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What is Hip Hop?

In its original meaning, “hip” means “fashionable,” but it also means “manageable.” And "hop" is an evocative word, taking place, leaping, reaching. Taken together, “Hiphop” has a positive connotation of “advancement and advancement through intelligence and resourcefulness.” And in today's concept, Hip hop is a phrase to refer to a trend, a style in fashion, music, and art. The hip-hop style must be healthy, carefree, and a little rebellious.

Hip hop culture is exceptional because it does not discriminate against age, gender, skin color, religion, social status, etc. Anyone can pursue this style in all fields of culture. Hip hop such as fashion, street art (Graffiti), tattoos, music (music hip hop, Rap, DJ, MC, ...), dance (Breaking dance, Hiphop dance, ...)

Hip Hop Cultural History 


Hip hop began to appear as a genre of music and gradually became a cultural trend in the 1970s in the Bronx, New York. Their origin is from the ghetto areas - where the poor and colored-skin people’s lives are associated with many of the darkest sides and social evils of that time.


With its rapid growth, Hip hop became the cultural wave that ruled African Americans and Hispanic communities in the 80s. At the same time, in 1982, hip hop was more accurately defined when Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force published an electro-funk track called "Planet Rock," which consisted of simple rap pieces combined with disco tempos.


Between 1982 and 1985, many hip hop-related films were released and contributed to promoting hip hop culture beyond New York City. And this is the premise of a global popular culture today.  

5 primary elements of Hip Hop culture 

Breakdance: Dance is divided into sub-genres such as Breakingdance, popping, locking, stepping, house, street dance, etc. However, when it comes to Hip hop, people often refer to Breaking dance as a representative of Hip Hop culture.

The term "breakdancing" refers to a break in the music and the movements associated with that music. James Brown invented the dance in 1969, the Good Foot dance. 

Initially, breakdance was based on the original Jazz music, played by experienced African and Latin American musicians. The dance is gradually developed with many complex and skillful movements that slide close to the ground, called acrobatic. Dancers often use their hands and arms to support the body when spinning and acrobatic multiple times in the background. The first dance groups to use and develop this dance were the Dynamic Rocker and the New York City breaker. 


Graffiti: a form of street art by spraying paint, painting on walls, subways, cars, ... or simply places with flat and wide surfaces. Graffiti art first appeared in New York in the 1970s, originating from the texts that the black gangsters roaming the streets of America painted on the walls to define the business territory.


Gradually, they spread to public places such as subway stations, train stations, etc. Graffiti art has developed into 3-D drawings from the original signatures, doodles, and sophisticated patterns. To this day, Graffiti painting appears mostly on products of HipHop culture, clothes, cars, CDs, and houses.


Despite its popularity, graffiti has always been a controversial art form and is banned in some cities/countries because of its destructive and unsightly nature of public works. It is also called by another name, Art Crimes. Still, it is an art of the HipHop people, requiring the person to show recklessness, despite the rules.

DJ and MC: Breakdancing could not have been further developed without the support of DJs and MCs. MC stands for Master of Ceremonies, which means cheerleaders - those who maintain the excitement and fun atmosphere of the party, briefly introduce a song or invite guests to participate in something.

DJ is an acronym for Disc Jockey, used to refer to people specializing in selecting and playing music at parties/contests/events, etc., mainly funk and disco music of the 1970s. The first DJs are considered the fathers of hip hop music: Grandmaster Flash and Kool Herc. 

The tools of today's DJs are a pair of "turntables" consisting of two vinyl players attached to an audio mixer connected to the amplifier and speakers. DJ can also play the role of an MC, guaranteeing a fun and exciting atmosphere depending on the music.

Rap: Rap stands for 3 words Rhythm - and - Poetry, is a very famous music genre in Hip hop culture. Rap is performed by saying or chanting lyrics, rhyming lyrics, and DJ mixing and Breakdance dance. "Rap" refers to a quick, light, and soft tap in colloquial language. When switching to African-American slang, "rap" refers to a person with sharp linguistic abilities and flexible use of language. 


Since its formation, Rap music has been associated with street language and slang. Rappers are free to use swear words in their lyrics without limitation. And sometimes, with just a clever combination of slang or social media writing, etc., competent rappers can also create a new language system that is diverse and offers both expressive and powerful subtle abilities.


Beatbox: Beatboxing is an art form in which a performer (Beatboxer) uses the sounds emitted from his mouth and voice to create drum beats, melodies, or imitations of sounds (drums, percussion, cyborgs, scrubbing discs, or other sounds)

The influence of Hip Hop on fashion


In the early days, Hip Hop artists often performed in baggy and oversized costumes. Then, along with the development of hip hop culture, this style has gradually become the daily fashion style of young people.


There are quite a few characteristics that identify the Hip Hop fashion style. But the most popular is the combination of baggy items, big shoes, etc. In addition, other accessories such as hats, scarves, open-toed gloves, belts, large chains, etc. … are also outstanding features of Hip hop culture.


The fact that famous fashion labels are following the Hip Hop trend and that streetwear and Hip Hop fashion trends are king and constantly evolving demonstrates that Hip Hop has long been more than just a music or dance genre. Hip Hop is now a culture that has had a strong influence on the entire fashion industry and is also a trend that embraces all walks of life for fashionistas of all ages. 


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Here’s the basic info on Hip Hop and its impact on the fashion industry. Kudos to the black and Latino communities of those days that enlightened this unique type of culture.