How Much Does A Shirt Weigh - Best Things You Should Know 2022

Jun, 17 2022
Posted by The Archer
Is it really important to know How much does a shirt weigh? The answer is 100% YES. Check it out now to figure out why this matters!
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    Getting to know the weight of your shirts is unquestionably necessary, especially when you are a sewer or you are owning an online shop, or doing big business in the clothing industry. “How much does a shirt weigh” - whether you are a seller or a customer, you will face no difficulties in shipping calculations when having a deep understanding of this matter. 

    How much does a shirt weigh? Does a shirt's weight matter? 

    Average T-shirt weight

    The average weight of a T-shirt depends on the size and the fabric used for the shirt. Hence, it will vary slightly from about 3oz (85g) to 7oz (198.5g). The table below shows the types of T-shirts according to weight.

    Weight Type of T-shirts
    3oz - 5oz Lightweight
    5oz - 6oz Medium
    > 6oz Heavy

    T-shirt fabric blends and Weight

    The material of the fabric can be natural, synthetic, or mixed between both types. The table below will give you a deeper insight into how fabric blends make an influence on T-shirt weight.

    Weights in some T-shirt fabric blends / source: silverbobbin

    T-shirt size and Weight

    Please note that the less amount of fabric in a T-shirt size per square yard or meter is, the lighter the shirt will be. 

    For example, we use 0.76yd² (0.636m²) of cloth to make an XS T-shirt whereas to make a 3XL T-shirt we have to use 1.55yd² (1.299m²) of cloth. 

    The weights of fabric will be varied in different fabricators. This will cause differences in the durability of each shirt.

    T-shirt printing style and Weight

    Does the printing style influence the weight of a T-shirt? The answer is Yes. Ink or plastic used on a shirt are also factors that can make a slight impact on the heaviness of a shirt. 

    • For instance, screen printing is one of the great techniques to make a shirt more appealing and colorful. However, this technique requires a lot of ink or paint. Hence, it will add more weight to the shirt. Whereas with the Digital printing approach, we do not need to use much ink, therefore it does not affect the weight significantly. 

    T-shirt Weight for shipping

    The fact is that the larger amount of shirts needed to be shipped, the more difficult it will be regarding shipping. If there are just 1-3 shirts, then shipping is just a piece of cake as you can roll and pack them in a shipping tube, or you just need to put them in a light plastic parcel bag.

    However, when it comes to multiple items that need to be sent at one time, you will have to box them carefully. 

    The material of the packaging will more or less add some more ounces to the shipping weight, hence will affect the cost of shipping. 

    The bottom line

    T-shirt weight is determined by the fabric, the size, and even the printing style. Knowing well about the T-shirt weight will help you adjust the weight of shipping parcels wisely and economically. If you control the weight of a shirt well, you will easily control the profit that you make per a shipping package as in the role of a business owner; or you can lower the shipping fees as much as you can as in the role of a customer. 

    Printerval hopes that this post will help you have a better understanding of the importance of knowing about a shirt’s weight. 

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