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What does Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me mean?

Women want me, fish fear me refers to a popular hat label, which is often parodied online in photoshop edits which are usually ridiculously extensive, containing dark jokes on solitude. The parody “ Woman Want Me, Fish Fear Me” appeared for the first time in a picture of an oversized fishing hat. Originally, such parody designs have been adopted by vendors, making these funny-style items available for purchase.

With regard to meaning, it is hard to explain exactly what “Woman Want Me, Fish Fear Me” is. This meme quote is common in the United States, in particular in rural areas. For those who are manual laborers or living in the countryside, spiritual life plays an important role. They need parodies to make their life fun and exciting. The “women want me fish fear me” quote is a typical example. 

What is the origin of Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me?

Originally, the quote “ women want me fish fear me” was known as a cliché expression or a classic dad-joke said by fathers who are active in fishing. Eventually, this parody was modernized online and turned into a meme. 

The first fishing hat with “ women want me fish fear me” appeared on Facebook from the page Jekyl Does'nt Hide on June 23rd, 2020. After that, there are numerous variants appearing publicly on social media. In particular, from Squidbillies, an American adult animated television series created by Jim Fortier and Dave Willis for Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block, Adult Swim, items with the parody “ women want me fish fear me” have been popular. 

Also, it is believed that “ women want me fish fear me” is used in pieces as part of a copypasta which is “Women Fear Me. Fish Fear Me. Men Turn Their Eyes Away From Me. As I Walk No Beast Dares Make A Sound In My Presence. I Am Alone On This Barren Earth.”

Since April 2021, the meme “ women want me fish fear me” has been more popular among the public and has been printed on many fashion items including t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, etc. 

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Why is the “women want me fish fear me” style on-trend?

The meme “ women want me fish fear me” is so popular that we can see it not only on social media but on various fashion items nowadays. Although the parody is just for fun,  designers and producers make it become fascinating styles that are widely known, sold, and used. 

In particular, the “women want me fish fear me” style belongs to the printed-on-demand style which is designed and produced based on the customers’ demand and specific requirements. They can express any message on their buying products. In addition, customers also have many choices when this style is printed on various items such as T-shirts, Tank tops, Hoodies, etc. 

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