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What is a guitar?

The guitar also known as the Spanish guitar, originated as a musical instrument more than 5000 years ago (ancient guitar), later the Spaniards improved it into today's guitar. Guitars today have 6 strings, but there are still guitars with 4, 7, 8, 10, and 12 strings. It is a type of stringed and keyed instrument that has wide applications in music and can be used as accompaniment for singing, ensemble or solo playing.

History of the guitar

The guitar has a long history, probably starting with the bowstrings of ancient hunters. The snap of the bowstring when the arrow was launched suggested the ancients create the lyre, harp, and lute. These guitars are made from wood, tortoise shells, and animal tendons. In Greece in the 7th century, the lyre and the cithara appeared popular (a large, bulky instrument, mimicking the structure of a lyre with a large wooden top).

The word "guitar" (guitar) comes from the word cithara. The first guitar probably appeared in Egypt and Babylon from 1000 BC. Through many transformations, it was brought to Europe by invading armies around the 8th century and flourished in the 14th century, especially in Spain.

Along with other traveling instruments, the rebec (ancient three-stringed violin) with a round bulb followed the invading armies to Spain, becoming a popular instrument, creating a new wind for the lives of the people here. Many musicians have composed Linked Texts based on the sound of the Rebec. Even the Spanish Church had to ban churches from playing this instrument because of its liberal nature.

It is not known when the word guitarra appeared in Spain. However, during the 14th century, there were two types of instruments called guittara, the Latina guittara, and the Moisca guittara, that occupied the unique position in the country of the bulls.

The oldest stringed instrument found in the Alaja Huyuk area (on the Anatoli peninsula) dates back to 1400 BC. An ancient stone statue has also been found in Greece illustrating a woman holding a lute. A special feature is that her posture coincides with the playing posture of today's guitarists.

In the 15th century, the vihuela was the first instrument to have all the characteristics of the guitar. The preserved pieces of music written for this instrument show incredible perfection.

The first guitars in Italy brought the significant improvements that characterize the guitar today. The instrument has a single soundhole, a neck, and keys. Strings usually consist of 4 double strings (like a mandoline) and a single string. The box is shaped like an 8 and is longer than a modern guitar.

However, it was not until the 19th century, under the talented hands of master craftsman Antonio de Torres Jurado (1817-1892) that the guitar found its perfection: simplicity and elegance. First of all, the proportions are proportional. In the body, de Torres replaced the traditional 4 or 5 crossbars with a system of 7 fan chestnut bars. They are scaled so precisely that no one will ever be able to surpass them, and as a result de Torres instruments always have a smooth, expressive sound and a very soft, deep reverb. De Torres is also the person who found the standard length of the string is 65 cm. It can be said that so far, it is difficult for anyone to surpass the exemplary sound and shape of de Torres' guitar.

One of the greatest developments of the six-stringed instrument was the reign of King Ludwig XIV. One can enjoy the music from the rich palace to the small market corners of the common people. Everyone is passionate about guitar no matter what class they are in. However, it was because of the strange idea of ​​the aristocracy that they were enjoying music with the common people that the guitar had not appeared in the palace for a long time.

Even so, the guitar quietly evolved. With artistic inspiration from ordinary life, painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio founded an art school that blends still life and reality, the focus of which is the free-spirited guitar sound and joyful dance steps. party at the table of the maids and the good peasant boys. It can be said that this is also the premise of gradually forming very charming flamenco music, typical of Spain.

By the beginning of the 20th century, the six-string guitar had flourished in all walks of life. Along with new changes in artistic, economic, social, and political life, the guitar has turned into new branches such as rock music, jazz music and has become the most popular instrument in modern musical life. Grand.

Popular Guitar Types

Classic guitar

The classical guitar belongs to the line of acoustic guitars. You can use nylon or iron strings when playing this instrument. Classical guitars were originally used to play classical Spanish and other classical music genres (Orthodox Classic, Arrangement, Classical Arrangement). The classical guitar can be used to play other genres of music such as Pop, Folk, Latin, and Jazz. Classical guitar music is hard, so nails must be cut to standards. In addition, the player must have a firm grasp of the music theory, as well as the key positions in each gamut.

Acoustic guitar

The acoustic guitar is a great instrument for many modern music genres such as Pop, R&B, Acoustic, and especially Finger-Style. Acoustic guitars use metal strings, there are two types of acoustic guitars: normal acoustic guitar and defective acoustic guitar. The form is usually shaped like a Classical guitar. The missing form has a drum section on the top of the body - making it easy to use the overhead knobs. In addition, acoustic guitars have more chambers than classical guitars. Currently, Acoustic guitar is used a lot in accompaniment as well as Finger Style genres.

Electric guitar

The electric guitar is a composite product of wood, metal, and plastic, with a length from 97 cm to 102 cm. Electric guitars are shaped like classical guitars. The only difference is the body part. The body of the electric guitar is solid and flat, so the electric guitar is amplified by magnetic sensors (with 1-3 pick-ups) connected to coils wrapped around the cores (bobbins) embedded in the body. herd. Compared to wooden guitars, electric guitar strings tend to be thinner and more flexible.

Bass guitar

The bass guitar is one of the variations of the electric guitar, with a longer neck and thicker strings. Bass guitars have a solid body design and the strings produce sound through an amplifier. Bass guitars usually have 4 strings. The bass guitar is used to keep the rhythm of the band and is used with most modern music styles including rock and roll.

What are the benefits of learning the guitar?

Improve memory

Scientists have studied and shown that children who learn guitar or are exposed to music early have better memories than their peers because music has a positive effect on the brain, Helps the brain think better.

Besides, having music in life will help reduce people's chances of being depressed.

Practice discipline

If you want to learn guitar well, you have to focus and be patient in the process of learning and practicing. This will gradually form a disciplined character for the guitar player, and having discipline will make it easier for you to succeed in all other areas of your life.

Enhance creativity

When we first start learning, we all have to follow the rules to ensure that we learn the right knowledge and techniques. However, once you've mastered it, you're free to create your pieces or different accompaniment chords. This will stimulate the brain to be more creative.

 Enhance coordination

Learning to play requires coordination between the fingers, eyes as well as brain, so people who learn guitar often have better reflexes, faster than others.

Because of this, many parents, when they see that their children are not fast, often send their children to learn the piano and after some time can see very positive changes in their children.

Increase your confidence in front of the crowd

Having a unique talent will give you a lot more confidence – this is especially important in the new society. Being confident will help you make many friends, attract the opposite person to meet more favorable things in life.

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