How has the glorious evolution of T-shirt been?

Jul, 15 2021
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T-shirts as inevitable apparel have dominated the fashion world for a long time but not every people wear them know that T-shirts derive from underneath garments. The evolution process lasting nearly three centuries will be presented in this article of Printerval.
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    What is T-shirt?

    T-shirt or Tee shirt is a type of shirt whose body and sleeves form the T shape. The T-shirt is collarless and short-sleeved and normally has a round neckline. Traditionally, there was only a style of T-shirt named Crew neck which was made from a stretchy, light, and inexpensive fabric. However, this type of shirt has changed along with the increase of wearers’ demands. Nowadays, apart from the Crew Neck style, there are also a variety of T-shirts including the V Neck style, The Henley-Y neck style, the Scoop Neck style, the Printed T-shirt style, etc. Regarding its popularity, no one can deny that there are at least several T-shirts in their wardrobe. In fact, T-shirts are one of the most ubiquitous types of clothing which are worn widely. In this article, Printerval provides you with everything relating to the historical origin and the development process of this common type of shirt. 

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    Why should you know the history of T-shirts?

    Not only for Tee shirts but for everything you own, you will always wonder when and how it comes from. Here are three reasons why you should have extensive knowledge of the history of T-shirts.

    There is a saying that “ What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean”( Isaac Newton). Exactly! No one can determine the final limitation of knowledge because the depth of knowledge is “ Infiniti”, even knowledge of simple things such as T-shirts which we wear every day. As a result, being cognizant of the history of something enriches your knowledge collection. 

    Moreover, being aware of the history of T-shirts helps to satisfy your curiosity which is a natural characteristic of humans. That contributes to addressing millions of questions raised by yourself. Another reason why you should gain an understanding of T-shirts is to have a sense of responsibility. Obviously, you will be more responsive to your property if you know the merits of what you own. Glorious history is significant merit of T-shirts. 

    Printerval hopes that these reasons can motivate you to read and gain much useful knowledge from this article. 

    When and How was the t-shirt invented originally?

    Why is it called a T-shirt?

    As mentioned in the definition, this type of shirt is called a T-shirt because its shape looks like the capital letter T. This shape is created by its sleeves and body which has been maintained since it appeared as clothing for the first time. 

    When was the first t-shirt made?

    The earliest T-shirt appeared in the Middle Ages, but its name T-shirt was officially called in the 19th century. Initially, shirts with T-shape were made of woven cotton or linen and were used as a layer between the body and the garments worn over top. At that time, this kind of shirt showed off a gentleman’s wealth. 

    How has the evolution of t-shirts been?

    The Beginning of the T-shirt: The Earlier Years

    U.S Navy with their loose-fitting flannel shirts

    The early 19th century is seen as the period when the T-shirt has had many significant changes, compared to its original construction and design in the Middle Ages. Due to the invention of new knitting technology, T-shirts were produced on a mass scale and in a more form-fitting shape as well as diversified in terms of materials with adding a wider range of textiles such as calico, jersey, and wool.

    British sailors began wearing white flannel T-shirts under their woolen uniforms in the late 19th century. After that, the British Royal Navy gave their sailors permission to wear these undershirts when working on deck. That laid the foundation for the practice of T-shirts as outerwear quickly adopted by working-class men. 

    In the U.S, T-shirts started their dominance in 1880 when the US Navy wore a loose-fitting flannel shirt with a square neck in its uniform. It was not until 1913,  a white, cotton-knit T-shirt was adopted as official underwear because of its fast-dried cotton and comfort. “Union suit” was another name for a T-shirt at that time which had white color with buttons in front in the one-piece garment. 

    The business of T-shirts boomed in the early decades of the 20th century when its popularity increased in societies. 

    The first textile company manufacturing their own version of the ‘union suit” for men was established in 1901 with the name P.H. Hanes Knitting. That suit’s form was divided into two-piece undergarments and was shorter than the union shirt in length. In 1910, Fruit of the Loom promoted marketing T-shirts widely. And in 1938, the gob shirt, the predecessor of the T-shirt, was created by Sears with “It’s an undershirt, it’s an outer shirt” as an advertising statement. That shirt form was similar to a modern plain t-shirt which could be used as either an underneath layer or an outer garment. T-shirt production was improved so dramatically that Sears proclaimed in 1941 that “ You don’t need to be a soldier to have your own personal T-shirt”.

    The Rise of T-shirts: from the 1950s to the 1960s

    The wearing and selling of t-shirts rose when more and more actors, singers bought and wore them to signal their character’s rebelliousness. T-shirts were also presented in many famous blockbusters such as A Place in the Sun (1951), The Wild One (1953), Rebel Without a Cause (1955), etc. Since then, T-shirts officially entered the man’s wardrobe and could be worn as street fashion clothing, apart from the workplace. However, 60 years later, it was accepted as office attire. 

    Johnny Strabler in The Wild One ( 1953)

    In the 1960s, T-shirts were worn by actresses and female singers which were close to the skin and revealing of the body. Simultaneously, printing and tie-dying technology were invented facilitating the emergence of different bright colors and patterns which became a very popular fashion trend. T-shirts were no exception. In contrast, it became a form of self-expression through various art prints which could be used for slogans or protests, and others for commercial ads. That phenomenon has still remained and has been prevalent until today. 

    T-shirts in Pop Culture: From the 1970s to the 1980s

    The 1970s marked an important milestone of the t-shirt when it became unisex apparel and was worn by women. In particular, Jacqueline Bisset wore a wet T-shirt with a sexy image in the movie The Deep in 1977.  

    Jacqueline Bisset in The Deep ( 1977)

    Due to the development of printing technology, in this period, consumers could have personalized, custom-made T-shirts. Businessmen also soon realized the potential of T-shirts for marketing as well, therefore, more and more companies and musicians found t-shirts to be a powerful tool for sales and branding. Since then, T-shirts have not only been worn by the working class but also appealed by generations of musicians, writers, actors, and intellectuals. Rappers are typical examples.

    T-shirts in the Current Day: The Internet Era

    Nowadays, T-shirts are more trendy and fashionable than ever. They are diverse in terms of sizes, styles, materials, and the occasions to put on. The more closely society and economy integrate and merge, the more personal expression people desire to show. That is why customized T-shirts have become unprecedentedly ubiquitous and bold in current societies. 

    A custom-made T-shirt on 

    People can wear custom-made T-shirts on various occasions such as class attendance, sports matches, etc, apart from the workplace. In fact, it is true that everyone’s wardrobe contains at least several T-shirts for its flexible and functional wearing.  

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