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Songs of America

With simple and true "country" lyrics, the song praises the peaceful and prosperous beauty, the hard-working people, and the famous lands of the United States.

The song expresses pride and gratitude to the brave soldiers who have fallen so that the American people today can live in freedom, to see the national flag fluttering with the pride of digital power. 1 world and above all respect and reverence to God who has blessed a proud people.

The story of the song "God Bless America" ​​- the unofficial national anthem of the United States of America

This is the story behind "God Bless America." This simple one-sentence song became an overnight hit, and a song of hope when war threatened.

This is the background of the song "God Bless America." This modest one-sentence song became an instant sensation when conflict approached, serving as a hymn of hope for the people. During a 1940 interview, composer Irving Berlin stated that the song was "not a nationalistic song," but rather "an expression of appreciation for what this country has done for its people, for the true meaning of homeland." Today, many Americans believe "God Bless America" to be an unofficial national anthem of the United States, although it is not officially recognized as such.

Irving Berlin's life is a success story that is very American in nature. He was born in Siberia as an Israeli Baline, which means "Israeli Baline."

Irving Berlin's father passed away while he was just eight years old. He began singing in restaurants when he was a youngster, and he eventually taught himself to play the piano. He began by mimicking the musical genres of the day, and over time, he developed an incredible knack for writing popular songs that people would like listening to. Because of a typographical error on a published piece of music, he was given the name Irving Berlin, and he has carried that identity with him as he creates song after song ever since. In 1911, he penned "Alexander's Ragtime Band," which became his first significant dance success.

Berlin's professional life shot off like a rocket after that. He composed stage musicals and soundtracks, and he was responsible for several hits. Many of these songs are still performed today, including "White Christmas," "God Bless America," and "Jingle Bells."

One of the greatest vocalists of the day, Kate Smith requested a new song for her radio show, and the request was granted. As a result, when she approached composer Irving Berlin, she knew she needed something new for Smith to perform on. On Armistice Day 1938, the song will shine brightly, and it will be embraced and supported by the entire world.

Americans have gained spiritual power as a result of the anthem "God Bless America." Creating a spirit of nationalism and a sense of profound purpose in everyone's heart.

Meaning of the song

The song's opening section exhorts listeners to "swear loyalty to a free nation," which is, of course, a reference to the United States of America. There is also a reference to "storm clouds gathering far across the water," which is another allusion to Nazi Germany.

The major topic of the song is essentially an expression of gratitude and affection for the United States of America, as well as an appeal to Almighty God to bless the country. This admiration is founded not only on the fact that the United States is the singer's country of origin, but also on the fact that the country is a beacon of hope whose ideal of justice spreads far and wide throughout the globe.

Interesting Facts About "God Bless America"

Kate Smith was the first to record a new version of "God Bless America" in 1938, and she did so in 1938. On Armistice Day, she did so on her own radio show, which she hosted (November 11 now known as Veterans Day).

The next year, RCA Victor Records released Kate Smith's rendition of the song, which became a worldwide hit.

Kate Smith's career was defined by the song "God Bless America," which became her signature tune.

Since the tragic New York City terror attacks on September 11, 2001, the New York Yankees Major League Baseball club has played Kate Smith "God Bless America" during the seventh inning of a home game during the seventh inning.

Since it was found that Smith had written at least one overtly racist song in the 1930s, the New York Yankees have chosen to cease playing "God Bless America" as of April 18, 2019, according to the team. The Yankees, on the other hand, continued to play "God Bless America" in general, rather than Kate Smith's rendition.

Following the discovery that Smith had been singing racist songs, the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League announced that they would begin playing a different version of "God Bless America," rather than Smith's. In addition, the Flyers have opted to hide a monument of Kate Smith that is placed near their arena, the Wells Fargo Center, as part of their ongoing campaign (Philadelphia). In its original location, this monument stood outside Spectrum, the former home of the Philadelphia Flyers. When Spectrum was destroyed in 2011, it was relocated to a more convenient location near the Wells Fargo Center.

Kate Smith really performed "God Bless America" for the Philadelphia Flyers in 1974, just before they won the Stanley Cup, which was her first professional performance. Some Flyers' diehard fans have tied the singer's success to the group as a whole, and in 2010, they collaborated with the United States Postal Service to design a Kate Smith postage stamp, which was released in conjunction with the Flyers' 50th-anniversary tour.

 As a result, numerous notable persons, including a voice associated with the Philadelphia Flyers, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the restriction on Kate Smith's participation in hockey.

When it came to Kate Smith's racist past, Asa Khalif of the Black Lives Matter movement claims that he and other like-minded people protested the Philadelphia Flyers over the internet and by phone for more than a year before they finally decided to act before the Flyers' game against the New York Rangers on April 18, 2019.

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