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What is Curtain?

A curtain is a piece of cloth that is designed to block or obscure light, keep bad air out, or keep water out (in the case of a shower curtain). A curtain can be used as a mobile screen or hung as a space divider.
To prevent light from coming through a building's window, curtains are frequently placed on the inside. For instance, to aid sleep or prevent light from escaping to the outside of the structure at night (preventing outsiders from being able to see inside, often for privacy reasons) referred to as curtains Curtains are available in a variety of styles, materials, sizes, colors, and patterns...
Curtains are a type of window treatment that completes a home's overall appearance. Window treatments allow you to manage the environment and the amount of natural light that enters the room. Pleats or curtains have the maximum impact in the daytime, but with the right indoor lighting, they can also be appealing at night.

How Curtain were invented?

The curtain hung on the entrance was thought to be from the 2nd century of Satellite, based on evidence unearthed at excavation sites in Olynthus, Pompeii, and Herculaneum. It appears to have been used as a barrier in the past.
At the end of the 16th century, curtains began to replace wooden shutters in England, eventually being replaced with cotton wool. The wonderful Renaissance fabric, including the warmth, but also the flowers, began to import during the reign of Elizabeth I. In Elizabethan and Jacobean England, these complex fabrications, as well as cloth produced by embracing opium, were used as curtains.
Curtains are currently sold and manufactured in a variety of styles and for a variety of purposes. Many hues were created for 1-2 layers to enhance their flavor, and they were manufactured of various materials.

Why should choose to buy curtains on Printerval?

Printerval has a lot of curtains with modern designs, beautiful textures

Curtains should complement the decor of the room, so Printerval offers a wide range of patterns with pretty textures and colors. In most cases, many clients will want to choose a color that will match your curtains to the color scheme of the room. Instead, you can create a unique look by choosing curtain colors that contrast the color of the room. 
Printerval has curtains with many materials.

Printerval offers a variety of blinds, along with a variety of materials for customers to choose from, to suit the purpose and space of use. Some popular materials such as plastic, fabric, polyester,...
One of the most essential factors to consider when buying window treatments for your home is the fabric. The texture, coverage, durability, and ease of laundering are all influenced by the type of cloth used in the curtains. Take a look at the curtain fabrics below to see which ones best suit your decor and requirements.

Safe materials 

Cotton is versatile and easy to clean, while velvet is luxurious and private, but sometimes a bit heavy for certain spaces. For some types of curtains for the bathroom that often use water-resistant materials, most curtains are made of cotton or linen fabric, very safe for children

Reasonable price

All types of curtains are publicly priced very clearly, prices range from less than $35 to $65 depending on the material and size.  The price is distributed from low to high so that customers can freely choose the curtain that suits their wallets.  Also, on certain special occasions of the year, Printerval will have some special curtains on sale on the floor, stay tuned for the best prices!

How about the payment?

Printerval.com pays in USD ($). No matter where you are in the world, Printerval makes global business and payments much easier. International payments have the same approval process as domestic payments and always keep track of your payment status clearly and notify you of your payment.

Fast shipping

Printerval always ensures the fastest possible delivery for customers, an average of 6-14 days for regular orders. To learn more about orders, visit the Worldwide Shipping section to learn more about shipping policies

Custom follow customer needs

In addition to providing all kinds of curtains, Printerval also has a service to print images on demand on the curtain if you want.

Diverse from size to type

With a variety of curtains from curtains for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, curtains for bathrooms, or decorative curtains, all sizes, and materials. Produced in a high-quality factory . Using an independent certification system ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

How to choose a good curtain?

Purpose of using curtains

Depending on the purpose of using curtains, you will have an appropriate choice for your home. Do you want to block the sun? Prevent the heat? Should choose curtains with thick material. The two most suitable types include velvet, brocade, or double-layer curtains. If the purpose of using the curtain is to beautify, you should pay attention to the material, color, and style. Especially, if your family has elderly people who have difficulty walking, automatic blinds can be the ideal choice.

Choose the right size

The size chart of curtains varies widely due to and depending on the uses and types

Window Curtains 

Shower Curtains 

52x63 cm

90x80 cm


120x180 cm

52x95 cm

150x180 cm


165x180 cm

52 x120cm

180x180 cm


180x200 cm


Choose the suitable fabric 

Material is also very important when choosing curtains. It is necessary to ensure that the material is safe for healthy jellyfish and does not fade after cleaning. Of course, it must also be suitable for the purpose as well as the location of the curtain. Each material has its own advantages and different prices. The commonly used materials are brocade, chiffon, cotton...

The choice of color

The colors for curtains are very diverse and rich. However, colors like black and red should be. These two colors easily inhibit the viewer, making the room of your family heavy and mysterious. In addition, the color of the curtain must be in harmony with the color of the wall paint and the interior of the room.

Selecting idea length

Curtains that fall to the favorable price of the floor are fashionable. For a more dramatic effect, choose a curtain size that is a few inches longer, allowing the drapes to pool on the floor. If you have children, though, you should hang your curtains a few inches above the floor. Another conventional alternative for smaller windows is to end them at the sill, but full-length drapes could also work.

Based on the width 

The appropriate width of your curtains is determined by the width of your windowpane or door's molding. Measuring the frame is one approach to determine the optimal width.

New designs

A beautiful and unique design will prove you are a person with good taste, so choosing new, fashionable designs and patterns will also make your home or office space look more beautiful.

