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What is Hiking?

Hiking is an outdoor recreation or picnic activity (Outdoor Recreation or Outdoor Activity). In the English sense, Go Hiking is hiking, hiking through trails or available roads.

In Canada and the United States, the term Hiking is used to refer to long walks in non-urban areas, often on trails or on country walks that require a lot of effort.

While Walking (walking or walking) in Canada and the US refers to short walks in the city, urban places, in the UK and Ireland, Walking is used to refer to all kinds of Walking in the park or Hiking in the Alps. Hiking is also sometimes used in the UK, along with other terms such as Rambling - to go on an excursion, and Hillwalking - to walk in the hills, or mountain walking for short. Northern England again uses the term Fellwalking to refer to hiking.

In Australia, Go Hiking often implies Bushwhacking – going deep into the jungle. This term Bushwhacking refers to difficult hikes, through dense forests, many layers of low and high vegetation, which to pass through requires turning trees, breaking bushes.

In some cases, the trees are too dense to pass through, so the jungle must use a machete to clear the dust and clear the path. The term Bushwhacking is used to refer to both hiking on the trail or off the trail (Off-Trail Hiking).

Terms commonly used in New Zealand in place of Hiking include Tramping - which also means hiking, usually, overnight, day-long walks), Walking and Bushwalking. Trekking is the preferred term when used to refer to more day hikes over hilly areas such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, North-South America, Iran, or the highlands of the East Indies.

In North America, multi-day hikes that combine camping - Camping - are often called Backpacking. Backpacking here needs to be distinguished from the term Backpacking used to refer to a way of traveling in which the traveler mainly takes advantage of public transport during the trip, which lasts for months.

The difference between Trekking and Hiking

Due to the fact that trekking and hiking are both picnic activities that are commonly referred to as hiking, many people mistake the two ideas. Trekking and hiking, on the other hand, have numerous basic distinctions when it comes down to it.

The route of trekking is considered more dangerous than hiking. Because, trekking is done on locations with diverse terrain such as deserts, rocky mountains, jungles, ..., you even have to locate and explore new roads yourself. Meanwhile, hiking will be done on available trails and asphalt roads.

The activity intensity of trekking is higher than that of hiking. Because when trekking, you may encounter complex terrain surfaces, so it requires more skill, experience, and movement. Hiking also has to move a lot but compared to trekking, this movement is on a simpler level.

In terms of preparation, the items needed in backpacks of hikers and trekkers are relatively similar, including items such as backpacks, water retention, sleeping bags (in case of going for many days), medical supplies, ... However, because they have to operate at a stronger intensity, the equipment they carry when trekking needs to be durable and in addition to their personal belongings, they also need to carry many specialized items to use in some areas. necessary case.

Trekking and hiking are both useful picnic activities that bring you many interesting experiences.

Reasons to go hiking from the experts

What is Hiking, what effect does it have that more and more people use it? In addition to the fun and experience of sightseeing, they are also very good for your health.

Walking makes you feel happy. It can: improve your mood, reduce anxiety and even improve your memory.

Walking can ward off depression: A 90-minute walk in a natural environment may have measurable benefits for the brain and may help fight depression. This is only done when you are not on busy roads or heavy traffic.

Walking makes you less stressed of hiking is nothing more than fighting depression, hiking, and helping people reduce the negative impact and stress in life.

Hiking helps you solve problems: Spending time outdoors increases attention time and creative problem-solving skills by up to 50%.

Memory Boost: After an hour of interacting with nature, memory performance and attention were improved by 20%.

Weight loss: It helps you burn calories, especially when you go fast. Going hiking will help you burn about 500 calories per hour.

Good for heart health: It will lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Walking at a high altitude is especially good for your heart.

What are the items needed for a Hiking trip?

Features of Hiking

Our destinations are tourist destinations. Spots that are frequented by a large number of people, as well as always ready for ambulance operations. Quick response supports us in some cases of need.

Secondly, the Hiking activity will have management participation from a number of management units. Even the fact that we walk into some villages in Sapa or Ha Giang. This activity is also supervised by some local officials. To ensure security in border provinces. And what are the places that allow you to try Hiking? They have also zoned areas, allowing tourists and backpackers to visit.

These activities are usually very ready for safe trips. Follow the allowed routes, as well as part of that is travel insurance. Otherwise, always go with someone experienced to know the rules. What is the safety standard when experiencing Hiking?

