How Many Hoodies Should I Own?

Sep, 07 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
Despite the birth and variations of many different fashion styles, Hoodies still holds its permanent position in the fashion sense of young people. Hoodies bring an extremely simple but extremely quality fashion. Therefore, this shirt has affirmed its position by the most distinctive features possible, an indispensable item for those who love Streetstyle style.
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    What budget do you need?

    First of all, a brand that produces the world's No. 1 hoodies and whose quality is comparable to a thousand-dollar hoodie. That's Champion. Champion is proof that you can own top-of-the-line hoodies for as little as $100.

    About the history of development, about 10 years ago, Champion was a non-fashion brand for the poor, working people, and the elderly. Now, Champion is one of the most explosive fashion houses with streetwear. The reason is that many celebrities like to wear Champion hoodies such as Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Kendall Jenner, Scott Disick, and Justin Bieber. They are frequently seen wearing Champion's hoodies. And even Champion's suit.

    When compared to streetwear icons like Supreme, Undefeated, Bape, and high-end fashion label, troublemaker Vetements. Then Champion has officially achieved the position that it should have long deserved.

    The biggest downside of Champion is that they only produce basic hoodies and only have a few unique designs. And the logo is also quite large, you can see from afar a person wearing a Champion's hoodie. However, if you are not too concerned with the design, the basic design and quality of the Champion shirts are worth choosing.

    In addition, you can refer to other hoodies brands such as John Elliott, Wings of Liberty, Represent, OtherUK, Only the Blind, Kollar Clothing, Blood Brother, A Cold Wall, Palace, Gosha, FOG, Daniel Patrick, Fear of God. Besides, hoodies of fast fashion brands such as H&M, Zara, ASOS, Topman, Forever 21, Elwood, Khzari are also very good. Although cheap, the quality of these sites' hoodies is not very good. If you want to change often, have many models, or wear only 1-2 seasons, buy a hoodie from fast fashion brands.

     What kind of material will be reasonable?

    Most hoodies are made of cotton, perhaps mixed with some other material to create accents. And we also recommend buying hoodies made of cotton. The first is that it can be kept for a long time and the second is that it is much easier to maintain.

    For example, hoodies with imitation leather in the pocket or arm, after a period of use, there will be cracks or peeling. And like that, it will be considered as damage to the shirt, if you still wear it, it will be very unsightly. Or hoodies with a bit of nylon-like Yohji Yamamoto, The Feral, Alexandre Plokhov, Nike's ACG line are difficult to maintain after a few washes and are forbidden to dry or sundry.

    Therefore, for hoodies, people should buy shirts made entirely of cotton. There are many types of cotton, but to judge a good cotton hoodie or not, depends on the cotton weight of the shirt. Usually, when comparing two hoodies of the same size and without a zipper, the good shirt will be heavy, soft, and smooth to the touch.

    How is the design of the Hoodie?

    After the material, you will be interested in the design of the hoodie. First, we will talk about the points that make you choose a hoodie.

    The first is the hat, what is the standard hat?

    The hat should be big, not too small just for show, and not cover your whole head. The hat should stand up, not fall. Because when the team is up or when it is normal, it is very frantic and tilted to the sides, it looks very banana.

    Second is the length of the hoodie, the length of the hoodie is very important. Because it's too short, it looks ridiculous, butt and belly will be exposed. Therefore, with a hoodie, you should choose 1-2 sizes larger. Except for oversized shirts like FOG, Off-white, you don't need to choose a larger size, just choose the right size.

    Next is the style, here we will talk about the 3 most basic designs.

    Pullover hoodie style

    We recommend that you choose this style because it is minimalistic, casual and can especially be combined with all other items such as Flannel, denim, leather jacket, bomber. For pullover hoodies, the fit is the most important. You also should not invest a lot of money in these pullover hoodies. But only buy shirts of fast fashion or semi mid-tier brands. However, fast fashion or semi mid-tier brands will be very difficult to get the perfect fit.

    Usually, when buying too large, it will look very flimsy, making your friend feel like they are being swallowed. If you buy a shirt that is too slim, your body will look stiff. No more casual and laid-back feeling. Besides, if you choose a shirt that is too short, it will look ridiculous and divide your body.

    Full-zip hoodie style

    Full-zip hoodies are often used as the top layer, like a jacket. You can completely use it to layer with many different outfits. The most important thing in a zip hoodie is the zipper or zipper part of the shirt.

    For zip hoodies, we recommend investing in mid-range tops and above. If not after just a few washes, the zippers of fast fashion shirts would look like waves. Makes the front of the shirt look very wrinkled.

    Quarter-zip hoodie style

    For the quarter-zip hoodie is quite difficult to choose the perfect zip hoodie. Because these are full-fit synthetic shirts like a pullover hoodie. And zipper plays a very important role in this shirt. Similar to full-zip hoodies, if the zipper is too bad, it will create waves after a few washes.

    Currently, on the market, there are many manufacturers of zip hoodies, but we only recommend John Elliott and FOG shirts. These are the two most complete brands of zip hoodies.

    Besides, a little tip that we advise you to never wear a hood over your head, but only the back half. Because that way you will look much cooler.

    About how much to buy is enough? We recommend buying 2-3 Pullover hoodies, 1-2 full-zip or quarter-zip hoodies to base your wardrobe. Everyone should also start with neutral color hoodies to coordinate with many items. Once you have a basic wardrobe, you can buy more hoodies with pictures or outstanding colors. Hot and harsh colors to make your wardrobe more special.

    Above, we have shared with everyone all the knowledge to choose the perfect hoodie for your wardrobe. All in all, from our point of view, a hoodie has the effect of making your outfit look less stiff. And of course, most importantly to keep you warm. The hoodie feels very warm, comfortable, and cozy.

    In winter, you can wear a hoodie with any outfit, including suites. Except for very formal events and the dress code requires you to wear Suite N' Tie.

    Hoodies that can't be missed in your wardrobe

    Classic hoodie

    If you feel your fashion style is too boring and needs a change, a hoodie will help you do it. Because hoodies are suitable for both men and women. With the name of a classic hoodie, it will take on the simplest form with outstanding features such as long sleeve shirt, zipperless design, hood, hood and chest pocket, or large lettering.

    Because this is a unisex shirt, so they have a wide form design, sewn with quite thick material suitable for winter but still comfortable to operate. With just a hoodie, a pair of jeans, and a pair of sneakers, you have a combo for walking around the city, going out comfortably but still being fashionable.

    Innovative hoodie

    The innovative hoodie was born just to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers. Therefore, hoodie models are increasingly stylized and creative to become more stylish as well as more trendy. Here are some popular innovative hoodie models such as Hoodie has a long-form innovation. This is a style that is quite popular with women. This is a design that has a rather long bodice and looks like a coat.

    Long Hoodie can be designed with buckle or no buckle, with a large chest pocket, bringing a feeling of warmth and comfort to the wearer. In particular, with such a style of ao dai, people with a little height will be more suitable to wear it than short-legged girls or guys.

    Loose hoodie

    If you do not have an ideal height to wear long-sleeved hoodies, you can try to wear loose-fitting hoodies. Because this is a variant of long-sleeved hoodies, the only difference is that they do not have a belt, so they do not reveal your "limited" height. To become more stylish with a plain hoodie, you should pair it with leggings and sneakers or boots. It's also a good combination for days walking in the cold weather.

    Not everyone likes to wear hats because sometimes it becomes inconvenient. Therefore, hatless hoodie models were born to suit the tastes of customers. The hatless design gives the wearer a feeling of lightness, dynamism, and can especially wear more clothes outside without feeling uncomfortable.

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