How controversial was the history of Hoodie?

Are you favorable sporty and punk styles? How many Hoodies are there in your wardrobe? How many things do you know about their history? Let Printerval tell you!

What is Hoodie?

Hoodie is a type of sweatshirt which has a long-sleeve garment with a hood, they sometimes call it a “ hooded sweatshirt”.Hoodies can contain pockets, buttons, or hooks, depending on design and wearers’ preference. Hoodies are sporty, classy, and versatile clothes that everyone can put on. The invention of the Hoodie is a significant milestone in the history of garment manufacturing. The hoodie has some similarities with the sweatshirt as it is the innovative version of the original sweatshirt.

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The first hooded garment 
The first hooded garment 

How many types of hoodies are there?

There are two major variations of Hoodie including Zip-up which is seen as a comfortable contender and Pullover called an item of casual classic clothing. In general, the pullover hoodie has an iconic look that can be warmer than a zip-up but is less flexible in outfits. Sometimes, a zip-up could even be layered and worn as a jacket on some less formal occasions, as a result, it seems to be more practical than the pullover type. 

Mark Zuckerberg- Founder and CEO Facebook in his zip-up Hoodie
Mark Zuckerberg- Founder and CEO Facebook in his zip-up Hoodie

Why should you know the history of Hoodie?

Will Durant used to claim that “ Knowledge is the eye of desire and can become the pilot of the soul” to affirm the importance of knowledge in our life. That’s right! Understanding the history of something contributes to enriching your knowledge that is really great. 

On the other hand,  being aware of the history of Hoodie helps to satisfy your curiosity which is a natural characteristic of humans. That helps to address millions of questions raised by yourself. 

Another reason why you should gain an understanding of Hoodie is to have a sense of responsibility. Obviously, you will be more responsive to your property if you know the merits of what you own. Glorious history is significant merit of a type of clothing. 

Printerval hopes that these reasons can motivate you to read and gain much useful knowledge from this article. 

How has the evolution of Hoodie been?

In the 12th Century - The first hooded garments

Monks wear hooded garments
Monks wear hooded garments

Hooded garments appeared for the first time in Medieval Europe or even earlier. At that time, monks wore “ cowls” which were seen as tunics with hoods, and outside workers wore capes with hoods, known as “ chaperon”. There was some evidence proving that the short cape (known as “capa”) was imported to England in the 12th Century during the Norman Conquest because the cape was particularly common in Normandy.  The word “ hood” comes from “ höd”- an Anglo- Saxon word meaning “ hat”. 

From the 1930s to the 1940s - The first hooded sweatshirt was born. 

Hood was added to the sweatshirt called a hooded sweatshirt. It seems nothing was special but in fact, that marked an important milestone of fashion innovation. The first hooded sweatshirt was produced in the 1930s by the US company Champion established in 1919 with the aim of keeping workers warm during the bitter winters in Upstate New York. After that, this company provided sports kits including sweatshirts to the US military for training exercises and physical education classes. 

Athletes wore Hoodies to keep warm.
Athletes wore Hoodies to keep warm.

In the 1960s: Hoodie was used as collegiate fashion

In the early 1960s, many universities in the United States began printing their names and logos on Hoodies, apart from on Sweatshirts, which were widely worn by a wide range of students. Nowadays, this phenomenon is still widespread not only in the U.S but in many countries across the world. That plays an important role in the hoodie’s history, contributing to popularizing the hoodie globally. 

In the 1970s - Rocky helped to boost the wave of Hoodie

Although appearing at an early age, it was not until 1976 that the hooded sweatshirt was really given its iconic status thanks to the popularity of Rocky, a blockbuster sports drama film at that time set in the slums of Philadelphia. The film tells the rags-to-riches story of how an uneducated but kind-hearted Italian-American amateur boxer, Rocky Balboa (played by actor Sylvester Stallone). The film won three Oscars and can be seen as the greatest drama film of all time. After Rocky, the hoodie has been increasingly iconic in other types of film such as Marathon Man- a classic thriller one and House of Cards- a political drama.