On the contrary, when participating in the Hiking experience in Western countries such as Europe or the US. Their destinations are actually more dangerous. Wilderness and new really need adventurers. Individuals, who understand well what is Hiking? In order to ensure the safest and most attractive tourism activities for tourists and experiencers.

Hiking Backpack

Certainly, in the most important Hiking items, there is never a shortage of backpacks. Large backpacks are prepared to add nearly 10 other necessary items.

Hiking is to always prepare what is necessary. One of the good things about Hiking in Western countries is that they keep everything as pristine as possible. Not too many shops are opened in the tourist walking areas. And they only have camping spots, and this is the real Hiking. Just like how people interpret these phrases. A backpack for Hiking will carry a lot of things inside. Like stoves, picnic pots, tents, sleeping bags, first aid kits. Or even other navigation devices such as compasses, binoculars. Foreigners often carry a lot of things, and behind them on their journeys are always large backpacks. And lastly, they are backpacks with good moisture resistance. During natural hikes, the wet forest roads. The luggage inside also needs to be protected in the safest way.

In addition, the use of backpacks and carrying items when going Hiking is also clearly divided. With nearly 10 items carried, those participating in the walk will be in charge of different parts of the items. Such as stoves, cookers, and tents as well as shared utensils. In addition, compass, binoculars are a quarter of the personal pages that everyone has.

Hiking shoes, climbing shoes

Hiking is completely safe with sports shoes. Shoes that we use every day. But when experiencing what is Hiking in more rugged areas. Wet wetter we are required to have Hiking shoes or climbing shoes in this journey. With a Hiking journey up to ten kilometers long every day. Flip-flops or office shoes, high heels are absolutely not used in Hiking. So what are the outstanding advantages of Hiking?

Firstly, Hiking shoes have extremely strong water resistance. Secondly, Hiking shoes also have a special design in the thick sole. And it allows people to wear Hiking shoes without slipping. For a surest and safest walking feeling on all-terrain surfaces. Hiking shoe manufacturers are very psychological when offering very Hiking shoe models. beautiful and fashionable. The color options are also very appropriate.

Tents and Sleeping Bags

With a 2 day 1 night journey, a camping tent is one of the indispensable items. The group of belongings when traveling and climbing is indispensable for us to have the safest rest time when outdoors.

Unlike other camping and camping tents. Hiking tents will have more resistance requirements. Better resistance to rain and moisture than other tents to use. And protect the body in hiking environments. Hiking abroad always has weather conditions, and the temperature difference is quite high between night and day. And these higher standards will also apply to sleeping bags.

In addition, the options of sleeping bags and camping tents when going Hiking must also be light. And with the regular travel and picnic schedule of foreigners. They can completely afford to spend on expensive high-end camping and camping equipment like this. Catering to the needs and habits of constant picnicking in other countries.

Sunscreen, and warmers

In the next Hiking items for both men and women that we want to talk about are sunscreens, warm clothes to protect themselves. Sunscreen is essential to protect yourself from the sun during the day. Limit the skin that is damaged by the sun during a long outdoor journey. Can damage our skin after more than half a day in the sun. This happens often when you go to North American countries. Areas with daytime climates are similar to tropical countries.

In contrast, as mentioned above, the temperature difference between night and day is quite large. Therefore, in our backpacks, there is never a shortage of warm clothes. Scarf, beanie or even gloves, and thick socks. All help us to have the most alert and safe 24-hour walking experience.

Map, compass

Because Hiking places are quite wildlands. Even without phone signal or mobile data. So carrying around with ancient navigational technologies like compasses and maps are the items we want to talk about in the section on how to prepare a Hiking backpack. When Hiking in large nature reserves without a mobile base station? There are no facilities exploitation activities for ancillary services.

Illuminated Flashlight

Another part when the sun has set we still have to continue walking. Find a reasonable campsite during your trip. And it will be quite long distances if our walking group has a slow-moving speed. And flashlights can also be considered as an effective self-defense tool. Is an object that can emit dangerous warning signals

First aid kit

Not only Hiking but any travel or picnic activities need such a first aid kit. This is an extremely important item, but they are often forgotten by people on their journey. Currently, on the market, there are personal medical bags of compact size, but there are quite a lot of essential items inside so you can carry them without being bulky or taking up space at all.

Some items to bring in the first aid kit should have. Includes bandages, gauze, ego, medical cotton, hydrogen peroxide, adhesive tapes...Do not forget to bring more medicines such as red medicine, pain reliever, fever reducer...

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