How effective is a face mask in preventing infectious diseases?

Before the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan( China) in 2019, no one could have imagined that face mask would be the most noticed phrase, even in the media. The long-lasting pandemic has caused a lot of damage to people, lives, and the economy and it has been spreading with an unpredictable speed and many dangerous variations. Apart from vaccination, wearing a face mask is the first and foremost step to helping to reduce the spread of this virus that is urgently encouraged across the world. While facemasks play an important role in this context, what did you know about this item? How vital is it in our daily life? Let Printerval assist you in addressing these questions.

What is a face mask?

Mask( face mask) is a covering piece of clothing for the mouth and nose to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, dust, and bacteria. Sometimes, a face mask can be seen as a barrier between the mouth and nose used to protect these parts from effects of the surrounding environment which is tiny, convenient but safe, and portable, and is obviously an inevitable item today. There is a wide range of variations including a respirator, surgical mask, dust mask, cloth face mask, etc. Within those, cloth face mask (fabric mask), made of cotton and polyester, is the most popular item for its convenience and elegance. 

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What are the functions of face masks?

It is believed that wearing a face mask will help prevent the spread of infection and prevent the individual from contracting any airborne infectious germs resulting in when someone coughs, talks, sneezes. Protection is the major function of face masks as they are part of an infection control strategy to eliminate cross-contamination. 

U.S president Joe Biden and Vice President  Kamala Harris

For its urgent importance, in the context of Coronavirus especially, wearing a face mask has become an element of obligation and has come into effect in some countries, Vietnam is a typical example. 

In addition, face masks can be used as accessories for decoration or for religious beliefs. In the Middle East, Muslim women have to cover their faces with a black mask made from large pieces of fabric to express their modest, their respect for family and religion. Even it can be a revolution if you meet a Muslim woman without her face mask on the street. 

Muslim women in Niqabs

On the other hand, face masks can help bad guys to conceal their faces, their facial identities when they commit a crime or do something illegal. That usually happens on the TV but can be no exception in real life. 

How effective is a face mask in preventing infectious diseases?

As silent transmission seems to be a key feature of its rapid spread of many infectious diseases, face masks are the first and foremost measure people think about and apply. Although a face mask can not totally eliminate the transmission of virus or bacteria in the environment, it contributes to reducing the speed of spreading and can be seen as the most primary and effective way in preventing this dangerous pandemic. 

How has the evolution of face masks been?

In Ancient time

The earliest face masks made from animal bladders appeared in Roman times and were worn by miners to protect against inhaling lead oxides. Some Jains, followers of Jainism-an ancient philosophy from India which originated around 500 B.C.E, wore cloth masks to avoid accidentally inhaling insects during the practicing ahimsa. 

A Jain ( follower of Jainism)

There is other evidence to prove that the first face mask derived from the 6th century BC was found on the doors of Persian tombs which shows some images of people wearing a cloth over their mouths. 

In China, the earliest face mask dates back to the Yuan Dynasty ( 1279-1368) in which people wore a kind of scarf woven with silk and gold. A famous Italian, who once traveled to China during the Yuan Dynasty, showed in his travelogue name “ The Travels of Marco Polo” that servants serving the emperor during meals had to wear silk scarves to have their mouths and noses covered from impacting the smell and taste of the food. 

Face mask used by the doctor during the Black Death.

In Europe, the Black Death (also known as the Pestilence, the Great Mortality, or the Plague) was a bubonic plague pandemic occurring in Afro-Eurasia) during the 14th century promoted the emergence of face masks. 

In Italy, Leonardo da Vinci- a genius painter of all time, suggested the use of a wet woven cloth to protect against toxic agents of chemical warfare in the 16th century. In the early modern period, people believed that wearing a beaked face mask could protect them from infectious “ miasma”. However, the mask's purpose was different in the American West where bandannas were an important part of conventional cowboy attire potentially doubled as a means of obscuring identity, apart from protecting the face from blown dust.

Modern exploration

The development of masks witnessed a big step taken in the 19th century when Scottish scientist Robert Brown discovered “ Brownian motion”, the theory that contributed to the function of the protective effect of masks on dust.

Dr. med. Eward Matuscheck and his team

In 1848, the first protective masks for miners were made by American Lewis Hassley which were closer to gas ones. In France, however, it was not until 1861 when Louis Pasteur, a biologist, microbiologist, and chemist proved the existence of bacteria in the air that people began paying much attention to the design of modern masks. Some of these designs include a mask made of six layers of gauze and sewed on the collar of a surgical gown in 1899 created by a French doctor. It was really convenient as the doctor only needed to flip the collar up when using it. The masks step by step evolved into a form that could be freely tied and hung on the ears with a looped strap that resulted in the modern mask we use today.

In response to a plague in Northeast China, Wu Liande- a Chinese medical scientist invented a mask made of two layers of gauze called "Wu's mask" in the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). This invention was highly appreciated by experts in different countries for its simple manufacturing, low production cost, and available materials.

Face masks in 1927

Although some European surgeons such as Paul Berger and Jan Mikulicz-Radecki had worn cotton gloves and masks before, it was not until 1890 that the official use of rubber gloves and surgical face masks was pioneered by William Stewart Halsted. During the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918, masks became popular in societies. At that time, cloth face masks were introduced and promoted, though, in Western, some medics still doubted the efficacy of these masks in preventing the spread of disease.

New design

Owing to several outbreaks of infectious diseases and flu as well as the rise of smog from modern industry, the importance of facemask has been improved. Typically, the SARS epidemic in 2003 and the last large-scale use of masks in China due to smog in 2012 are examples. 

In fact, masks are highly complimented by experts in different countries because they are simple to manufacture, have a low production cost and the materials are easy to obtain. In addition, there are more and more modern masks produced to meet the huge demand of people and to respond to many unpredictable and severe diseases such as Covid-19 and its variations. 

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