Crazy man in Marathon Man movie.
Crazy man in Marathon Man movie.

In the mid-decade, New York City witnessed a strong development of Hip-hop culture, a phenomenon belonging to street breakdancers. A graffiti writer, Eric “Deal” Felisbret, used to claim that “ The people that wore them were all people who were sort of looked up to, in the context of the street, to keep their bodies warm before they hit the floor.” He was implying the hoodie popping up on the scene around 1974 or 1975. In fact, at that time, graffiti was a popular type of street art in the United States and Felisbret is one of the earliest pioneers of it. 

In the 1990s: The term “Hoodie” was coined

People called the hooded sweatshirt “ Hoodie” for the first time in the early 1990s. However, this term had negative implications due to its association with criminality and some aspects of marginalized sub-cultures. 

This decade witnessed the emergence of especially hard-edged gangsta rap. Some popular groups such as the Wu-Tang Clan and Cypress Hill had a pared-down dress code in accompaniment with their bold attitudes. 

Hoodies were worn by some members of the Wu-tang Clan
Hoodies were worn by some members of the Wu-tang Clan

Along with hip-hop, punk, and skate cultures found common ground in the distaste in society because it received hard looks by adults and was seen as the relation of being harassed by the cops. As a result, Hoodie was further interwoven with a culture of defiance and not really welcomed by many people.

In particular, Hoodie wearing was restricted at Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent. It was not until 2006 when the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, delivered a remark noting the purposes of Hoodie which are more defensive than offensive that helped Hoodie to continue evoking such strong social, economic and political ideas and sentiments.

In 2012: Trayvon Martin and the “million hoodie march” as a controversy of Hoodie

Except for its iconic symbol in fashion, Hoodie is also known as a discriminated image for its relating to many controversial events of black people in America. “Million hoodie march” is a typical example. 

What did you know about this event?

Two men in "Million Hoodie March" in 2012
Two men in "Million Hoodie March" in 2012

“Million Hoodie March” is one of the largest rallies taking place after the death of Trayvon Benjamin Martin at which people wore hoodies to symbolize their support for Martin and against the profiling used against non-white teenagers in hoodies. That is a significant milestone in the history of Hoodie. 

Trayvon Benjamin Martin, a teenager of African-American descent, was killed by George Zimmerman on his way back to his father’s fiancée’s house in Sanford, Florida. As a member of the community watch, Zimmerman saw Martin and reported him to the police as a suspect. An argument broke out and Martin was shot. However, Zimmerman was not charged with any crime initially because was injured during the encounter and claimed to have acted in self-defense. Although Zimmerman was finally put on trial due to the pressure of the national and international media, he was still concluded as not guilty by a jury. As a result, many influxes of rallies, marches, and protests took place throughout the United States.

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Trayvon Benjamin Martin
Trayvon Benjamin Martin

Hoodie in current days: a versatile everyday classic apparel.

The hoodie has undergone its controversial status to become a wardrobe essential. Nowadays, it is seen as a sporty and versatile garment that is sold and worn widely nowadays. 

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Design on Hoodie (
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What are the differences between Hoodie and Sweatshirt?

Hoodie derives from the innovation of sweatshirts in which the hood was added. Obviously, the hood is the distinguishing point between the two types of clothing. Except for that, details, ways of mixing, and initial status are things they do not really resemble. If you pay attention to buttons, zippers, hooks, or even cords, you can easily realize that they are contained on Hoodies but not on Sweatshirts.

Clothing mixing is seen as an art of selections which is interesting but sometimes makes your style ridiculous if you are not careful. It is admitted that every specific fashion type will have specific ways of matching. Hoodie and Sweatshirt are no exception. One more difference relating to their historical status, while sweatshirt was seen as an attractive and helpful sporty attire, Hoodie involved in many unexpected events in the past including discrimination, harassment, and crime. 

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