How to choose the best Rug for your home?

History of Rugs

Over 5000 years ago, there were nomadic tribes who made old rugs from animal skins and skins of other animals that they collected. The nomads created rugs by hand-weaving camel, sheep, and goat hair together in various designs. Archaeologists have discovered that rugs were widely used more than 4000 years ago, during the period of Egypt and Mesopotamia, as a result of their comprehensive research into the subject.

To put it another way, a rug is a type of floor covering that has not been properly glued to the floor surface. These unfastened strips of fabric are utilized as a floor covering because they do not cover the complete floor surface.

When was the first rug laid down?

Pazyryk rugs, which are among the oldest rugs in existence, dating back to 500 BC. In 1949, a rug similar to this one was discovered in Siberia. It is a gorgeous rug with elaborate and high-class designs, excellent fibers, and vibrant colors, despite its over a thousand years old. Tapestries are thought to have developed in Armenia in the 7th century BC, if not before.

The fact that rugs and rugs have been around for as long as people themselves should not come as a surprise when considering their historical significance. On colder days, men living in caves created rugs or rugs out of animal fur to keep themselves warm and to cover themselves in.

Traditional rugs are typically designed to have an antique appearance. First and foremost, they are used for sleeping to provide comfort and protection when sleeping. When it comes to giving warmth on cold days, it is a popular choice. However, as time progressed, the rug trade began to develop, utilizing animal skins and other associated materials.

Following on from the use of animal hides and hides in the past, there has been enough technological growth and advancement that there are now synthetic and man-made materials for rugs that are man-made.

Through thousands of years of existence and development, rugs have become an indispensable interior decoration flooring material for any space. However, rugs, like some other decorative materials, are complex, rich in structure, material...

Nowadays, rug production technology has become very modern, with many different production models plus advanced machines, which has led to the appearance of many large international-brand rug factories such as Turkey, Belgium, the USA, UK, France, Japan ... Rugs have many designs, diverse designs and rich styles to fully meet all the needs of customers from popular to a high level.

With the needs of life, the rug is used to decorate the floor in many different areas and is almost indispensable in the interior space. Therefore, the materials and technology to create rugs are very diverse to meet the needs of users. But the value of the rug from the time it was formed until now has not been destroyed.

Rugs with many functions

The role of beauty

This is an important role of the rug, anyone when deciding to buy a certain rug also wants their house to become more beautiful. With this beautifying role, almost all types of Rugs can be met.

The role of keeping warm

 You will see more clearly this role of rugs in the cold season, rugs or rugs with thick wool often have good heat retention, effectively keeping the house warm. On a cold winter day, touching the cold tile floor with your feet negatively affects your health. So please cover your floor with soft rugs.

Anti-slip role

Choosing bedroom Rugs for decoration in the bedrooms of the elderly and children's bedrooms is essential because the rug has an effective anti-slip ability, helping to provide a safe interior space for children to enjoy. play and the elderly walk more easily.


On the market today, there are high-grade Rugs that are effective against heat and mold for humid environments such as kitchens and dining rooms. If you want to choose rugs for these spaces then choose these special functional rugs.

Has the ability to kill bacteria

Rugs are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, so it's important to clean them regularly to remove dirt. High-class rugs not only have high aesthetic value but also have good antibacterial properties, choose these rugs to decorate in the children's bedroom, avoiding harm to the sensitive skin of children.

Common types of Rugs on the market

Distinguish by the material of the rug

There are 5 popular types of yarn used by manufacturers around the world to weave rugs:

Olefin – Polypropylene: With Rugs are woven from synthetic fibers with outstanding properties of anti-mold, no dust, very difficult to get dirty. The rug made from Olefin has extremely high durability, withstands a lot of compression density.

Polyester: Polyester fiber rug has an extremely high elasticity of rug fiber, with a typical fiber composition of ethylene derived from petroleum. Rugs are woven from soft fibers that do not absorb moisture but absorb oil. This is said to be the feature that makes rugs woven from Polyester become a superior type of rug, fireproof, moisture-proof, mold-proof, non-fouling, water-resistant... No stretch, shrink when washing, drying dried.

Nylon fiber: Nylon is the first man-made fiber produced from Carbon, air, and water. With the advantage of being soft, anti-fouling, easy to clean, and importantly, suitable for all projects within an area. 

Acrylic fiber: Looks similar to wool, often used in humid, dew conditions. It is a common type used for conference centers, stairs, corridors, hotels. Today, many family bedroom rugs also use this type of rug, with a variety of beautiful textures and good quality that makes Acrylic woven rugs a priority when choosing, because it also has a fairly affordable price.

