How to fix holes in socks?

How to fix holes in socks?

Although socks don’t cost an arm and legs and you can replace them whenever you want, socks with holes should be repaired if they still work well in terms of durability, elasticity, etc. While tossing the sock with the hole and grabbing a new pair from the mall is fast and convenient, fixing holes in socks is really stimulating and addictive. 

In this Blog, Printerval gives you the reasons why you should repair your socks instead of throwing them away and some common methods to cover the hole in socks beautifully and efficiently. 

Why should we fix holes in socks?

Fixing holes in socks teaches you how to take care of what you have

Apart from giving your pair of socks a second life, fixing holes in them will help you get points for taking care of what you have. You find it easy to change a new pair of socks that help you save time but you know that everything around you has soul and sentiment. Taking care of them well means you appreciate them and try to maintain them. Besides, that helps to save some cash and makes you feel like a real live pioneer, which is pretty cool, in a school-marm kinda way. 

How to fix holes in socks?

Fixing holes in socks makes you patient

Normally, holes in socks are small and you need to take time to finish fixing it, whatever method you apply. That teaches you how to be patient not only in fixing holes but other bigger missions in your life. 

How to fix holes in socks?

Fixing holes in socks helps you be creative

Actually, you are free in choosing the best way to fix it, depending on your skill, tools, your time duration, etc. Also, you are creative in picking colors, shapes, patterns for your socks, as long as you like you can try them. 

How to fix holes in socks?

What are the common ways to fix holes in socks?

Use a patch to repair a hole in your sock

What will you need?

Here are some necessary things you may need when repairing a hole in your sock. 

  • Hot iron
  • Scissors
  • Cutter plotter
  • Pair of socks
  • Parchment paper
  • Flex foil (heat transfer) of your choice

How to repair?

Step 1: First of all, you check the size of the hole in your sock and choose the type of design that you want to have on your feet.

Step 2: Secondly, using scissors or x-act knives to create patterns or to cut out dots. 

Step 3: Next, heat your iron to the right temperature but remember to take a look at your foil brand and then make your socks flat by ironing them. 

You should put some parchment paper beyond the hole to prevent the foil from sticking to the backside of your sock.

Step 4:Last but not least, cover the hole with the patch and place as many around it as possible to make sure that no one discovers that you have a hole in your sock, and then wrap another piece of parchment paper around the sock so as to protect it from the hot iron.

You must use your body and arm, press the iron on the sock. Keep in mind that you don’t slide the iron, after pressing you to lift it at once. 

Step 5: Finally, you heat press again after removing the transfer foil. 

How to fix holes in socks?

Use a fusing web to repair a hole in your socks

What will you need?

  • Fusing web
  • Iron

How to repair?

To fix a hole in your socks with a fusing web, you only follow these simple steps because indeed, there is no need to dig through your sewing kit to fix small holes when you can easily patch them with this technique.

First and foremost, you turn the pair of socks in question inside-out and then cut a small piece of the fusing web, just big enough to cover the hole you want to patch.

Secondly, you gather the fabric around the hole so that you cannot see the hole anymore. Remember to do it carefully. 

After putting the fusing web over the hole you just cut and ensure that your iron is set to a “wool” setting, you put a piece of wax paper around the hole and fusing the web to prevent the iron from sticking.

Lastly, hold the iron over the hole and fusing the web for approximately 10 seconds.

How to fix holes in socks?

Use clothing glue to repair a hole in your socks

What will you need?

  • Clothing Glue

How to repair?

Just by a few steps hereby, you can totally fix the hole in your socks perfectly. 

Step 1: Take the holey sock that you want to fix and the clothing glue. Then you push the fabric around the hole together as closely as possible, make sure that it can hide the hole before applying the glue.

Step 2: Put a thin layer of glue over the hidden hole and apply a thin layer. You need to take time to make sure that it is as thin as possible. 

Step 3: You dry it for 24 hours, which is also the final step. Now, let’s take a look at the result. 

The result you get will vary with glue and it can be a difficult technique depending on the hole. However, as long as you have patience and take your time you can find it an effective method. 

How to fix holes in socks?

Use a hot glue gun to repair a hole in your socks

What will you need?

  • Glue gun
  • iron

How to repair?

To begin with, you take a small piece of cloth equivalent to the size of the hole and put some glue on the cloth from the glue gun.

Then wait a minute for the glue to dry.

As soon as the glue dries, you place the piece of cloth under the hole and press the area with a heated iron.

After all, let it dry for two minutes and view your achievement.

​How to fix holes in socks?

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How to fix holes in socks?

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