How To Celebrate National Tea Day?

What is International Tea Day?

Since 2005, India and a number of other nations have marked International Tea Day. It is commemorated annually on December 15 in nations such as India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Tanzania. International Tea Day, on the other hand, is commemorated internationally on May 21st and was even approved by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

What is the importance of International Tea Day?

International Tea Day is held to increase global awareness of the value of tea. Throughout history, tea has been a vital commercial product. This day is dedicated to supporting more ethical and sustainable trading practices and working conditions, as well as ethical and sustainable tea production. Additionally, this day strives to raise awareness about the struggle against hunger and poverty. Tea cultivation needs much attention and labor, and many estates in India and other nations do not give adequate incentives to tea plantation employees.

What is the history of International Tea Day?

International Tea Day was first observed in New Delhi in 2005. The FAO International Group on Tea (IGG) is a forum that monitors changing trends and serves as a resource for intergovernmental consultation. They are well-known for their efforts to help the global tea sector, having introduced the notion of an International Tea Day, which was later endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2019. Tea is now widely eaten on a global basis. It is beneficial to both physical and mental health and is one of the most exported commodities, with China exporting $2.02 billion in tea in 2019. Among its numerous health advantages, tea has been shown to increase mood, help in weight reduction, strengthen the immune system, and, according to Penn Medicine, has an enduring effect on one's wellness. However, like with everything else, excessive drinking

How to Celebrate International Tea Day?

On this day, trade unions and workers' groups arrange seminars, public events, and presentations. Their objective is to increase tea producers' feeling of collectivism and to build tea growers groups. Additionally, the day honors tea culture. Organizations hold events to raise awareness of tea's importance as a significant export crop for tea-producing countries.

You do not have to be from a country that produces tea to observe this day. To take part:

Take a cup of your favorite tea or experiment with a new type of tea.

Host a tea party for all of your favorite females in your life.

Discover the fascinating history of tea.

Invite a buddy to join you for a cup of tea.

Discover the numerous health advantages of tea.

Share this day on social media with the hashtag #International Tea Day.

Try a new flavor

From mint to apple to a mix of several components, experiment with a new tea taste!

Host a tea party

Gather the group and throw a tea party! You may prepare various tea blends or even create a theme, such as a classic English tea party.

Learn about your local tea producers.

It's beneficial to understand the origins and production of your favorite tea mix. If a company's rules are unjust to its employees, you may choose to move brands.

How to prepare the ideal cup of tea?

Make a kettle with freshly drawn cold water to increase the cup's brightness.

Take cautious not to over boil the water (note: black tea brews best at boiling point)

In your mug, place a tea bag or tea leaves and pour boiling water on top (if using tea leaves add two grams of tea leaves for 100ml of water in a strainer or infuser)

Briefly stir and then discard the bag in the mug.

Allow two and a half to three minutes for the tea bag to steep completely to ensure the flavor develops properly (for black tea allow five minutes)

Gently squeeze the bag against the mug's edge once and then remove it (if using tea leaves remove the strainer)

Enjoy with milk, sugar, lemon, or plain, as desired.

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