How to fold socks?

How to fold socks?

Why should we fold socks?

Folding socks to save space and time

Certainly, folding socks is a great way to make your living space tiny and relaxing. Imagine after a hard day at the office, you come back home and encounter a messy collection of socks on the floor. How will you feel? 

Folding socks helps to save space in your drawer and your wardrobe, as a result, you don’t need to take much time to find them whenever you want to put them on. 

How to fold socks?

Folding socks help you save money 

Folding socks helps you keep track of your socks that reduces the loss of socks when you wash them or store them. And you don’t need to buy socks regularly, that helps you save a lot of money. 

How to fold socks?

Folding socks help you easily choose the right socks for every occasion. 

There is a reality that wearing the wrong pair of socks can ruin an otherwise stellar outfit. As a result, by folding and storing socks properly, you can choose the right ones for every occasion. 

How to fold socks?

For the above reasons, folding socks play an essential role in making your lifestyle organized and easy. And whether it’s cheap cotton gym socks or expensive silk dress socks, folding your socks properly will help extend their life and help you stay looking sharp.

While using the right folding method for the right situation may not seem like a big deal, folding your socks the wrong way can lead to overstretching, which can cause even the best socks to become misshapen and less comfortable over time. 

In this Blog, Printerval gives you some common tactics to fold socks properly and tinily. 

What are the common ways to fold socks?

The Square Method

This method is great for keeping your drawer organized which helps you find it easy to find the colors you need.

How to fold socks?

Here are all steps to fold socks with the square method:

First of all, place one sock on a flat surface with the heel up.

Secondly, place the matching sock across the first sock, also with the heel up, making a cross shape.

Next, flip the bottom socks' toe up and over the shape, and tuck it in on the other side.

After folding over the bottom socks' cuff, you fold over the other sock the same way. Remember to have a square with two sock cuffs sticking out.

Last but not least, grab the first cuff, fold it over, and tuck it into the pocket.

Finally, flip everything over, and tuck the remaining cuff in the other pocket.

Is it easy to fold?

As one of the most common ways to fold socks, the square method is widely applied. 

The Single-Fold Method

The single-fold method is known as a super-easy way to manifest which works great if you're in a hurry and want to stack your socks in your drawer.

How to fold socks?

These simple steps include:

To begin, you lay both socks on a flat surface, with one sock on top of the other.

Then, grab both socks by the cuff, and fold them both over in half so that the cuffs are now on top of the toes.

That’s all of this way of folding, really conveniently and fast. 

The Roll Method

While the roll method helps you save much time, the socks don't stay together as well as in some other methods. However, this method keeps your sock cuffs from getting stretched out.

How to fold socks?

By two fast steps below, you can utterly fold your socks quickly.

Firstly, lay both socks on a flat surface, with one sock on top of the other.

After that, you roll the socks from the toes up.

The Military Method

By the military method, you can end up with a tight roll that will stay together really well, therefore, it is seen as an excellent space saver.

How to fold socks?

You can fold socks with this way of the military method by these easy steps:

You lay both socks on a flat surface, with one sock on top of the other.

Next, roll the socks tightly from the toes up.

Then, when you reach the top, pull the outer cuff behind, over the top, and around the roll.

Finally, tuck in any parts that are sticking out.

The Fold and Tuck Method

One more fast-folding method is the fold and tuck which is similar to the square method and is known as a great way for staying organized.

How to fold socks?

You can apply this method by:

Laying both socks on a flat surface, with one sock on top of the other and the heels facing up.

Then folding the cuff ends over, about halfway.

Finally, folding the toe ends over to meet the cuff ends, and tucking the toes into the top cuff.

The Flip and Tuck Method

Although this method will not make your sock drawer as organized as some of the others, it is seen as a quick way to keep the pairs together.

How to fold socks?

This folding method can be done by the below steps:

Firstly, you lay both socks on a flat surface, with one sock on top of the other.

After that, you grab one cuff and flip it inside out while tucking both socks about halfway into the cuff. 

Keep in mind that the toes should be dangling outside of the tuck.

Japanese or Marie Kondo style

This method is special as its name and is applied not only for socks but for other items such as clothing, necessities, etc. The Marie Kondo style is known as a way of cleaning and organizing your home, based on a no-excuses method of elimination. That can be understood as a simple rule; if you deeply, truly don’t love an item, it shouldn’t be in your home. 

In particular, Marie Kondo recommends sorting through your things by category rather than your room. Another thing you need to make sure of is that you designate one very specific space for every single thing in your home that will ensure that you don’t relapse into clutter again. As a result, if you plan on organizing your socks, have space in your closet where socks are put specifically. 

How to fold socks?

To fold your socks Japanese style, you can follow these steps:

Firstly, lay the socks flat on top of the other. 

You then begin by folding the toe inward an inch away from the top and fold in towards the center 

After all, fold it in half so that it remains upright.

While there are various ways to fold socks, Printerval encourages you to find the best sock-folding method for you, for your situation, and storing place as well as your personality and your schedule. 

The important thing is to remember to keep your pairs together. 

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