Wool: Considered to be the most popular and high-class rug line, with excellent wool quality, the rug is always soft, smooth, and very beautiful. The cost of rugs from this material is also relatively high.

Distinguish types of Rugs by the appearance

Fluffy Rugs

True to its name, a ruffled rug is a product with long, fluffy, and ruffled hair compared to the common plane. Using this line of the rug will bring a smooth, luxurious feeling to the space they present.

Short fur Rugs

In contrast to the line of ruffled rugs, this type of rug has short hair. They are loved for their meticulous weaves, as well as their varied textures. The hairs are tightly and firmly bonded together to make the living room more luxurious.

Felt Rug 

This is one of the most popular products today. Felt rugs have the characteristics of being easy to clean, relatively durable, and have an affordable price

Fabric Rug

This is a line of rugs made from raw fabric or canvas. The biggest advantage that they bring is the lightness as well as the flexibility in use. At the same time, cleaning the rug is also extremely easy.

What type of rug should I buy?

Each type of Rug will have different characteristics, suitable for each space, but they still have the common feature of being an interior decoration for your home that is more beautiful and a heat preservation object very good.

Rolled Rugs

Rolled rug made of PVC material is a type of rug chosen by many consumers because it has reasonable prices, diverse colors, designs, and many sizes for users to choose from. Because this is a type of rug that can withstand the friction of objects such as shoes and slippers, it is often suitable for use in offices, halls, corridors, hallways, ... at a cheap and reasonable price.

Rugs in sheets.

Rugs in the form of panels are the type of rug that is being used by many users. Rugs are made from 2 types of materials: felt or fur. This type of rug has the ability to keep warm very well, suitable in winter. Usually, high-end rugs will be made by hand, so it will take more time than those made with technology, so its price is often higher.

Rugs are often suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, using rugs for this space will enhance the aesthetic value in yourself and for your whole home.

Rug pieces

rug mats are created from foam, felt, and rubber materials for the base of the rug. rug mats are relatively low priced. Rugs in the form of panels are diverse in installation as well as diverse in use. This is the form of mats, so it is simple, light, and easy to install and this is also the type of rug most chosen by consumers.

The rug is made from foam, so it has a very good waterproofing effect, the rug colors are diverse, suitable for families with young children. For the living room or office, the use of a felt rug will be the most appropriate choice.

In the matter of rug selection, consumers should be careful, observe and check carefully before choosing, when buying Rugs, you should choose a reputable distributor to ensure quality. Based on the price of the product, we can also judge almost the entire quality of the product.

Features to keep in mind when choosing Rug

About the Rug space

Depending on each space, there will be different types of suitable Rug from color to size of Rug. Therefore, you need to choose the type of Rug that is suitable for your own space.

For Rugs in the living room, you should choose rolls that can be easily moved. Choosing a simple, low-detail, smooth Rug will give you an extremely comfortable living room space. Beautiful, eye-catching and creates a luxurious look for your home.

For the Rugs that are spread in the bedroom, you should choose gentle and somewhat good colors to help the bedroom space become quiet and make you feel comfortable. It is easy to regulate your sleep. 

What is the design of the Rug?

To meet the desires of consumers in terms of color, material, price, the shape of the Rug is no exception, so the manufacturer of Rugs with shapes such as circle, square, rectangle, ellipse, etc. These shapes not only meet the desires of consumers but are also designed for each space. Depending on the size and design of the living room, you should choose the right Rug for your home.

Choose the right size for the Rug

To make your room look more beautiful, you should choose the right Rug size, do not choose a Rug that is too large or too small, it will make your room unbalanced.

Choose a color for the Rug

When choosing Rug, you must find out the color that is compatible with the paint color of your home and the surrounding decoration where the Rug will be used. Soft colors will make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and bring a feeling of closeness.

Check the quality of Rug feathers

When choosing a Rug, you should choose a Rug with a hair length of about 0.5cm to 1cm, this choice helps the Rug have a longer life. You don't have to decide whether to choose a cut or ring yarn, because they are all equally durable. To make the space of your home luxurious, beautiful, and durable, you should choose Rugs with medium hair length and a high density of Rug fibers.

The price of Rugs

When choosing Rugs, passersby also care about its high or low cost to choose the type of Rug that is suitable for their family's economic conditions.

How to clean the rug?

With full Rugs, we can completely use a vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning, so we should use specialized machines to avoid damaging the hair. The same goes for felt Rugs and fabrics, but these two lines can completely use a dry cleaning method to clean, it will not be contaminated with impurities as well as the ability to clean much simpler.

Where to buy a good Rug?

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