, founded by Bob McDermand. The company started to get a break when Apple decided to distribute its mousepads, featuring the Apple logo, to computer stores in the United States.

Why Should You Use A Desk mat?

Use the mouse all day without any discomfort? If so, your workstation is probably too firm, forcing your wrist into an awkward position.

Desk mat for more comfort

A regular Desk mat will help put your wrist in a softer position. However, you can also use a wrist shaping pad. They are soft underside pillows that lift your wrists and place them in a more natural position.

Desk mat protects the tabletop

Hovering directly on the table for a long time will cause the table to degrade quickly. You will never face this problem if you use a good quality countertop, for example, made from thick wood. However, with tables made of a cheaper quality, the more you move the mouse, the more it will cause the tabletop to be scratched and degraded extremely quickly. Of course, the Desk mat doesn't have to last forever, but replacing it is a lot more economical than replacing a desk.

The Desk mat keeps the mouse cleaner

Over time, your mouse will pick up a lot of different types of dirt, most of which come from your desk. This will greatly affect the accuracy of mouse gesture navigation. Plus, dirty makes us feel disgusted. Desk mats can help us overcome this problem. The mouse will pick up less dirt, mainly from the pad, which we can clean it regularly. You can wash the Desk mat as easily as washing the rag with soap and drying it, then continue to use it cleanly.

Desk mats increase gaming performance

If you play a lot of games that require fast and precise mouse actions, a Desk mat is an indispensable accessory. You can also buy a Desk mat specifically for gamers. Desk mats are designed with many different surface layers, but the most important thing is that the texture must be consistent, which is the most essential element for optical mice. The Desk mats are designed with very high adhesion so your hand will not accidentally slip if the table surface is too slippery.

High-tech Desk mat can help mouse wirelessly charge

Wireless mice are considered a lot because of the slow response speed. Now, if you're willing to spend, that won't be a problem anymore. You can buy both wireless keyboard and mouse combos. Wireless mouse is really convenient, no entangled wires, light weight for fast mouse surfing. Its biggest weakness is the need for constant charging. If you forget to charge the mouse, you will have to plug in the cord again and be stuck with those cords all day. That's why Desk mats with wireless charging technology appear. Using it, you won't have to worry about having to plug in your mouse every day.

Why Should You Choose Desk Mat On Printerval?

Printerval has a lot of different products with unique designs made by artists from all over the world. People who want to buy Desk Mat can choose from items that have pictures related to the holiday.

There are several Desk mats available from Printerval with unique patterns

always looking to provide them the most distinctive and fashionable products. Printerval produces unique patterns with vibrant colors and eye-catching imagery. It didn't take you long to choose your favorite Desk mats.

Low cost

Printerval is renowned for providing high-quality Desk mats at affordable prices. The cost of desk mats varies according to their caliber, carpet thickness, place of origin, and sales volume.

Payment in currency

For all client transactions, Printerval takes USD ($). Customers should use the local currency if they want to pay with a credit card or on the spot.

Payment choices include Paypal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.

Worldwide shipping

The shipping service provided by Printerval ensures the fastest arrival time and affordable shipping rates. To help consumers receive goods fast for international shipping, Printerval has its procedures. Visit Worldwide Shipping for details on delivery services and additional information on shipping regulations.

Can Custom Follow Customer Needs?

Desk mats are a necessary decorative item that not only enables clients to find trustworthy suppliers and excellent quality but also allows them to print Desk mats as needed. Since these standards must be met, choosing a Desk mats printing company is essential.

Excellent carpeting adds beauty, security, and health to a formal environment when used in conjunction with upscale furnishings. Today, according to Printerval, customizing desk mat size, color, and texture is the best option.

Diverse from size to type

There are three main sizes available at Printerval: 12" x 18", 12" x 22," and 31.29" x 15.7."

Best Gift For People

Desk mats might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about gifts for certain people. A desk mat selection is a thoughtful and thorough process. The most meaningful present you can offer to a loved one, a close friend, or just someone you care about is a desk mat, on the other hand.

Which Desk Mats Should I Buy?

Understanding how to choose is one of the factors you need to know when choosing a Desk Mat

Choose a Desk mat according to your needs

Depending on the needs of use, users have different options:

Choose a padded Desk mat: Suitable for people who often use the mouse, work with fatigue or have joint diseases. Accessories will support to raise your wrist more, create a feeling of comfort, and reduce the pressure that causes shoulder, neck, and hand joint pain.

Choose a Desk mat with a smooth surface: It helps to move quickly, accurately, and smoothly. Suitable for gamers who want a responsive and fast feeling of speed like FPS games.

Choose a "Control" mousepad: It has a rough surface that helps create resistance, so it can be moved to a position where high precision is required.

Selection of Desk mats material

Woven fabric, foam, rubber: Provides a smooth, comfortable feeling when playing games. You can roll it up after use and take it anywhere. However, the surface is very easy to wear and peel, so you need to spend money to replace it regularly.

Aluminum, plastic material: Highly durable because when the Desk mats is dirty, you just need to wipe it to be able to use them; it is difficult to peel off. However, this type is expensive and difficult to carry.

Design of the Desk mats

Desk mats are sold in various stores, with different designs and styles. Some models also print on accessories with patterns ranging from cute to strong personality for you to choose freely.

To choose the design of the Desk mats, users need to base on their needs and preferences to choose the most appropriate one.

Desk mats size and thickness

Choose the size of the Desk mats based on the range of operations, and choose different lengths and short sizes. However, ensure that the mouse is always within range of the pad.

The thickness of the Desk mats, choose a moderate thickness, suitable for gaming and work needs. The pads will have a thickness of about 0.5 - 6 mm; the choice of this degree will depend on each consumer.

Price and brand of Desk mats

There are many cheap products on the market, but the quality is unstable and they must be replaced quickly. You should prioritize choosing genuine products that both ensure quality, high durability, and the ability to operate correctly. The price of Desk mats ranges from 30,000 to several hundred thousand. When choosing insoles by price and brand, you should base your financial needs to consideration and choose accordingly.

Should The Desk Mat Be Washed?

Used for a long time, Desk mats made of cloth or rubber it is easy to get dirty. So, users often wonder if they should wash the Desk mat.

Depending on the type of material, you have different cleaning methods. With the fabric, you can soak it in hot water with soap and gently rub it. Rubber material should use vinegar and soft cloth to wipe it when used.

After washing, leave the pad at room temperature or in mild sunlight, do not expose it to direct sunlight or strong sunlight because it is easy to peel off the fabric. After use, please roll up a soft pad, store it in a dedicated box, avoid dust.

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