Choose between lined and unlined curtains

Blackout curtains with a curtain lining provide privacy while yet allowing adequate light into space. As a result, you should think about the purpose of the curtains or blinds you've picked. A protective lining can make window curtains darker, fade more slowly, and last longer if they are exposed to direct sunlight. A translucent covering can also provide you the option of choosing how much privacy and light you desire. The fact is that the curtain will not last without a lining, so choose wisely.

How to choose the best curtain?
Curtain use in living room 

It is the place for your family to gather, also the first place that the guests come to. Therefore, curtains for the living room should choose colors and patterns that are elegant, creating a cozy and elegant feeling. Fabric curtains are the first choice for the living room. In addition, with wide doorways, you can refer to wooden blinds.

Curtain for bathroom

Bathroom: is a rather humid place, so choose how to have high durability. There are many options for you but the priority is plastic curtains because they are waterproof. In addition, you can choose fabric curtains, but need to not touch the floor to limit water absorption. Accessories that come with a hanger should also choose a stainless steel type. They are both luxurious and water-resistant for a long time.

Curtain for bedroom

Bedroom: Need to pay attention to the ability to block the sun. Because this is a place to rest and relax after a long hard working day. Unprotected sunlight can affect the sleep of your family members, leading to fatigue and inefficiency. The bedroom curtains of couples should choose sweet, romantic tones like pastel colors. Children's bedrooms should choose bright colors, fun textures suitable for their age. The bedroom of the elderly should choose gentle and warm tones

Curtains for kitchen

Curtains with a simple design that are easy to clean should be preferred. Aluminum blinds appear to be the best option. Furthermore, cloth curtains can still be used, but they must be made simply and the material must be of good quality to avoid fading after washing.

Reputable and Verified Origin

Should research and go to reputable stores. Here, you will be advised by a long-term and experienced staff to choose the best curtain. At the same time, the warranty and birthing services will make you and your family satisfied, avoid the purchase of fake goods, imitation goods, and poor quality goods.

How to hang a curtain?

Step 1: Locate and install the two curtain rod supports.

We use a steel ruler to measure the height of the curtain, then determine the top screw hole by making the curtain 2cm to 3cm higher than the floor, the top screw hole is 1cm lower than the top of the curtain.
The top screw hole is at least 15cm from the edge of the door, this distance is determined when measuring and ordering curtains. Then use a screwdriver or a screwdriver to tighten the screws that attach the pillar to the wall.

Step 2: Attach the curtain to the curtain rod.

First, we put a piece of white plastic behind sequentially connect the two pieces of Ore together to create elasticity and wavy for the curtain.

We thread the curtain rod through the Ore holes and then use the two king ends to lock the two ends of the curtain rod to prevent the curtain fabric from slipping off the hanging rod.

Step 3: Hang the curtain on the two supports attached to the wall.

We raise the curtain and curtain rod and then cross it across the two support posts so that the curtain rod is in the slot of the support pillar, the whole curtain is in the space between the two support posts. The support slot has a white plastic piece to create a solid connection with the hanging rod.

Step 4: Attach the hand hanger and finish.

After determining the two positions of the knob, we use a concrete drill to drill holes and close the opening and then twist the knob to push it into the wall. Hook your hand up to the wall to complete the installation of the curtain

Some notices when use curtain

Tips when using curtains

The first thing to remember while using curtains is to pay attention not to let the curtains touch the ground too much, starting from the time of installation. When curtain fabric comes into contact with the ground too much, especially in the bathroom, it becomes unclean, absorbent, and moldy; or with blinds, such as wooden blinds, or any sort of curtain, the curtain degrades and may fade faster. 
When operating the curtain, especially when pulling it back, pull it gently. If you pull it back too many times, the wire will be broken and become easily stuck. Alternatively, if you have tiny children, don't allow them to play with the curtains. Using a vacuum cleaner, clean the curtains.

Curtain cleaning tips

With today's stunning curtains, each has its own cleaning process that varies based on the material and type of curtain you install.
Polyester curtains can be cleaned by hand or machine since the material will not be harmed or damaged when washed with water and spun in the washing machine.
Curtains made with coarse fabrics, such as brocade textiles, should not be washed by hand or with water, since this would cause the curtains to shrink in comparison to their original size, losing their shape. This type of curtain requires the use of a vacuum cleaner or a trip to the dry cleaners to keep them looking nice and lasting.
Curtains, such as wooden or aluminum blinds, can be cleaned with a towel and vacuum cleaner to keep them looking new.
Curtains should be cleaned on a regular basis, such as once every six months or once a year.

Curtain care suggestions

When using curtains, keep in mind that rainwater will have an impact on their color, style, and longevity. Wooden blinds that are constantly exposed to rain, especially roller blinds, can discolor and degrade quickly, so to protect them, place a small piece of concrete above the window to block direct sunlight. and there was a lot of precipitation splashing in.
Furthermore, to keep the curtains looking beautiful and gleaming like wooden blinds, you should use lemon essential oil for washing and cleaning, which is quite good at brushing away dirt while remaining as gleaming as the original.

What is the average price of a curtain?

The average price is about $50, depending on the type, size, and design. You can already own a curtain.

Where to buy the cheapest and best curtain? 

When you decide the color, the length, the fabric, and the shape of the curtains you want, Look for online or face-to-face at the stores or access Printerval com. You can see that the packages are fully updated, and the country will be able to secure the shipment. Besides in Printerval, there are always other costs policies, so you don't have to worry about it.