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What is Pandemic?

An epidemic of an infectious disease is called “ a pandemic” when it has spread across a large region such as multiple continents or worldwide and has affected a large number of people. The term “ pandemic” derives from the Greek word which happens simultaneously in large regions of the globe rather than being spread worldwide.

Throughout human history, people have witnessed and suffered from a number of fatal pandemics such as the Black Death( or the Plague) which killed an estimated 75 to 200 million people in the 14th century, and Spanish flu during 1918 or influenza pandemic. Currently, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and COVID-19 are several pandemics which has caused controversy for people’s lives and societies. 

( Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandemic)

What are the characteristics of Pandemic?

Wide geographic extension

Pandemic is used to describe diseases that extend over large geographic areas. The 14th-century Plague (or the Black Death) is a typical example. Some other examples are cholera, influenza, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/AIDS. 

Disease movement

Except for geographic extension, the term pandemic implies disease movement or spread via a transmission that can be traced from place to place because of person-to-person spread. For example, the diseases caused by respiratory viruses, such as influenza and SARS, or enteric organisms, such as Vibrio cholera, etc. 

High attack rates and explosiveness

Even though the diseases spread widely, they can not be seen as pandemics if they have indolent rates of transmission or low rates of symptoms. For instance, West Nile virus infection spreading from the Middle East to both Russia and the Western hemisphere in 1999 is not a pandemic for its moderate attack rates and few symptomatic cases. Normally, pandemics have tended to exhibit not only high attack rates but also “explosive” spread, resulting in multiple infected cases within a short time. 


The term pandemic has been used most commonly to describe diseases that are new, or at least associated with novel variants of existing organisms such as antigenic shifts occurring in influenza viruses, the emergence of HIV/AIDS in the early 1980s when it was recognized for the first time. 

In fact, during the past 200 years, it was estimated that there have been 7 cholera pandemics, caused by variants of the same organism and they are still pandemics when they return. Therefore, it seems that novelty is a relative concept. 


Some diseases such as obesity or risk behaviors such as cigarette smoking are geographically extensive and may be rising in global incidence but they are not pandemics. A simple reason is that they are not infectious diseases. 


Most infectious diseases that are considered to be pandemic by public health officials are contagious from person to person, others can be transmitted by different mechanisms, such as by fleas by water, and even by air as Coronavirus causing the current pandemic, COVID-19.

Why is Pandemic style on-trend?

The world has been hard hit by a severe pandemic, COVID-19 and its variations killed millions of people within more than two years and that can not stop yet. Due to its danger, people are soon aware of how a pandemic spreads and damages their life. Fighting against coronavirus and the fatal pandemic caused by this kind of virus is a long and tough battlefield of not only one but all countries in the world. People need something to boost their resilience and courage in this hard time. The pandemic style which is printed on fashion items, or daily necessities seems to be attractive to many people. 

The Pandemic style is prevalent partly for its designs which have many specific meanings and implications. These designs make people comfortable, excited, and less bored during the long social distance or lockdown time. 

How many Pandemic styles are there on Printerval.com?

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