How to clean a baseball cap?

How to clean a baseball cap

Caps are great for protecting your head and eyes from the sun, but like other accessories, they accumulate sweat, oil, and dirt if you use them in the long run. 

However, caps come in different shapes, sizes, and materials that you can find a little challenging when washing them. 

Here, Printerval gives you some useful tips which you can put in the pocket when you want to wash your favorite headwear. 

What are tools for cleaning your baseball cap?

There are several tools you may need when you wash your cap, including


Gentle laundry detergent 

Reusable Mesh Bag( if you wash your cap with the washing machine.

How to clean a baseball cap

What to know before cleaning a hat

Color test the fabric

You should check the color and the features of the fabric which can be instructed in the underside of the bill. There are some caps that can stand up to cleaning by rubbing a small amount of detergent or OxiClean™ stain remover powder mixed with water on a hidden part but some of them can not. And remember that if any color comes away, use only water to clean the cap.

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For example, the Never Forget 9/11 20th Anniversary Baseball Cap at Printerval shop is made from 100% cotton and can be washed as denim. That means the cap can be rubbed but can not be bleached with detergent or OxiClean™ stain remover powder. It is also recommended to wash by hand and restriction of washing machines.

Skip the dishwasher.

Washing caps in the dishwasher is usually not recommended when you buy a cap because the high heat and harsh, bleach-based dish detergents can damage fibers and remove color. 

Avoid the washing machine.

In fact, you can wash the cap with washing machines if you use the delicate and gentle cycle. However, if you use the washing machine to wash your caps, you still run the risk of the hat losing its structured shape due to the washer’s agitation. Remember that dryers are too hot, and the tumbling isn’t good for the shape. As a result, most caps are encouraged to be washed by hand. 

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What is the best way to wash a baseball cap by hand?

Washing caps by hand is the most popular cleaning way that people apply in maintaining their lovely caps. Printerval would like to guide you on the best ways to do that.

Step 1: Fill a clean sink or bucket with warm water

You can use cold water but the cap will be cleaner with the warm one.

Step 2: Add a tablespoon of laundry detergent or OxiClean.

Dish soap can do in a pinch but detergent or a dedicated stain-fighting treatment is stronger and works harder at getting the stains out of the cap’s fibers. However, not all caps can be washed with a detergent or a dedicated stain-fighting treatment. In fact, adding detergent can be skipped sometimes, depending on the material of the cap. 

how to clean a baseball cap?

Step 3: Spot-clean the cap first

This step can be applied when there are areas that are especially problematic that you can spot-clean them with a dab of cleaning product right on the hat. Using a toothbrush or other small scrubber to rub the cleaner into the fabric after dipping it in the water.

Step 4: Let the cap soak for up to a couple of hours

After spot-washing, let the hat soak in the soapy water-filled bucket or sink you’ve filled for up to a couple of hours. Remember to take a look at the cap and see how the stains are looking. You can also use the small scrubber, again spot wash those persistent problem areas, and again, but be careful around stitched patterns and logos.

how to clean a baseball cap?

Step 5: Rinse all the soap off with warm water

It will be clearer if you give the hat a good rinse before letting it dry.

Step 6: Pat down with a towel to get rid of excess moisture

After being removed from the water, surely the cap will be very wet. You can utterly let some of the excess drips off and pat dry with a towel as much as you can while retaining the shape of the hat. Be careful and gentle with logos.

Step 7: Air dry in some sort of container

You can find a coffee jar, a canister, a balled-up towel, or perhaps any mannequin heads you have lying around to dry the cap to ensure the cap’s shape stays true and does not crinkle up. In case you want fast, you can use a small fan to blow air over it, or a hairdryer on the low setting.

how to clean a baseball cap?

What are the tips to wash special types of caps?

Tips for Cleaning Older Caps

If the cap is old, more than +10 or +20 years old, surely the made materials are different and less durable than today’s caps. As a result, when washing it, you should take notice of some tips.

The first thing to do when cleaning an old cap is to give it a color test because while the vast majority of today’s hats are colorfast, meaning they have some blend that helps them retain color upon washing, old caps don’t always have this.

In order to check, you can rub a small amount of cleaner on the underside of the bill with a rag and observe if the rag comes away with some color, you’ll have to use water only to clean the cap and if the rag comes away clean, you’re clear to use detergent.

In case you are unsure of the bill material, just spot-clean because soaking an old cardboard bill in water will obviously ruin it.

Washing by hand is recommended because old caps are less durable than today's.

Tips for Cleaning Wool Hats

Wool hats are a bit more delicate than any standard cotton or mesh caps, therefore, washing this type of cap should be taken into account. Normally, you can find something made particularly for washing wool products to soak them immediately instead of using standard detergent or cleaning products.

You should be especially gentle when doing any scrubbing because if you’re too harsh, the wool can get matted and come to resemble felt.

how to clean a baseball cap?

When drying the hat, pat it dry to remove excess moisture. And then you consider actually wearing it to dry the rest of the way which will probably be a little uncomfortable, but the shape will conform exactly to your head rather than to some coffee bean container. 

In fact, wool-made caps are notorious for losing their shape after washing, so be especially careful when washing them.

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