Politician Joe Biden - 46th President of the United States

Joe Biden's third race to the White House is also an unprecedented presidential race in American history. A tough race in a difficult historical moment for the US: the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the social crisis, the health... But Mr. Biden won and won convincingly. The fact that he became the US president with the highest popular vote in history, with over 75 million votes, is one of the key indicators of the influence this veteran politician has over Americans.

President Joe Biden's Family Tragedy

During his half-century on American politics, Joe Biden famously framed current ideas through the lens of the past, a past entwined with family tragedies that have shaped his political career.

During a shopping trip with just a few days to Christmas in 1972, Biden's 30-year-old wife Neilia and 13-month-old daughter Naomi were killed in a tragic accident. At that time, campaign leaflets of newly elected Senator Joe Biden - 30 years old, representing the state of Delaware - were still scattered on the streets. His two sons, Joseph "Beau" Biden III and Robert Hunter Biden survived the tragedy. But more than 40 years later, Beau passed away after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

The two married, and a year after the birth of their youngest daughter, Naomi, Biden ran for office, challenging Republican rival Calbe Boggs for the seat of Delaware state in the US Senate. The family has campaigned across the state, running a grassroots campaign to attack the Republican opponent, portraying Boggs as a conservative old man. The campaign has portrayed a generational divide between an elderly conservative class of politicians on the one hand and a much younger constituency, who grew up after the Vietnam War and human rights movements on the other.

Finally, 30-year-old politician Joe Biden won the race to the US Senate in November 1972. But just a week before Christmas, then-Senator-elect Joe Biden was in Washington DC interviewing new staff for his office when he received news of the deaths of his wife and daughter.

Joe Biden was officially sworn in as a senator at the bedside of his two sons, while both were still hospitalized after the accident. Senator-elect Joe Biden took the oath of office at his son's bedside after a tragedy that cost him his wife and daughter in 1972.

To spend as much time as possible with his family, he began commuting daily on the Amtrak train between Delaware and Washington D.C. to take care of her two young sons. That devotion has earned him the nickname “Amtrak Joe”.

Biden married Jill Jacobs, who was a student at the University of Delaware at the time of the collision, five years after the accident. The couple married in June 1977 at the United Nations Church in New York City and in 1981, Joe Biden welcomed their only child, Ashley Blazer, born.

It is from the tragedies of his life that Joe Biden has found a sympathetic voice when talking to voters who have experienced a similar loss.

Joe Biden's political career

Joe Biden's political career has not always been a bed of roses. Before becoming the Democratic presidential candidate and winning the 2020 election season, he had lost two elections.

In 1987, at the age of 45, Joe Biden was a respected senator, often compared to Senator Ted Kennedy. He had considered running for president four years earlier, when President Ronald Reagan was completing his first term in the White House but decided to pause. By 1987, Biden had gained a reputation as a candidate with broad appeal among moderates; he was the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who attracted the "baby boomers" generation (the boom generation born after World War 2) and was able to raise money.

Joe Biden decided to run, but his campaign quickly fell apart. Despite having more money than any of the rival candidates, polls in favor of him began to drop. That summer, he was accused and later admitted to plagiarizing a speech by British Labor leader Neil Kinnock. He dropped out of the race in September 1987, before the primaries and just four months after announcing his candidacy.

Mr. Biden and his second wife in the 1988 race for the White House, which he later had to quit due to allegations of plagiarism.

It took the next 20 years for Senator Joe Biden, now 65, to decide to run again for president. This time, he focused on substantive issues, particularly strategy during the Iraq War, for which he controversially voted in 2003. But then Biden lacked the influence of his name. as old as Hillary Clinton and rising star Barack Obama. By January 2008, Biden's support was low, many people still didn't know who he was, and he was ranked fifth in the party's election, with 1% of the vote. Biden left the race again but later re-emerged as a running mate for Vice President of the United States with candidate Barack Obama.

Looking back at President Biden's journey to bring "America back"

The US leader tried to rally traditional US allies to deal with old and new challenges and left open the possibility of cooperation with Russian President Putin during the Russia-US summit on 16/05. 6. President Putin and President Biden did not use the word "reset" to describe the state of bilateral relations after the summit in Geneva (Switzerland). But the two sides have tried to clarify areas of disagreement and mentioned the possibility of cooperation on some issues such as cybersecurity or arms control. The two leaders both showed mutual respect and skepticism. Analysts say that this is a return to the traditional model in Russia-US relations after the changes under former US President Donald Trump - who once praised Russian President Putin and expressed the two sides' wishes. can become partners to some extent. At the end of the summit, the leaders left the negotiating table with the understanding that some old rules remained. Russia has returned to its position as "a worthy adversary", as Mr. Biden commented on the eve of the meeting, instead of becoming an associate. Issues causing long-standing tension between the two sides such as allegations of cyber attacks or election interference are still there.

The issue of cyberattacks is a top priority

During the Russia-US summit, for the first time, the issue of cyberattacks came to the top of the agenda. Mr. Biden warned Mr. Putin about ransomware attacks from Russia, vowed to retaliate if US infrastructure continues to be attacked. attacks or attempts to hack into power grids, election systems, water and energy pipelines, nuclear power plants, and especially nuclear weapons command and control systems.

President Biden said he discussed with President Putin the possibility of a cyberattack on Russia's oil pipeline system and the devastating consequences it could have on the economy. dependent on Russian energy.

After the three-hour meeting, President Biden showed an open attitude, somewhat contrasting with President Putin's quiet and serious look. Mr. Putin appeared uncomfortable when reporters asked about the arrest of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and the Ukraine crisis.

However, President Biden admits that his optimism is more in the thinking than in the actual context. Speaking to the press before boarding Air Force One to return home, Biden said: "I'm going to let you down because I know you want me to make a negative comment about everything, especially before the public. But you have to know that's not going to happen."

This statement highlights President Biden's negotiating style, whether it's with the Russian leader or Republicans in the Senate, Mr. Biden shows confidence that the parties can reach an agreement even though the probability of success in practice is very low.

Emphasize personal relationships

President Biden's eight-day foreign trip to three countries shows that he is always about personal relationships. "There is no substitute for direct dialogue between leaders," Biden said, emphasizing that the success of the Russia-US summit was because the two sides had direct contact.

During this trip, most of the President's meetings were closed-door meetings, with no press participation and few moments published in the media. That highlights Biden's belief that personal relationships can drive domestic and foreign policies.

America cannot win alone

Before leaving Washington, President Biden reaffirmed his view that the world's democracies face great challenges and that the United States cannot win alone.

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