How to Clean and Store Mug?

Oct, 21 2021
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After a period of use, porcelain mugs become too dirty and you do not know how to clean them quickly without much effort? The tips for cleaning porcelain mugs both clean and fast in the following content will make it easier for you to clean porcelain mugs.
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    How to wash the monk's glass both clean and fast?

    Use baking soda

    Before starting to clean the porcelain mug with baking soda, you need to clean the glass inside and out with clean water, then sprinkle baking soda on the outside and inside of the porcelain mug, leave for a few minutes, and then use a soft cloth. Brush or sponge rub many times, finally rinse with clean water, on the surface of the porcelain mug there will be no more stains.

    Use salt and vinegar

    Mix a little salt and vinegar together in a ratio of 1:1 and then use a cloth soaked in the mixture to rub the surface of the dirty porcelain mug. Repeat the action of soaking the bleach mixture and rubbing it several times for 5 minutes, then rinse the porcelain mug with water, the stains will be completely removed.

    Use lemon

    Considered as the best natural cleaner, lemon is always the first choice that housewives like to use to clean furniture and homes in their family.

    To clean a porcelain glass with lemon, simply squeeze and pour half a glass of lemon juice into a porcelain glass, fill the glass with boiling water and leave it for a few hours or overnight. The next morning, you just need to rinse gently, the porcelain mug will be clean, with no more stains.

    Use granulated salt and dishwashing liquid

    Put a little salt in the porcelain mug, add water mixed with dishwashing liquid to the full ceramic mug, shake well and leave for a few hours to overnight. After that, you just need to wash it briefly and the porcelain mug will be clean, with no more stains.

    Note, you can replace granulated salt with sand, dishwashing liquid with vinegar, which also creates an effective detergent mixture to clean stains on porcelain mugs.

    How to Preserve Mug Porcelain Items?

    After a period of use, crockery, porcelain, and ceramic household items are often dirty and dull. Dishwashers are really not suitable for crockery, incl. If the mug, ... is chipped, there is no other way but to throw it away. So you should be more careful and take a little time to wash them by hand, remember to wash them with dishwashing liquid to make them clean and shiny.

    When washing dishes or anything made of ceramic in the house, you need to be very gentle, minimizing collisions and rubbing otherwise it is very easy to break and chip and crack. Ceramic items... need to be cherished.

    With bottles and jars before washing, it is necessary to remove the stopper and cap (if any) because when they are dirty, they are easy to stick to the mouth of the bottle and if left for a long time, it will be difficult to remove.

    To clean the bottom of the bottle or jar, you should use a loofah or a special scouring rod to clean, remember to choose a wash rod of enough length to scrub the bottom. Although dishwashing liquid is very good for cleaning stains on crockery and porcelain, the utensils are also very susceptible to yellowing because the washing water has a lot of lime and calcium. You can apply some other ingredients instead in the following ways:

    To clean bottles or containers containing oil, grease, or perfume, you should fill the bottle or jar with hot coffee water diluted with water. After only a few hours, the bottle becomes very clean and odorless.

    To make ceramic mugs, bowls, jars, and vases shiny and clean, you just need to wash them with warm water mixed with lemon or vinegar, then dry them with a smooth towel.

    For drinking mugs, pitchers, jars, or glass doors and mirrors, wipe the surface with yeast dough mixed with water once, then wipe it with a soft cloth after a while. Utensils will shine for weeks. After a period of use, bottles and jars become very dirty. If you want to regain the original shine, the best way is to use eggshells, lemons, and vinegar by crushing about 6 eggshells into the utensils to be cleaned then squeezing two lemons or a half mug of vinegar. Soak overnight long enough to let the eggshells dissolve in the lemon juice or vinegar, wash the utensils with hot water and let them dry.

    To clean utensils that are yellowed by calcium, especially sinks, and toilets, you should use toilet brush water (with a strong detergent), pour the detergent directly on the surface, use a brush to clean it. brush clean then rinse with clean water.

    Absolutely do not wash ceramic, crockery, and porcelain utensils that have decorative patterns that are easy to fade or drift in the dishwasher.

    It is recommended to wash utensils with warm water and with detergent (with mild detergent properties). To be extra careful, you should put utensils in a plastic pot lined with a rubber sheet on the bottom to prevent it from breaking in case it slips out of your hand. Rinse a second or third time with water of the same temperature and dry with a clean, soft cloth before storing.

    Modern ceramic and porcelain utensils and decorations are easily scratched if they are washed with Javel absorbent cloth.

    For more stubborn stains, it should be washed off by pouring 3/4 water, 1/4 hydrogen peroxide, and a few drops of ammonia into the pot. First, need to moisten the stain with a tap, then take a towel soaked in the mixture in the basin to sweep the surface of the stain. Put the item in a plastic bag tied tightly, after many hours if the stain is still not gone, please redo the operation from the beginning.

    Cure Cracks In Mug Ceramics

    To cure a crack or chip in ceramic, it is necessary to first wash the item (carefully and gently) with water (gentle detergent) and then dry it with a hairdryer. If it's thick ceramic, make a small incision, then seal them with epoxy, then dry with an alcohol-soaked towel. Secure the crack with wire for at least 24 hours.

    Re-gluing a broken mug base, although it's a tricky job, is easily done with the right glue. First, clean the mug with alcohol or a solvent. Dry the halves of the mug, then apply glue to the broken part of the mug. Stick the two mugs together (be careful not to get them apart) and hold them until they stick together. Allow drying for several hours as directed on the tube of glue.

    Glassware should not be turned upside down (jars, mugs, glasses …), which can avoid dust but will cause unpleasant odors.

    While you are arranging thin plates or antiques, you should insert them in the middle of a piece of cardboard or newspaper to avoid cracking and losing decorative patterns. If you leave the disc face down, it should be lined with paper to avoid scratches on the surface of the disc.

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