How should a bucket hat fit?

How should a bucket hat fit

Since ancient times, hats have been a part of men and women's clothing. Through millennium of development, hats play an important role in society and people’s lives which are seen as a symbol of social position and even of political significance. As a fashion accessory, hats contributed to the development of many attractive fashion trends. Nowadays,it is believed that a rebirth of the bucket hat as a complement to distinguished fashion. As a fashion accessory, hats contributed to the development of many attractive fashion trends.

You are a fan of bucket hats but sometimes,it is a little tricky with the question that how should a bucket hat fit? Don’t worry, Printerval will address it right now.

Before starting the guideline, you should define exactly what bucket hat is. That is really important because you need to understand your own item detailedly. 

What is bucket hat?

A bucket hat refers to a hat with a wide,downward-sloping brim which is known as a variation of the fisherman's hat, Irish country hat and session hat. 

Bucket hats are usually made from denim or canvas, which is heavy-duty cotton fabric or heavy wool such as tweed. Sometimes,bucket hats can be made from metal eyelets placed on the crown of the hat for ventilation.

How should a bucket hat fit

Bucket hats were first adopted as a high fashion item in both street fashion and on the catwalk in the 1960s.

Nowadays, bucket hats have become a trendy and fashionable accessory which is mixed and matched with various items. 

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What is the importance of a fitting bucket hat?

With any fashion items or accessories, fitting is really important for users. Why is that? Here are some reasons.

Be comfortable to wear

The first of foremost feeling you gain when wearing a fitting bucket hat is comfort. You do not worry that it will be too tight or too loose for your head. If the hat is too large, it can hide your eyes, which is really dangerous. If it is too tight, your head can be heated on a burning day or hurt your hair. Wearing a tight hat is not good for your brain and the blood circulation in it. In fact, with any fashion item or accessory, the most important element when you choose is whether it fits or not. That is why creators make various sizes within one item. 

How should a bucket hat fit

Be economical

Owning a fitting bucket hat helps you save both time and money. You don’t need to take much time to fix it every morning when you go out. Also, fitting hats are easy to mix, the only problem is the harmony of color between them and matching items but it seems not too serious. Regarding finance, picking a fitting bucket hat means you don’t need to have it altered or repaired. You also don’t need to buy too many matching items to mix with it. That is really economical. 

Maximize in use

With a fitting bucket hat, you can use it whenever you want that means you made use of it maximizes. A fitting hat is hardly a dumping thing. I am sure that you won’t throw it away if it still works well. 

How should a bucket hat fit

Feel confident and less distracted

Wearing a fitting hat helps to boost your dynamics and confidence as well as to reduce distraction. That is excellent because you can not just focus on your head while you have to do other things such as talking to your mates, walking, observing around, etc. 

Ultimately, a fitting bucket hat plays an important role in making an ideal fashion style and a convenient life.

How should a bucket hat fit?

Standard of a fitting bucket hat

You know that a bucket hat should be perfect in fit but what is the standard of a fitting bucket hat? Certainly, with the right size, the bucket hat will be good for you. But size is not enough because we also take style as a criteria of fitting. For example, if the hat is ultimately fitted to your head but its style is ironic when you mix it with other items, surely, it can not be seen as the perfection. 

Brim of Bucket hat

The brim of the bucket hat should not be too large or too narrow, making sure that it has harmony with the top and does not hide your eyes. If the brim is too narrow, there is an unbalance between your head and your hat. The materials used to make the brim also plays an important role in making the hat perfect. As a result, depending on use purposes, you should consider both lengths, types, and materials. 

How should a bucket hat fit

Top of Bucket hat

You can check the top of the bucket hat by using your finger, making sure that there is still a little bit of space between your head and the hat. That is good for your hair and the blood circulation in your brain as well as you can find it easy to put on or take off. 

How to know your hat measurements?

Hat sizing for men and women

For men

An average head size is size 7 3⁄8 (using U.S. sizing), 58 cm (using European sizing) or 7 1⁄8 (using UK sizing). 

For women 

The average head size is 7 1⁄4 (U.S. sizing). 

Keep in mind that although there are solid sizes, exceptions still remain because head sizes and shapes can also differ from country to country.

How to measure your head

​​  How should a bucket hat fit

Hat Measuring Chart

Here is the table providing all sizes of hat in the United States and the United Kingdom which is measured with inch and centimeter. 


6 5⁄8

6 3⁄4

6 7⁄8


7 1⁄8

7 1⁄4

7 3⁄8

7 1⁄2

7 5⁄8

7 3⁄4

7 7⁄8



6 1⁄2

6 5⁄8

6 3⁄4

6 7⁄8


7 1⁄8

7 1⁄4

7 3⁄8

7 1⁄2

7 5⁄8

7 3⁄4

7 7⁄8















20 3⁄4

21 1⁄4

21 5⁄8


22 1⁄2

22 3⁄4

23 1⁄4

23 5⁄8


24 1⁄2

24 3⁄4

25 1⁄4

Where to buy fitting bucket hats?

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