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Enamel Bowl

Enamel Bowl

Enamel Bowl

Enamel Bowl

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Chic Enamel Bow

Chic Enamel Bow

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Enamel Bowls - The timeless item in your kitchen

Increasing demand for enamelware can be attributed to the current fashion for mid-century modern design. Due to the worries about toxins in plastics and non-stick cookware, enameled metal kitchenware has become increasingly popular. Printerval's enamel bowls are among top-of-the-line kitchen accessories that are much-loved by our customers.

Enameling history

The practice of enameling dates back a very long time; in fact, it was first used by the ancient Egyptians and Chinese, and later by the Romans in Britain. Stone, pottery, glass, and metal are all suitable substrates for enamel coatings; the only requirement is that the material be able to withstand the heating process.

These early enamel pieces were not only beautiful but also pricey and ornamental. Around the year 1850, when enameled cast iron first became a viable commercial commodity, enameled cookware sinks, and bathtubs were brought into homes for the first time. As a result of the enameling process, the new cookware was significantly lighter in weight, easier to clean, scratch resistant, and had excellent heat conductivity.

Enamelware is fabricated by bonding porcelain enamel, which is powdered glass, onto the steel. This gives the product its distinctive look. After the form is pressed out of a sheet of steel, the sheet is dipped in liquid enamel and then placed in a kiln to be heated.

After being applied to the steel, the porcelain enamel will eventually harden into a covering that is smooth and long-lasting. Certain metal oxides are added to each enamel mix; the colors that arise are the consequence of a reaction that takes place in the kiln. This gives the enamel a good color that will remain for a long time. After the first firing is finished, the rim is given a hand-painted finish

All in all, enamelware is non-toxic, safe for use by children, simple to clean, resistant to rust, and will maintain its color for many years.

Reasons for using enamel bowls over bowls made of other material

Due of its extreme durability, enamel bowl has a well-deserved reputation for being indestructible. What's more to become the reasons to fall in love for enamelware? Please take a look at the listed outstanding features below.


An enamel bowl is food-safe since it doesn't react with food acids. Enamel bowls may be served, frozen, and stored without destroying the coating or pattern. Tea, coffee, and other foods naturally discolor enamel. Therefore, we can eat safely the food contained in enamel bowls.

Hardy and durable

It's made of stainless steel with a powdered glass finish. This powder melts to metal when heated, forming a robust, durable surface. This method creates long-lasting, resilient, lightweight, easy-to-clean, unbreakable, and stylish items. Enamel bowls can resist hot or frozen food, therefore they're not easy to break.

Easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe

Enamel bowls are cleanable. It's dishwasher safe, so no scrubbing or soaking is needed, however soaking can assist. A tip for you is that the combination of baking soda and lemon juice helps remove difficult stains on enamel bowls more effectively. Using enamel bowls will make you feel better about cleanliness and readiness.

Heat-retaining enamel bowls

Enamel bowls have tight-fitting lids to keep food fresh and warm and for storage. They provide wonderful food-serving alternatives to glass bowls. Enamelware retains heat well, making food service safer. They retain uniform heat, preventing temperature drops and keeping dishes warm. Cooking food to safe temperatures is vital for kitchen and table food hygiene. When you're ready to serve, the meal shouldn't cool too rapidly, and the enamelware will be solid.

Tips for a long-lasting enamel bowl

Unfortunately, enamel bowls can become damaged over time when exposed to intense heat and caustic substances, just like any other kitchen item. They require little maintenance. Follow the useful tips below.

  • It would be greatest to handwash enamel bowls with dishwashing detergent
  • If you wash enamel bowls in the dishwasher, arrange the enamel bowls and other stuff in order so they won't touch to prevent any damage
  • Dry your enamel bowls right after the dishwashing step. Leaving the water on enamelware for a long time can cause erosion quickly
  • Sturdy steel and porcelain are used to make enamel bowls, which can resist hot heat on a cooktop, over an open flame, or in the oven. However, using steel in a microwave will result in dangerous electrical arcs. In the worst-case situation, this could harm your house or irreparably harm your microwave
  • Treat your enamelware with care
  • Keep in mind is to never clean your enamelware using steel wool or abrasive brushes. The dish's outer, the protective coating may become scratched as a result. When preparing or serving meals from your enamelware, choose soft sponges rather than ones with sharp metal edges, and use wooden or rubber tools instead

Tip to safely wash Enamelware

Clean-up is a breeze with enamelware. We suggest preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and then spreading a light coating of oil on your enamelware pans. When you're done cooking and see some burn marks on your dish, just soak it in some warm soapy water for a few minutes. The stain can be soaked in bicarbonate of soda or lemon juice for half an hour before being washed normally to remove the discoloration.

Why should you pick enamel bowls on Printerval?

The reputable seller on the website Printerval offers you the best enamel bowls ever along with other top-notch items for your home, lifestyle, or daily needs. Let's look at a few excellent justifications for choosing Printerval as a purchase.

Many enamel bowls with different patterns and graphics

Printerval has a lot of templates and designs and sellers from artists from all over the world. All of these designs are exclusive to the website and can only be found on Printerval. Printerval is always confident about the diverse and distinctive designs of our sellers.

Long-lasting material

With materials mostly made of stainless steel, these things have beautiful, sharp colors, robust texture, and a relatively high level of aesthetics, and they can withstand years of everyday use. Printerval guarantees that the enamel bowls' quality is durable and that the color will always look as good as new.

Modern printing techniques

Without a doubt, printing has amazing clarity. The most cutting-edge printing technology will be used to create each and every product sold at Printerval.

Price was fair

The price of each enamel bowl depends on its size and image, but at Printerval, you can get an enamel bowl with a distinctive design for as little as $23 per one. In addition to having very reasonable prices, the website always has special deals that you shouldn't miss.


You can pay for things on Printerval with Master Card, Visa Card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, or Apple Pay.

The cost to ship is at low-price

People always worry about shipping costs when they buy something. But at Printerval, not only is shipping fast, but the cost of shipping is also very low and fair. You don't have to worry that your item will take a month to get to you; if you buy it here, it will arrive in 6–14 days, including shipping. Want to know more about the rules for shipping?

You can find out more at https://printerval.com/shipping-delivery-n7.html.

Utmost discretion

When you shop with Printerval, all of your information is protected by an SSL certificate, making it impossible for anyone to access it before it reaches the page it is intended for. Nobody can view or intercept the information while it is transferred from your computer to our web servers. Because of this, you can be sure that your data is protected.


Printerval's entire line of enamel bowls is built to survive years of regular use. You won't want to use anything else once you start collecting enamel bowls! Your dishes will continue to seem brand new for many generations as long as you take excellent care of them. Shop now on Printerval to get great deals from us!