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What is Flat Earth?

The flat Earth model is the definition of an archaic conception that determines Earth’s shape as a plane of the disk. The idea of flat Earth has been a notion shared by an extraordinarily wide range of cultures and tied to vastly different metaphysical systems and cosmologies. For example, the flat Earth cosmography was subscribed by many ancient cultures such as Greece, the Bronze Age, and Iron Age civilizations of the Near East, and China. However, it is believed that flat Earth ideas are based on basic scientific misunderstandings that should be refuted. Nowadays, the evidence for a spherical Earth is obvious even to those who have no physics background, thanks to the significant development of modern science. 

History of Flat Earth theory

In West Asia, Egyptians and Mesopotamians thought that the world was portrayed as a disk floating in the ocean. During the 8th century BC, a similar idea was found in the Homeric, in the Pyramid Texts as well as Coffin Texts. 

In Greece, the flat Earth theory was described by various people including poets, philosophers, historians. Regarding poems, Homer and Hesiod mentioned a disc cosmography on the Shield of Achilles. Some philosophers such as Thales (c. 550 BC), Leucippus (c. 440 BC), and Democritus ( c. 460–370 BC), etc had belief in the flat Earth. For instance, Thales thought that the Earth floated in the water like a log, or Anaximander ( c. 550 BC) believed that the Earth was a short cylinder with a flat, circular top that remained stable because it was the same distance from all things. 

In Northern Europe, the ancient Norse and Germanic peoples also believed in a flat Earth cosmography with the Earth surrounded by an ocean. 

And in East Asia, ancient China stated that the Earth was flat and square, while the heavens were round. This thought existed in China from early times until the first contact with modern science through the medium of Jesuit missionaries in the seventeenth century. 

A number of ancient Indian conceptions such as Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism tied their cosmography to botanical images, with the earth being divided into four continents surrounding a mountain, akin to the way petals encircle the bud of a flower. 

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Why is Flat Earth style on-trend?

In terms of science, the idea of flat Earth is not totally approved and proven but in terms of belief, it seems to be widely acknowledged by many people. The Flat Earth style is on-trend because of the punk, strange, and mysterious nature of this theory. Sometimes, we also witness many absurdities occurring around us. We know it is obviously non-scientific but we still accept them just because they are beliefs. Belief is not easy to change or eliminate, conversely, it has existed along with our daily life and has become an inevitable idea. Flat Earth is not an exception. 

Those who believe that the Earth is flat, desire to spread their belief to others. Flat Earth style is an ideal way to do that. In addition, designs of Flat Earth style are unique and stimulating that attract a large number of customers, even many of them are not believers of flat Earth. Nevertheless, this style is affordable, comfortable, and suitable for various occasions, both formal and casual, meaning customers can use it flexibly.

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With the diversity of products as a priority, Printerval provides you with a wide range of Flat Earth items within the Flat Earth collection including Flat Earth T-shirts, Flat Earth Tank tops, etc. In addition to items, sizes and colors are also diverse in which you will have unlimited choices when you shop online from Printerval. With regard to sizes, we are available in all sizes including for kids, men, women, skinny guys, and plus-size guys. Colors vary for each item so that you do not need to worry about the fit between your buying Flat Earth items and your skin tone or other mixing items. You are free to consider and choose. Bringing customers an abundance of choice and many satisfaction, as well as exciting shopping moments, are our honor and constant efforts and we are happy about that. We hope that customers will have many exciting shopping moments at our store. 

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How special are the designs of Flat earth style on 

Like other style collections on, the Flat Earth collection is printed-on-demand products. Every design of Flat Earth style is based on customers' demands and specific requirements. We also commit to bringing customers designs with the uniqueness and comfort designed by many reputable designers around the world.  Some of the stimulating and edgy designs from our shop are “ Flat Earth Believe”, “ Make Great Earth Flat Again”, “ NASA Lies Flat Earth”, “ The Earth Is Flat Gifts It's Flat Bro Ice Wall Flat Earth”, “ Flat Earth Society T-Shirt Turtle Elephants Men Women Gift”, etc.

Each design will contain a specific meaning and message that makes the Flat Earth style on more special and inspirational. 

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How much do Flat earth style products cost?

Prices of Flat Earth printed items on are always reasonable and stable. Toward market tendency, you can not resist the fact that the more exclusive and trendy Flat Earth styles you want, the more money you must pay for them. Conversely, Printerval sells equivalent products at cheaper prices because we specialize in the production as well as the design process. Nevertheless, there are also a variety of discount programs for customers regularly, therefore, you can purchase Flat Earth products at good and amazing prices.  

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